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once inflation goes back down products should return to normal size

During times of inflation things are hard and money is worth less so prices on everything are increasing or are they. You may have noticed that even though inflation is up 8% many products prices have not gone up well this is because they are tricking you. By keeping prices the same but removing a bit of product or becoming smaller they trick you because if prices rise you are less likely to buy it but if company's remove some stuff you probably won't notice a thing. this is known as shrinkflation when prices stay the same but you get less product when you buy something. companies do this to save money but the thing is when inflation is back down sizes or amount of product don't go back up instead continuing to become smaller to the point its outrageous and you are losing lots of money. I think this needs to stop sizes need to go back up.  Companies are becoming cheap with us giving us less and less stuff and it needs to stop they are taking more and more of your precious hard earned  dollars and they don't stop if we don't stop this now who knows in two years kitkats could be giving you 25% less product maybe your favorite salsa will have decreased in product by 50% hopefully this petition made you aware that you are losing money share this to spread the word and call out companies for this for not not giving back product when they should and make sure to call out companies before its to late in the past thats the only thing that has provoked action calling out companies for not reverting sizes back to normal only you can stop this make sure to share this to spread the word credit to food theory youtube channel owned by the youtuber most dedicated to science and saving you some money

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