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Petition to The Rt Hon Sir Hugh Robertson KCMG DL - Chair of the British Olympic Association

Knighthood for Murray Walker OBE

I would like to nominate Murray Walker OBE for a Knighthood.Murray has given his services and voice to motorsport journalism for over 23 years and still partially active.Predominantly Murray was the Formula One commentator for generations with the likes of James Hunt and Martin Brundle joining him in the commentary box.Murray is 95 years old in October 2018 and he is still currently active in his motoring journalism which is an amazing achievement at his age.He is well loved throughout the generations, has seen and commentated on many famous champions through the years, many dreams come true and tragically many lives lost. He has commentated on hundreds of enthralling and famous races . He is loved by fans and drivers alike.Through the years murray has invented loveable, hilarious and at times, tear jerking "murrayisms", being his quotes whilst commentating and his other work in advertising.Murrays advertising contributions ranged from pizza hut adverts, with Damon Hill, to Budgie food, creating the slogan "Trill makes budgies bounce with health". Also creating the famous slogan "Opal Fruits, made to make your mouth water" for the chewy sweets. Captain Murray Walker has also given his services to his country through his military career after graduating from the Royal Military College in Sandhurst. Where he was commissioned into the Royal Scots Greys .He participated in the Battle of the Reichswald with the 4th Armoured Brigade, commanding Sherman tanks. I believe that Murray Walker OBE is a well deserved candidate for a knighthood. Murray has served his Queen and Country in his Military career, and has tirelessly dedicated his time and life to his Motorsport Journalism career , that at the age of 94 is still going strong. Murray Walker IS the voice of Formula One. Children and seniors know of Murray, and he is a well respected member of the pit lane and motorsport journalism. I would like to request you grant Mr Walker, a dedicated server of country, sport and entertainment through the generations of the british public, the knighthood he so well deserves.

Stephanie Western
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