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Petition to Hofstra University

Removal of the Thomas Jefferson Sculpture at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York

TW// mentions of slavery, rape, eugenics, anti-black racism. The Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center is one of the central points for on-campus life and student activities.   The Student Center houses several important offices and resources, including Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion, Student Access Services, the Office of Student Advocacy and Prevention Awareness, and the Dean of Students Office. Students daily walk through the Student Center for a quick cup of coffee or to cross the Unispan to get to class. For prospective students, this is one of the first buildings that they walk into when touring the university. At almost every single Admitted Students Day, families pose in front of the Student Center to take photos and share hugs and smiles after successful college visits. It is unfortunate then that a bronze sculpture of a 71-year-old Thomas Jefferson, gifted to the university by Hofstra Trustee David Mack, is right in front of the Student Center. Regarding this sculpture, Hofstra University Museum’s website reads, “ of Hofstra’s first architects credited Jefferson as one of his influences, as represented by the ‘quadrangle and great lawn’ between Hauser Hall, Memorial Hall and the Adams Playhouse, and Memorial Quad between Hofstra Hall, Calkins Hall, Brower Hall and Barnard Hall. Hofstra has continued the tradition of the quadrangle all over the campus.” While Jefferson’s architectural designs have gone on to inspire the designs of many American universities, Jefferson’s values aided in the construction of institutionalized racism and justified the subjugation of black people in the United States. Jefferson owned nearly 600 slaves in his lifetime, proudly embraced eugenics and raped countless enslaved black women and children and forced them to deliver his biological children. After the death of Jefferson’s father-in-lawn in 1773, Jefferson inherited 11,000 acres of estate and 125 slaves. When he died in 1826, he had acquired approximately 600 slaves. Jefferson raped many of his slaves and forced them to bear his biological children. Jefferson’s most famous victim is Sally Hemings. Hemings was only fourteen or fifteen when Jefferson first raped her and impregnated her with the first of five children. In 1998, a DNA study found a match between the Jefferson male line and a descendant of Hemings’ youngest son, confirming the terror the Hemings family endured. Jefferson embraced eugenics, citing that black people were genetically inferior in a number of his writings and speeches. Jefferson believed that Africans should be submitted to scientific analysis, including the “anatomical knife”, to confirm their inferiority. Justifying enslavement Jefferson explained, “It is not their condition, but nature...which has produced the distinction” between the slave and the slave master.  He went on to write, “...besides differences in color and hair, black people secreted less by the kidneys and more by the glands of the skin, which gives them a very strong and disagreeable odor“. In response to slave revolts in Haiti, Jefferson implicitly suggested a complete genocide of enslaved Africans, writing “if something is not done and soon done, we shall be the murderers of our own children”.   It is for these reasons that a sculpture honoring Thomas Jefferson should not be displayed on Hofstra University’s campus. Jefferson has been embraced as an icon by white supremacist and neo-nazi organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan and online white supremacist chat rooms such as Storm Front and Daily Stormer, a website domestic terrorist Dylann Roof actively used before committing a mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina in December of 2015. A sculpture like this belongs in a museum or archive with appropriate context, not displayed on a college campus, especially not in front of a hub of student life. I, Ja’Loni Owens, and the individuals who choose to sign this petition call on the administrators of Hofstra University to remove the sculpture of Thomas Jefferson from in front of the Student Center and to no longer display it on campus.

Jaloni Owens
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Noelle York-Simmons, Donald Trump

Keep The Plaque - George Washington

Please sign this petition to take a stand for you, our freedom, and our country! A church attended by George Washington will take down a memorial to the nation's first president, a move church leaders say is intended to make the place of worship more welcoming. This nonsense must be stopped!  If it wasn't for him, the Church of England would be the only place to worship today and furthermore, you wouldn't even have a country! This is an absolute dishonor to the vast majority, again because of a few, things have to change apparently.   The Church that plans to continue this ridiculous act is located in Alexandria, VA, the Christ Church.  Click here to visit their website, although they are too afraid apparently to even mention what they are doing on their website.  If they are so "proud" and caving in for the few, why aren't they listing it on their website? When you erase history, whether good or bad, you are impacting all of the future, which must not be tolerated and acceptable.  These acts will have dire consequences for the future of all, both born and unborn. Here is the story if you want to read about this horrific nonsense. Email the church "leaders":

Ronald Kern
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander, United States Supreme Court, Donald Trump, President of the United States

Stop Abolishment Of History by Hate Groups

This petition is being written in protest of the recent cavalcade of historical statues and monuments being desecrated and targeted by hate groups. We wish to ensure the preservation, quality, and currently held geographical locations of each statue or monument in order to retain its historical significance and preserve the notion that these statues, monuments and demonstrations all fall under the umbrella of celebrating the time-line of American history and culture. As American citizens of a great nation, we ask from our lawmakers that a law or amendment be introduced which would preserve all historical monuments across the country. We, as Americans, feel that any abolition of our history and its many lessons is a grave injustice to us and any ancestors that may have given their lives for those causes or cultures. These monuments and statues are being labeled as "evil" and "racist" by those who would see them torn down and removed from our history forever. By definition, any inanimate object has neither the ability or awareness to represent either idea on its own. All statues and monuments that have been targeted by these hate groups are statues and monuments depicting characters of Caucasian decent. No other ethnicity of statues or monuments have been targeted by these groups, and therefore, the intentions and characteristics of these groups can only be labeled as discriminatory and racist. We wish to seek judgement against these hate groups and individuals in a court of law in the form of reimbursement for removal of our history, and the damage done by slander and libel of white history by those individuals as well. We wish to use any grievances collected to set up two funds: one for any states use who has an historical monument or statue as a preservation and care fund and the second will be set up to give help and further education for a choice of either a) inner city school systems and the support of higher education, or b) a program set up to enable police officers and citizens to meet and learn about each other in a safe place which would allow for complete and total transparency. We thank you for your time in reading this petition, and hope to gain the support and acknowledgement that this issue so rightfully deserves. As we march forward, let us not forget to look back, lest we forget from whence we came and tread those grounds again.

Lonnie Miller
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