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Cast role of new Rufus as Lee Camp for Bill & Ted 3

In San Dimas, Bill & Ted were picked up and bestowed their time-traveling phonebooth by none other than the metallic coat donning Rufus (George Carlin.) Being that George Carlin is one of the greatest comedians and his cutting political/social commentary continues to remain sharply poignant to this day. It’s only right that we have the new Rufus or his successor be someone that can carry that mantle and do it justice. George Carlin’s daughter, radio host performer Kelly Carlin makes the case well for who that might be when she said: ”Since my dad died I’ve been really concerned about who’s going to keep his torch lit. When I saw Lee, I was completely fucking blown away by the balls he has, and I thought, ‘Hey, that’s like my dad!’ Three other things about Lee that remind me of my father. One is that he’s a thinking person’s comic. Two is that he may just piss you off a little. And three is that he’s really fucking funny.” Lee Camp is a comedian, writer, and activist out of New York City. He’s toured the country and the world performing stand-up comedy, contributed to The Onion, served as a staff humor writer for the Huffington Post, and appeared on various television shows including Comedy Cetral’s “Fresh Debate ‘08,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and BBC’s “Newsnight.” Countless radio shows, podcasts, and blogs have features his popular web series “Moment of Clarity.” His comedy album “Chaos for the Weary” was listed as one of the top 5 comedy albums of 2011 in Dusted Magazine. He’s also performed live for the protesters at roughly a dozen different Occupy sites. Check out his videos and more at I can think of no one better to play Rufus’ successor or perhaps his younger timetraveling self than comic genius Lee Camp. Let’s make this happen!

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