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Hold Pittsburgh Pirates Ownership Accountable

Since Bob Nutting became Chairman of the Board in 2002 and Principal Owner in 2007, even though we have been able to celebrate three playoff appearances in a row from 2013-2015, as soon as the payroll required to keep the core of those teams got too high, the trades started coming in.  Andrew McCutchen to the Giants. Gerrit Cole to the Astros.  We thought we would get a splash trade when Chris Archer came to the team in 2018, but instead, we fell apart, and we gave away at future AL Cy Young contender Tyler Glasnow and the best player down the stretch for the Rays Austin Meadows.  This has happened before with Jason Bay, Jose Bautista, and the already mentioned four above to name a few.  Then it is when we give up like this year when we just get rid of Nick Kingham and Corey Dickerson just to seal the season's fate.  While this is happening, the trust of the fans being lost, the attendance collapsing over 1 million fans from this recent season compared to 2015, Pirates' management continues to profit through increased shared revenue checks from MLB to cover their losses, while smaller-market teams that actually invest in payroll get into the playoffs.  So, we as Pittsburgh Pirates fans want to know where all the money is at and going. We have to be making a profit, considering that we save so much on payroll and shared revenue checks negate the attendance loss.  Pirates fans went through 20 years of losing from 1993 to 2013, we do not want to come close to it again. So allow the Sports & Exhibition Authority to audit the team to see where this city's baseball team financials are going. 

Billy Arnett
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