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Petition to NAACP, Atlanta Council Member

Take down Ghandi Statue at MLK Center in Atlanta

I am a concerned citizen who wants to remove the Gandhi statue at the King Center in Atlanta. Although MLK stated that he was greatly influenced by Ghandi's words, Gandhi's racist beliefs about those of African descent goes against what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. Knowing all that we know about our great leader,  he may have been inspired by some of Gandhi's words but he would not have ignored the underlying racist attitude that Gandhi lamented. Perhaps Martin Luther King Jr. was unaware of the disparaging remarks that Ghandi had made about the native black people in South Africa. But Gandhi did not fight for justice for all, as did MLK. Gandhi clearly stated that his fight was for Indian people and that Indian people (only) should be treated equally. He was also a stark advocate for the caste system, treating those with black skin as inferior. Again this goes against what MLK ultimately died for. Let's be clear. Despite his inspiring message for his people, Gandhi was a racist. It would be hypocritical to keep a statue of him on the same grounds as a man who lived and died to fight against racial injustices. Now that there has been several statues removed from public areas, we have a responsibility to remove the statue at the MLK Center in Atlanta, GA. We cannot ignore racism. We should not give it a platform by misleading people into thinking that Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. stood for the same thing.   I have already written the MLK center about this matter  and hope that you would also be a voice for change.

c hunter
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