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Petition to Hasbro

Hasbro: Please bring back Power Rangers TV series actors for the new movie

Hasbro has announced that they are going to make an all-new Power Rangers movie with Paramount Pictures, but it will be a reboot instead of a direct sequel to the 2017 "Power Rangers" film at Lionsgate.  Instead of seeing yet another reboot, we, the fans, would like to see Hasbro make a motion picture that stays with the continuity of the TV show and to bring back actors from various seasons of the series to return.  Since "Power Rangers" is a non-union TV show and actors who have wanted to return to the show in the past couldn't due to being union actors, we, the fans, would like to see Rangers from seasons like "Mighty Morphin", "Zeo", "In Space", "Lost Galaxy", "Time Force", "Ninja Storm", "Dino Thunder", "Mystic Force", "RPM" and many more to return as guest stars.  There are a lot of "Power Rangers" fans who would love to see a complete "Mighty Morphin" cast reunion (Walter Emanuel Jones, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Austin St. John, Jason David Frank and Karan Ashley, respectively), but we, the fans, also hope to see cast members from fan-favorite series like "Zeo", "In Space", "Time Force", "Dino Thunder" and "R.P.M." included as well.  With so much attention usually focused on Jason David Frank's character Tommy Oliver in most "Power Rangers" team-up episodes and comic book events, it would be a nice change to bring more attention and character development to other popular past Ranger actors and being able to do that in a new "Power Rangers" movie would be a perfect opportunity.

Stuart Green
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Petition to Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company

Re-Release The Lion King 2019

The Lion King live action remake was recently released in theaters and is being rejected by a great deal of fans and critics who have been waiting on the movies release for decades. This movie in particular stands out in the line up of Disney’s live action remakes because of the timeless messages, lessons and originality the animated version carried. While the new live action release lives up to its reputation for an outstanding visual performance and does indeed stand as a great movie on its own, it is constantly criticized for its lack of emotion in every scene where the characters faces were looked at to express themselves the most. I ask that Disney (For their fans and for their own legacy so that this great movie may never be forgotten) re-release this movie with the fans from young to elder in mind. More specifically re-release the movie with more expressive features on the characters faces. Im certain that if this were to happen the appreciation for Disney and this movie would be worth the trouble. This movie is cherished in every facet of its display from the animation to the soundtracks to the broadway show to the merchandise etc. and that appreciation has been shared world wide since this movies creation. I ask that the legacy of The Lion King not be stained by the decision to not allow the characters to show emotion. Please consider this request with an open and creative mind. Im sure it would be well worth doing. 

Albert O’Neill
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