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Petition to Toei Animation, Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Shueisha, FOX Broadcasting Company

Toei Animation (Japan), FIX Resurrection 'F' movie/arc (w/e) to include Yamcha & Chiaotzu!

As explained here: and got feedback here: and here: There was no need to remove these characters for so long (it had been 27 years for Chiaotzu to matter - since the Nappa battle, and 22 for Yamcha in the Kid Buu filler material from Other World). Time to make some justice with them! BTW An episode of DBS costs roughly 25,000$ ("<30,000$" according to other sources) to create, so it won't be too expensive to add them into the ALREADY existing cells (most of the job due to the time limit of each episode), scan them, animate the sequence properly, re-dub the lines about their absence due to "this situation/battle with Frieza's Army is too dangerous for them" (pathetic as explained by many fans & your truly in the links above... Even Jaco & Roshi were there LOL) and dub their new added scenes. It all will probably sum up to 3000-5000$ for this procedure. Toei has the money, fans would be grateful for such an action/fan-service move by your behalf. Since we know Roshi got casted to Zeno's Tournament of Power and these two will sit this one out as well I suggest Toei would give them a proper departure, EVEN (Future) Yajirobe got to shine in Super so far, why don't give Yamcha & Chiaotzu a chance of bidding farewell in a more respectful way towards their fans (like Android 17 & Android 18 are now getting)? Episode 70 (the Baseball Match) was nice and all but it still memed Yamcha as a "loser" at the end, despite his heroic efforts to steal the last base during the clash between Beerus & Champa that could collapse the Universe. ESPAÑOL: Como se explica aquí: y obtuvo comentarios aquí:  y aquí: No hubo necesidad de eliminar estos caracteres durante tanto tiempo (había sido 27 Años para Chiaotzu para importar - desde la batalla de Nappa, y 22 para Yamcha en el material de relleno Kid Buu de Otro Mundo). ¡El tiempo de hacer justicia con ellos!POR EL CAMINO Un episodio de DBS cuesta aproximadamente 25.000 $ ("<30.000 $" de acuerdo con otras fuentes) para crear, por lo que no será demasiado caro para agregarlos a las células ya existentes (la mayor parte del trabajo debido al tiempo Límite de cada episodio), escanearlos, animar adecuadamente la secuencia, volver a doblar las líneas sobre su ausencia debido a "esta situación / batalla con el ejército de Frieza es demasiado peligroso para ellos" (patético como lo explican muchos admiradores y tu verdaderamente en el Enlaces arriba ... Incluso Jaco y Roshi estaban allí LOL) y dub sus nuevas escenas añadidas. Todo probablemente sumará hasta 3000-5000 $ para este procedimiento. Toei tiene el dinero, los fanaticos estarían agradecidos por un movimiento de acción / fan-servicio por su parte. Ya sabemos que Roshi fue lanzado al Torneo de Poder de Zeno y estos dos se sentarán este también, sugiero que Toei les daría una salida apropiada, YAJIROBE (Futuro) consiguió brillar en Super hasta ahora, ¿por qué no dar Yamcha & Chiaotzu una oportunidad de despedirse de una manera más respetuosa hacia sus fanaticos (como Androide Número 17 y Androide Número 18 ahora están recibiendo)? El episodio 70 (el partido del béisbol) era agradable y todos sino él todavía memed Yamcha como "perdedor" en el extremo, a pesar de sus esfuerzos heroicos de robar la última base durante el choque entre Beerus y Champa que podría derrumbar el universo.

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Petition to Netflix

Make Kissing Olivia Winchester a movie!!!

There has been an uprise in the acceptance of LGBTQ+ community. However an uprise in appectance and celebratation does not equate to an uprise in representation. There are more LGBTQ+ in the media today but there is a lack of true characters that encapsulate what real LGBTQ+ people are about. A film about these type of characters don't need to be full of drama or secret relationships because we need to hide. What we need it is a true Rom Com to show that we have normal relationships too. Representation of female/female relationships (as well as many others) is so vital for our society to see. This story doesn't just show the normality of female/female relationships but also friendship, overcoming the fear of just being yourself, and a sisterly bond. This story makes people feel happy and it's something people love reading. Imagine being able to see it as a full length movie? A dream come true. As the author of Kissing Olivia Winchester, a Wattpad story that has changed my life and so many others. I am not just speaking for myself but also the people who have loved my story over the years and to this day. I have received countless messages from people all over the world telling me that my story has helped them be who they are, whoever that may be. The people who have support me so much throughout my journey have ask me to make this petition. This is a petition to make Kissing Olivia Winchester, by myself Athena Simone, into a movie (Netflix or otherwise). We deserve light fluffy movies too. If Fifty Shades of Grey and the new Kissing Booth film, can be accepted and made into a movie then so can this. 

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