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Petition to Mayor David Holt, Amy Smith

OKC needs a Motorsports Complex

Oklahoma City lost the only race track it had at the State Fair Speedway in 2010 amongst considerable protest.  Now, only memories are left of the speedway and the paths it created for people.  Racing is a lifestyle, while it may not be for everyone, it brings a sense of community and engagement for those who enjoy it. As we see the decline in skilled labor fields, this is a set of labor skills that benefits Oklahomans both economically and physically.  Most everyone drives a vehicle in this state and can benefit from a knowledgable mechanic.  There are a wide variety of race tracks and courses for different car lovers and enthusiasts.  Some of today's Millennials grew up going to the race track with their parents and we want to see that tradition to live on for the next generations. Currently, people who can afford it, travel outside of the state to pursue their race dreams/hobby.  We are asking Oklahoma City Citizens to consider building a state-of-the-art race facility to allow for different types of race courses that can attract a wide variety of people both in-state and out-of-state and that is affordable and accessible to them.  These are the types of racing we would like the facility to possess: (alphabetically) Drag Drifting Open Wheel Rally Stock Touring/Grip Oklahoma City has a television show that has been featured on National Television for 12 seasons now.  Thank you Street Outlaws for putting OKC on the map. Now it's time for OKC Council & Chamber of Commerce to do the same for the next maps project.  #okcracelife #oklahomacityneedsaracetracknow

Anthony Thompson
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