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Petition to Amber Rudd MP

Make the police do more to combat motorcycle theft.

We want the police forces throughout the country to do more to combat motorcycle theft. More and more motorcycles get stolen every day and it seems like the police just don't care enough to do something about it. They give a crime number and then just forget about it. My story - I awoke one morning to find my motorcycle had been stolen, the high security chain had been cut and my bike was gone leaving me with no transport to get to work. I called the police and reported the theft and was given a crime number. After calling the police and informing friends and family I went to where my bike was kept and looked around (I don't really know why I guess it's just something we do when we suffer loss). I found evidence that I felt the police would need and called them again, I was told to carefully collect this evidence and an officer would come to collect it - This never happened, in fact in the 2 months since my bike was stolen I haven't had a single call from the police. It seems as though they just aren't interested. Some say this is a relatively victimless crime because 'The insurance will pay for it' but this isn't true, I lost my no-claims bonus, I have a huge excess that will be deducted from any pay out, my insurance quotes for another bike or a car have gone through the roof so as well as losing my pride and joy I have to pay out even more for my independence and as more bikes get stolen EVERYONE pays more on their insurance policies. Since having my bike stolen I have come to realise from the motorcycling community as a whole that this is not an isolated incident but is generally what happens when a motorcycle is stolen and those thefts are growing because the criminals know that with the police not doing much to combat it they can get away scot-free and do it again. What do we want to resolve this? We want the police to be more active in hunting motorcycle thieves, We want the police to use their powers to chase criminals on motorcycles who refuse to stop without fear of punishment if the criminal falls off and hurts themselves and finally we want the criminals to receive tougher punishments to deter them from further crimes.      

Wesley Barrow
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A strip of land for bikers to ride safely in and around the Coventry area

On the 15th September 2017 we lost one of bike life's super stars, Tyrone Evans Shields also known as Mr Mechanic. Tyrone lived and breathed bike life and it was his passion and what he lived for. At 9.42pm on 15th September 2017 Tyrone was involved in an accident on the A444 Phoenix Way where he came off a quad bike and was killed. Bike life lost one of its best riders and hero's. In Tyrone's strong and unforgettable memory we would like to campaign for a strip of land where bikers can take their push bikes, motorbikes and quad bikes and practice safely and have their Sunday fun day. We would like this strip to give bikers a safe and controlled place to ride in Tyrone's memory as he would have liked. We want to try and encourage riders off the main roads and onto private land where they can ride safely and in the company of one another. This also prevents any harm coming to those of the public by keeping bikes off main roads. We want to try and do this to prevent anymore accidents happening or anymore lives being lost in the bike community like Ty's. As we are aware and featured in the inside out on BBC 1 the police are operating a zero tolerance attitude towards the bikes by raiding houses and compounding the bikes but it is a ever growing community and we want to try and channel this community in a positive way rather then being called 'nonsense bikers'. The idea of a strip has been trailed and tested in other cities and has worked and now we would like to campaign for this in the West Midlands area.  So please join us in finding a safe place for riders to ride and where we can ride in Ty's memory and in peace by signing this campaign. If we can save 1 life and 1 family from going through what we are by getting this strip and keeping bikers off the main roads where it is dangerous then Tyrone would be proud. For further information please watch the following episode of inside out on BBC iplayer Ride in paradise Mr Mechanic and we will do our best to give the bike life community a place to ride safely in your memory. 16/12/1995 - 15/09/2017 - Our Hero Mr Mechanic1622

Karinna Shields
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Petition to South Staffordshire council

Make the Bridgnorth Road (A454) safer for motorcyclists

My life was changed for the worst after my Dad was killed in a tragic motorbike accident on Boxing Day 2016, on the A454, Bridgnorth Road. Seeing the road, I am not surprised there is a lot of accidents and injuries for motorcyclists - due to the winding road and the speed people drive at. As the Bridgnorth Road is well known to be a route many motorcyclists take, I believe a lot more could be done on this road to help to keep them safe, and to keep other families from having to go through the trauma my family and friends had to go through. "In the Bridgnorth area just one per cent of road users are motorcyclists but they make up half of all road deaths. These are shocking statistics. They are the worst figures in the UK," Said Councillor John Hurst-Knight, Community Safety Partnership Chairman and a member of Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority. - Although there is a few 'Think Bike' signs, they're not amazingly visible for drivers and there definitely isn't enough! The speed cameras are also sparse, and not all in use - how do we know cars are following the speed limit.. 50mph is fast enough, so how do we know they could brake in time if a motorcyclist was in trouble?  If you yourself are a motorcyclist, or know someone who is - whether you know the Bridgnorth Road or not - please sign, share and show your support. 

Bethan Whitehouse
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