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Federal regulations on mold levels in rental homes

  With few exceptions, landlord responsibilities regarding mold in the home are a huge legal grey area. No federal law sets exposure standards for levels of mold or types of mold present in the home. Yet there are indoor air quality standards for office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes and other public places. The government recognizes that certain places must have adequate air quality due to the fact that mold can cause detrimental health effects. Oscha has these guidelines clearly stated. There are these regulations set in place, yet there are no standards concerning air quality in a rental property. A rental property which the tenant is contractually bound to stay in despite dangerous health conditions. This being said, in Texas property code there ARE regulations allowing tenants to break the lease without repercussions if the residence poses a detriment to the health of the residents. HOWEVER these are not federally mandated codes and are incredibly difficult to enforce without taking legal action, leaving the tenant with the financial burden of legal fees.  There needs to be Federal laws and requirements put in place to protect renters. There needs to be an easily accessible government agency where tenants can report these issues if they are not remediated in a timely manner.  In many cases the tenant is unaware of the mold infestation in the home as it is usually spread constantly through the house by the homes HVAS system. Hereby depositing spores and the toxins produced by those spores in every room of the house. Mold is everywhere, but many types of mold can cause various health problems for anyone exposed. Ranging from allergy like symptoms to systemic autoimmune disorders and permanent neurological problems. Many times the tenant is given an array of misdiagnosis due to the fact that many of the symptoms of mold toxicity mimic various other illnesses. Particularly susceptible individuals, infants, pregnant women, the elderly and the immunocompromised can develop life threatening and often irreversible effects of mycotoxins wreaking havoc on the body. In certain circumstances the mold In the home can leave the tenant no choice but to leave all belongings that are unable to be adequately cleaned behind. Due to this fact, there needs to be a section of this federal law awarding the tenant payment for actual damages.  We need a system put in place to protect us. We need access to legal resources to enforce and notify the appropriate government agencies to get these laws and property codes enforced. Lastly, If due to landlord negligence, the landlord needs to be held accountable for the tenants medical expenses, lost wages, actual property damages and any and all legal fees acquired.  Families are losing everything including their health. There are countless laws protecting home owners from their tenants, its time to give the tenants the same level of protection. 

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