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Petition to South Staffordshire council

Make the Bridgnorth Road (A454) safer for motorcyclists

My life was changed for the worst after my Dad was killed in a tragic motorbike accident on Boxing Day 2016, on the A454, Bridgnorth Road. Seeing the road, I am not surprised there is a lot of accidents and injuries for motorcyclists - due to the winding road and the speed people drive at. As the Bridgnorth Road is well known to be a route many motorcyclists take, I believe a lot more could be done on this road to help to keep them safe, and to keep other families from having to go through the trauma my family and friends had to go through. "In the Bridgnorth area just one per cent of road users are motorcyclists but they make up half of all road deaths. These are shocking statistics. They are the worst figures in the UK," Said Councillor John Hurst-Knight, Community Safety Partnership Chairman and a member of Shropshire and Wrekin Fire Authority. - Although there is a few 'Think Bike' signs, they're not amazingly visible for drivers and there definitely isn't enough! The speed cameras are also sparse, and not all in use - how do we know cars are following the speed limit.. 50mph is fast enough, so how do we know they could brake in time if a motorcyclist was in trouble?  If you yourself are a motorcyclist, or know someone who is - whether you know the Bridgnorth Road or not - please sign, share and show your support. 

Bethan Whitehouse
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Petition to The Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling

Fight Vnuk - The EU Judgement Threatening to Kill UK Motorsport

In the landmark ‘Vnuk’ case, the European Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that the EU’s 2009 Motor Insurance Directive required insurance policies to cover all possible third-party accidents in all places and at all times. In some countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, governments had interpreted the law as meaning that it only applies to vehicles driven on public roads, however it is now clear that the judgment means that national laws must be changed to ensure that all mechanically propelled vehicles are insured for third-party losses regardless of type of use, in all places, at any time. This applies to everything from Formula One racing cars, to mobility scooters, to antique trams and everything in-between. Industry experts have already claimed that the risks associated with providing insurance cover to all motorised vehicles mean that they would be prohibitively expensive to insure, thus effectively outlawing all motorsport activities across the United Kingdom. HM Government opened a consultation on Wednesday 21st December with two clear options. First, to pursue the “Comprehensive option” which would involve changing UK motor insurance law to comply with the Motor Insurance Directive as interpreted in the Vnuk judgement. Second, the Government’s preferred “Amended Directive option” which would involve changing UK law on motor insurance to implement the Motor Insurance Directive as amended, should the European Commission pursue its proposal to amend it. While the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union, the UK is obligated to make this change. We, the undersigned petition HM Government through the Secretary of State for Transport, The Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling, M.P., asking that HM Government under no circumstances implements the 'Vnuk' judgement in a way that encompasses vehicles involved in motor and motorcycle sport activities.

Tristan Robinson
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