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Petition to Kingsisle

Please help get KingsIsle to make a seventh Wizard101 character per account!

KingsIsle's incredible multiplayer magical universe of Wizard101 is a huge enlightenment to millions of players worldwide, bringing gamers together in a safe environment to fight bosses, make friends, and build the home of your dreams! I know I speak for myself as well as many other veteran players of Wizard101 when I say that while this game is one of the best free MMO games on the internet, we all have our great pet peeve: only 6 players can be created per account, with 7 schools of magic to choose from. KingsIsle has likely not added a 7th character, even with a single empty desk always available at the opening screen, because having players open up a second account and purchase crowns and/or membership for both would achieve bringing in more revenue for the company. However, I think it would be wonderful if players had the option to purchase that 7th player desk so players can all have one character for all seven schools on a single organized account. The conditions under which this purchase would take place could include the need to have a membership at the time of purchase, in addition to the down payment of whatever the company chooses. To ensure that the company keeps earning a significant amount of revenue, I personally believe +/- $30 (USD) would be reasonable to purchase this desk; however, this is of course subject to change. Please sign this petition to let KingsIsle know that its players would love this change to be made, and that it would improve the organization and satisfaction of customers to boost business and the happiness of all Wizard101 players.

Ashley Cassel
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