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Brigsby the movie I made with friends. Let's make a full-length Brigsby bear feature film.

Hey guys, For anyone who has seen Brigsby bear. This petition is for you! Particularly for fans of the movie. After watching this movie, I was so invested in the story of this "young" man who was abducted for 25 years and suddenly had the only thing he knew, the only "real" thing which he grew up with, taken away from him so he could have a change at living a normal life. It filled me with joy seeing him pursuing this dream of finishing this story of Brigsby the bear, even though it was created by two horrible people, who he still sees as his parents and caretakers, after all that they have done to him. So when, at the end of the movie, he finishes the story of Brigsby the bear in a full-length movie. I left the movie wanting more of the movie within the movie. So because of that, I’d like to see a full-length movie that main character James Pope (played by Kyle Mooney) made in the movie. I know they probably didn't make a full-length movie but I think it would be really cool for the fans of the movie to see a full version. As the movie within the movie was really low budget, it would’t take a lot of money to make. As a lot of the props are probably still available. I don’t know though, I might be wrong. So if you are a fan of the movie, as I am, and you would like to see the movie within the movie. Sign this petition. Thanks! Let's make this happen!

Daan Vandevoorde
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