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A strip of land for bikers to ride safely in and around the Coventry area

On the 15th September 2017 we lost one of bike life's super stars, Tyrone Evans Shields also known as Mr Mechanic. Tyrone lived and breathed bike life and it was his passion and what he lived for. At 9.42pm on 15th September 2017 Tyrone was involved in an accident on the A444 Phoenix Way where he came off a quad bike and was killed. Bike life lost one of its best riders and hero's. In Tyrone's strong and unforgettable memory we would like to campaign for a strip of land where bikers can take their push bikes, motorbikes and quad bikes and practice safely and have their Sunday fun day. We would like this strip to give bikers a safe and controlled place to ride in Tyrone's memory as he would have liked. We want to try and encourage riders off the main roads and onto private land where they can ride safely and in the company of one another. This also prevents any harm coming to those of the public by keeping bikes off main roads. We want to try and do this to prevent anymore accidents happening or anymore lives being lost in the bike community like Ty's. As we are aware and featured in the inside out on BBC 1 the police are operating a zero tolerance attitude towards the bikes by raiding houses and compounding the bikes but it is a ever growing community and we want to try and channel this community in a positive way rather then being called 'nonsense bikers'. The idea of a strip has been trailed and tested in other cities and has worked and now we would like to campaign for this in the West Midlands area.  So please join us in finding a safe place for riders to ride and where we can ride in Ty's memory and in peace by signing this campaign. If we can save 1 life and 1 family from going through what we are by getting this strip and keeping bikers off the main roads where it is dangerous then Tyrone would be proud. For further information please watch the following episode of inside out on BBC iplayer Ride in paradise Mr Mechanic and we will do our best to give the bike life community a place to ride safely in your memory. 16/12/1995 - 15/09/2017 - Our Hero Mr Mechanic1622

Karinna Shields
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Petition to The Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling

Fight Vnuk - The EU Judgement Threatening to Kill UK Motorsport

In the landmark ‘Vnuk’ case, the European Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that the EU’s 2009 Motor Insurance Directive required insurance policies to cover all possible third-party accidents in all places and at all times. In some countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, governments had interpreted the law as meaning that it only applies to vehicles driven on public roads, however it is now clear that the judgment means that national laws must be changed to ensure that all mechanically propelled vehicles are insured for third-party losses regardless of type of use, in all places, at any time. This applies to everything from Formula One racing cars, to mobility scooters, to antique trams and everything in-between. Industry experts have already claimed that the risks associated with providing insurance cover to all motorised vehicles mean that they would be prohibitively expensive to insure, thus effectively outlawing all motorsport activities across the United Kingdom. HM Government opened a consultation on Wednesday 21st December with two clear options. First, to pursue the “Comprehensive option” which would involve changing UK motor insurance law to comply with the Motor Insurance Directive as interpreted in the Vnuk judgement. Second, the Government’s preferred “Amended Directive option” which would involve changing UK law on motor insurance to implement the Motor Insurance Directive as amended, should the European Commission pursue its proposal to amend it. While the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union, the UK is obligated to make this change. We, the undersigned petition HM Government through the Secretary of State for Transport, The Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling, M.P., asking that HM Government under no circumstances implements the 'Vnuk' judgement in a way that encompasses vehicles involved in motor and motorcycle sport activities.

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