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Petition to Housing Development Board of Singapore

Please provide lockers at HDB carparks for motorcyclists to use

I would like to petition the HDB Parking administration to consider providing some simple lockers at the carparks (or in nearby void decks) for use by residents who have a motorcycle parking subscription in those carparks, for storage of items such as helmets, simple tools and cleaning equipment etc. Motorists with cars have trunks (boots) to store items in which they do or do not always need when driving. For motorcyclists this is different. Sometimes one needs a second helmet, and or additional bags etc that can only be safely stored in one's flat, which may be several minutes (and lift rides/stair climbs) away, making fetching or dropping these off when the need arises very inconvenient (esp.. if other items need to also be carried) It would be a great help if motorcyclists had simple lockers available near their parking locations in which they could keep these items when not in use. I envision that these would be made available for a reasonable monthly rent (S$5-S$10/month) which would be optionally available to those who have a subscription for motorbike parking in the same carpark. Many carparks have 'dead' /unused space which can be used for these, or in places with surface carparks these could possibly be installed in the void decks of nearby blocks or such. Each locker should provide sufficient space for 2 helmets and/or items like a pail, some cleaning equipment and simple tools. The lockers should allow for use of one's own padlock and have some form of rain protection. Additionally some 'common' storage space (e.g. for storage of items like pails, hoses for washing bikes) may also be useful to encourage of sharing of the same.  

Mathias Körber
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Petition to Amber Rudd MP

Make the police do more to combat motorcycle theft.

We want the police forces throughout the country to do more to combat motorcycle theft. More and more motorcycles get stolen every day and it seems like the police just don't care enough to do something about it. They give a crime number and then just forget about it. My story - I awoke one morning to find my motorcycle had been stolen, the high security chain had been cut and my bike was gone leaving me with no transport to get to work. I called the police and reported the theft and was given a crime number. After calling the police and informing friends and family I went to where my bike was kept and looked around (I don't really know why I guess it's just something we do when we suffer loss). I found evidence that I felt the police would need and called them again, I was told to carefully collect this evidence and an officer would come to collect it - This never happened, in fact in the 2 months since my bike was stolen I haven't had a single call from the police. It seems as though they just aren't interested. Some say this is a relatively victimless crime because 'The insurance will pay for it' but this isn't true, I lost my no-claims bonus, I have a huge excess that will be deducted from any pay out, my insurance quotes for another bike or a car have gone through the roof so as well as losing my pride and joy I have to pay out even more for my independence and as more bikes get stolen EVERYONE pays more on their insurance policies. Since having my bike stolen I have come to realise from the motorcycling community as a whole that this is not an isolated incident but is generally what happens when a motorcycle is stolen and those thefts are growing because the criminals know that with the police not doing much to combat it they can get away scot-free and do it again. What do we want to resolve this? We want the police to be more active in hunting motorcycle thieves, We want the police to use their powers to chase criminals on motorcycles who refuse to stop without fear of punishment if the criminal falls off and hurts themselves and finally we want the criminals to receive tougher punishments to deter them from further crimes.      

Wesley Barrow
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