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Petition to No CHOICE, Multichoice DSTV

No CHOICE, Multichoice DSTV

Mutlichoice DSTV has the monopoly in South Africa with Satellite TV. Today DSTV is planning again adding a channel to DSTV, a Nigerian channel. (I thought I was a South African) 01/10/2018 Courtesy of MyBroadband: MyBroadband News 17/10/2018 No CHOICE, Multichoice DSTV has now given us a FREE subscription to JOOX VIP. Wow, another useless services I don't want. If No CHOICE, Multichoice DSTV have given us a choice, I would have preferred to have that R89.99 per month saving on my Premium subscription. Showmax is also another "FREE" service that is has useless content. So with Showmax @ R99 and JOOX @ R89.99. I would have preferred to save R188.99 on my DSTV Premium. Ridicules. We as South Africans had enough. 70% of DSTV Channels we do not use. Why am I paying for them. Especially the discrimination against Rugby Supporters. There is a lower package available for Soccer supporters, but as a Rugby supporter (South Africa's National Sport. The sport that brought us together is 1995), I have to pay premium rate to be able to watch my Rugby. We want the following from DSTV: Give us a choice of channels. Out of the 89 channels I only use Movies and sport SS1 and SS2. But I'm paying for all the soccer channels. The rest is costing me money for nothing. Stop advertising while sport is being broadcasting live. I'm already paying a subscription. I do not want to see advertising while watching the Springboks against the All Blacks. In fact, we might just start boycotting the advertisers that makes our screen smaller. So many News channels. For what? So many other channels, Lesotho TV, Cape TV, MTV etc...Why am I paying for them If i do not watch it....Ever! We want the option of selecting an option of (No advertising) We are already paying a subscription. Some of us do not want to see an advert every time, before every show. Give us the option of choosing what DSTV is allowed to download on the Explora. So many nonsense is being downloaded and wasting our data. And the genre of show that I watch is never downloaded.

Hennie Roets
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Petition to Helen Dunlop, Peter Griffin, Richard Wall, Jessica Wilkinson, Mark Spowart, Evelyn Chiu, Liz Stanley ((Puzzle and games buyer, Sainsburys Supermarkets Limited UK)), Phil Markham

Please reconsider the making and selling of Monopoly British Army Edition to help raise funds for army charity

To learn more about this project please visit ...   If Monopoly British Army Edition can be made and sold at all the regular Monopoly retail outlets, a sum (either a fixed amount per number made/sold or a percentage of the sales) could be donated to a yet to be decided Army charity.   Obviously discussions would need to take place to discuss figures (cost to make, overheads, etc.) but in order to raise as much money as possible, I have waived any financial reward for the idea and would hope whomever backs the game would also like to see the highest possible amount going to the chosen charity.   Hasbro UK and Winning Moves UK (who make limited and special editions for Hasbro UK) both approve of our motives and would like to see the game reach supermarket shelves - so much so that they are more then happy to put theirs and the Monopoly™ name on the box. However they are not convinced that their usual retail outlets would be interested in selling the game.   Most of the major retail outlets that I've approached (Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrisons) have said that they support our servicemen and their charities. Yet they need to be convinced the game would appeal to customers hence they "have no plans to persue the game at this moment."  However if I could convince Hasbro UK to make the game or find some way to finance it, then the supermarkets would welcome further discussions.   So to summarise, Hasbro UK/Winning Moves UK need retail interest and the retailers need consumer interest. This is where YOU come in...   If you are a serviceman, ex-serviceman or a friend or relative of either... A charity worker or someone who likes to donate to good causes... A Monopoly player or a collector... Or grateful for all our brave men and women - heroes all - who serve to protect us in the name of peace and freedom and to neutralise the threat from terrorism, and you are interested in buying Monopoly British Army Edition or would just like to see it made in order to raise money for those hurt on the front line, then please show the powers that be that this game would sell by signing this petition.   Thank you for your support,     Martin Underwood (creator/designer) and David Hubber (joint designer)

Martin Underwood
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