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Petition to Mayor Jack Blalock, Jim Splaine, Chris Dwyer, Brad Lown, Eric Spear, Rebecca Perkins, Nancy Pearson, Josh Cyr, Josh Denton, City Manager John Bohenko

Protect Our Kids. Let's Make Portsmouth Non Toxic!

 We call on the City of Portsmouth to stop using dangerous toxins to maintain our public sidewalks, parks, historic cemeteries and other green spaces, and switch to proven organic grounds maintenance practices instead.  For years and without public warning, the city has been spraying public spaces with glyphosate (Roundup), bifenthrin, dithiopyr, and numerous other synthetic toxins just to kill a few weeds and bugs. But countless scientific studies link exposure to these chemicals with cancer, thyroid disorders, lower IQ, ADHD, metabolic changes, and many other maladies especially in young children. Entire countries and a growing list of cities worldwide from Paris to Marblehead, MA are restricting or outlawing these chemicals and steam-cleaning sidewalks, burning weeds and using safe alternative methods for grounds maintenance. In Portsmouth, the School Department has not used toxins for seven years and Prescott Park has not used toxins ever for over fifty years. We request that the city stop using toxins in public places, that it encourage toxin-free property maintenance for all new developments, and to educate property-owners in safe, organic property maintenance. Let the city administration, Mayor, and City Council know that you want Portsmouth to be a non toxic community! Please sign the petition and add your two cents as well. Let your voice for change be heard. To volunteer in our effort for a Non Toxic Portsmouth, contact us at   Thank you!  For more detailed information:

Non Toxic Portsmouth NH
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Petition to Al Franken

We need "Secondary" ingredients labeling, NOW! Let's know our food!

Secondary ingredients are the ingredients of the primary ingredients: these go, shockingly, unlabeled and unregulated in the United States. It is our RIGHT to know what our food is comprised of, regardless of how many times the original ingredient is processed into refined compounds. The GMO Corn, Wheat and Soy industries and Special Interest Groups lobby to keep the food industry unregulated. They do not want to see this put to work, because they make massive profit by using low-cost, governmentally-subsidized ingredients. Corn, wheat and soy ingredients are almost all genetically modified. Genetically modified foods are not inherently bad, in fact, they can be incredibly helpful in solving complex world-hunger related problems. HOWEVER, the way that these corporations put this technology and the corresponding legislation into practice puts independent farmers out of business, adversely affects the bee population, and allows them to spray inhumane amounts of pesticide on their crops (a.k.a Roundup) which feed the masses.  If you think this isn't an issue, take "Ascorbic Acid" as an example. "Ascorbic  Acid" or Vitamin C to the laymen, is added to many canned goods, as well as juices and other products. It MAY be derived from Corn or Wheat. The manufacturer isn't required to specify which whatsoever, so some allergic individuals may consume a "totally safe" canned food, and suffer a severe reaction. For those allergic to corn, wheat or soy it is very difficult to determine what is safe. Eating any processed and mass-produced food product is a gamble even if you have a less common food allergy. For example: a list of corn derivatives/allergens is available here.  Stand up to big business.  Sign for transparency. Americans NEED to know what is in their food. This is simply a matter of common sense.  If you would like to learn more, here are some resources from liberal and conservative news and research outlets too help you understand the gravity of this issue: Harvard: Nothing to Sneeze at: the Allergenicity of GMOsNPR: A Pesticide, A Pigweed And A Farmer's MurderFOX: Science panel urges rewrite of food allergy warning labelsPBS: Are pesticides to blame for the massive bee die-off?Scientific American: Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human CellsBrietBart: California to list main compound in Monsanto’s Roundup as carcinogenicNBC: Honey, It’s Only Pure if There’s No Added Sugar or Corn Syrup (FDA guidelines do not mandate that Corn Syrup in Honey must be labeled!!) 

Rexford Dorchester
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Petition to Mayor of San Diego, Mayor of Encinitas

Ban RoundUp in San Diego County

Roundup is a commonly used pesticide here in the county of San Diego, California. Its active ingredient, glyphosate, is a harmful, type 1 carcinogenic chemical as declared by the state of California's Environmental Protection Agency.  San Diego County allows the spraying of this and similar toxic pesticides at schools, which unavoidably forces children to be exposed to cancer-causing chemicals. The city of Irvine had so many childhood cancer patients that a huge movement was created to ban pesticides from being used at parks and schools. WHY ISN'T SAN DIEGO DOING THE SAME? There is an increasing amount of scientific research showing the multitude of dangers associated with Roundup use in the environment and human bodies and has been a definitive cause of untreatable lymphoma in dogs. Our beloved pets who roll in, play on, sniff, lick their paws and fur, have been exposed to and ingesting this pesticide...and have been dying from this cancer for years. How can San Diego pride itself in being one of the top "dog friendly" cities when it allows pesticides everywhere that cause cancer?  Plus, EVERYTHING toxic to plant and insect life will inevitably end up in our ocean, the natural environment that San Diego is so proud of and renowned for! Research has proven that glyphosate is known to kill marine life, just as it kills the plants and insects its carelessly used for. Sooner than later, the entire developed world will regrettably understand the drastic effects of over-use of pesticides that we are seeing now: sky-rocketing cancer rates, super-weeds with resistance to all pesticides, diminished soil quality, death of pets, humans and aquatic life, and much of our available food causing chronic gut inflammation. There are currently no restrictions to who can purchase Roundup and where they are legally able to spray it. Therefore, this dangerous chemical could be available for anyone and sprayed virtually anywhere in the public. This is a huge concern for parents, health conscious individuals, and organic gardeners. According to an article below, Santa Cruz county has joined Trinity, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Marin county in a GMO ban.By signing this petition, we are requesting for Roundup to be banned from the shelves of all stores that sell it in San Diego county. It could be easily and much more safely replaced with natural herbicides, such as Dr. Earth, which is sold at health conscious stores like Staff of Life. As a worldwide tourist destination, San Diego is known for its natural beauty, wildlife, and beaches.  Plus we are considered one of the top ten "pet-friendly" cities in the US. Our famed monarch butterfly as well as the much needed honey bee are both declining rapidly in population, which the spraying of pesticides is largely contributed to. We want our children and pets to have a healthy future, free of unavoidable environmental poisons. Articles that are a must read:   How and why Irvine, CA banned Roundup CA cities/counties that have banned GMO's and Roundup - - - -"The World According to Monsanto" documentary: start watching at 13:45 for shocking facts about the Roundup controversy and it's beginnings: -OEHHA Proposition 65 declaration of cancer causing substances: -Dr. Earth Organic Herbicides: -Local Good Times cover story about the bee disappearance in Santa Cruz: -How Roundup has contributed to monarch butterfly decline: -Academic researched articles and presentations on the dangers of glyphosate:  

Teri Persico
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