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Petition to Peter Khalil

Peter Khalil must apologise to the Turkish community

This week in Australian Parliament, Peter Khalil, Federal Member for Wills spoke in Parliament regarding the ongoing peace Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin region. Mr. Khail’s comments directed at the Turkish peace mission are completely ill-informed and lack subsistence. Any support SDF is support for PKK which is a listed terrorist group in Australia.  Here is the speech on his Facebook (be sure to leave a comment) - It’s hardly a surprise Khalil’s name has resurfaced, Khalil's name appears in two US diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks. According to the cables - one from 2007, the other from 2009. Source -  Turkey is a key member of NATO and plays an important peace making role in the Middle East like hosting millions of Syrian refugees. Entering its seventh year, the conflict in Syria continues to be a direct threat to international security and regional stability. Turkey's land border with Syria and Iraq, measuring 1,295 km in length, requires Turkey to be alert to the developments within its neighbors and vigilant towards the security threats emanating from known terrorists.Turkey's national security is under the direct threat of Syria-based terrorist organisations, among which Deash and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)/Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK)'s Syria-affiliate Kurdish Democratic Union party (PYD)/People's Protection Unit (YPG) are at the forefront.  The recent increase in rocket attacks and harassment fires (more than 700 so far), directed at Hatay and Kilis provinces of Turkey from the Afrin region of Syria, which is under the control of the PKK/KCK/PYD-YPG terrorist organisation, resulted in the death of scores of civilians and soldiers.On the other hand, the recent advance of Deash terrorists into the Afrin region from other parts of Syria has heightened the risk of Deash elements infiltrating the Turkey-Syria border and targeting the security of Turkey as well as EU countries.It must be underscored that these terrorist groups are also a direct threat to the unity of Syria and are a main source of instability which impedes civilians to reside peacefully in their habitats. The PYD/YPG's real intention is not to fight Deash or protect Kurds and Yazidis. Their real aim is to force demographic change and create separatist enclaves or terrorist hide-outs in the north of Syria. To counter the recent surge of terrorist incursions and attacks on its territory, Turkey initiated the 'Operation Olive Branch' on 20 January 2018. 'Operation Olive Branch' is not conducted against the Kurds of Syria. 'Operation Olive Branch' is aimed at ensuring border security, neutralising terrorists in Afrin and preventing a demographic change in the north of the country, helping Syrians to return to their homes as well as facilitating humanitarian assistance to the liberated areas through secured corridors.Peter Khalil should stick to representing local residents in his marginal seat of Wills rather than political grand standing on complex foreign affairs issues facing western ally Turkey. The Turkish community of Australia call for a immediate retraction of disappointing comments made by Mr. Khalil by way of a public statement and full statement to the Parliament of Australia. In the meantime, it is vital that Turkey, an EU candidate , NATO ally and key peace maker in the Middle East, has the backing of its allies and friends in addressing its legitimate security concerns, which contributes to the overall security and stability of the EU and beyond. Members of the community are further encouraged to call Peter Khalil’s office directly on Phone: (03) 9350 5777 and share this important petition on social media plugs. 

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Petition to Mayor Helen Davidson

Stop removing green space in beautiful historic Methven Park!

Methven Park is a hundred years old. It is a tiny (perhaps 90m by 60m) wisp of a park in Melbourne's Brunswick East, a fast-developing suburb where skylines are becoming increasingly crowded with tall buildings. Our beloved park has a path running diagonally down the middle of two small green triangles of grass which we use to play with our kids, our pets, our family and friends. People have birthdays, love and memorial ceremonies in our park under the glorious giant elms. Moreland City Council closed the park's two small, on-opposite-sides-of-the-park toilets three years ago. They proposed a replacement a few metres from one of these spots with a footpath leading the short way to the street for access, but they were dissuaded by a resident who complained they didn't want to see it from their house. The council report that they then surveyed 120 local households, offering the choice of locating the toilet either in the middle of the grass space on the left or in the middle of the grass space on the right. They report that they received 23 surveys in return - 17 replies said to choose the grass area on the left - the only part of the park that receives sun in the afternoon.   The council did not reply to, and have not acknowledged, the numerous emails sent directly to the Project Manager declaring both options to be nonsensical - "why would you build in the middle of open space when you can build on a boundary?" The council report that 17 "positive" surveys equates to a 77% resident approval rate. They did not display notices in the park at any time. They did not display their intentions to build this facility in this spot on the website or in any media. Residents who live 40 metres from the park report they were never consulted. They have not provided consistent evidence for why there are no alternative locations that do not involve tearing up grass and disrupting our ability use of one side of the park. They reportedly will not place it on one boundary because the site "may" be developed in the future, so it "may" affect future residents. Building fences were erected in the park on the afternoon of Tuesday May 9th. On Wednesday May 10th, horrified residents and park users began contacting council as digging began. At the Moreland City Council meeting on May 10th 2017, 6 to 5 councillors voted against a proposal to pause the works and complete thorough consultation and review options in the face of mounting opposition from park users. People will now no longer be able to kick a footy or throw a ball for their dog in this half of the park because there will be a 22sqm toilet in the way. Please sign this petition to show Moreland Council they have made the wrong decision, based on ineffectual consultation. Please show them that you do not want to lose precious grass space in this beautiful, small, historic park in a suburb where we have so many people and so few open spaces. Please show Moreland Council that this is contrary to their proposed Urban Forest Strategy which is meant to increase green space in Moreland.  Thank you for your support

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