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Petition to Missouri Governor, Missouri State House, Missouri State Senate, Chris Chinn

It’s time to ban dog auctions

Missouri is the top state in the nation for puppy mills in 2016 according to the Humane Society of the United States. 30 of the worst 100 puppy mills in the country call Missouri home -- some of whom are repeat offenders. These puppy mills continue to produce dogs, although over 3,200 dogs are euthanized every day, according to the ASPCA. Why do puppy mills keep producing so many puppies? Dog auctions make it possible for puppy mill operators to quickly sell as much of their “inventory” as possible. They create a financial incentive to overproduce puppies for pet stores and online vendors across the country. Here’s a recent example. An infamous Missouri breeder, who owns pet stores in New Jersey, was recently allowed to auction all of the animals held in his Missouri kennel after he was charged with 267 counts of animal abuse by the New Jersey SPCA. No one inspected the dogs sold at the auction for signs of abuse or illness. This lack of accountability is shameful and unacceptable. But it will continue as long as long as a financial incentive exists. We ask the Missouri Department of Agriculture to require state inspectors to inspect the health and monitor the stress of the dogs, before, during and after all dog auctions while working to ban dog auctions! Help us fight puppy mills by eliminating a key financial incentive -- the dog auction. Take the first step by signing this petition today urging our lawmakers to ban dog auctions now.

maxine reeker
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Petition to Robert Cornejo, Blaine Luetkemeyer, Randy Pietzman, Bryan Spencer, Bob Onder, Jeanie Riddle, Missouri Governor

Installation of Crossover Cable Barrier - St. Charles and Lincoln County Missouri

Cable Barriers need to be extended NORTH of the crossroads of Interstate 64/40 / I-70 to TROY to prevent future crossover accidents and future deaths and injuries. MODOT's response is insufficient funding, but NO LIFE should have a price on it.  St. Charles and Lincoln Counties have experienced a population boom. The amount of traffic and semis that travel on this stretch of highway has increased over the years. There are numerous residential developments in the works, only to add weight to this problem. This highway is known as "The Avenue of the Saints" - it carries traffic from St. Paul, MN <-----> St. Louis, MO. There are numerous "left exit / crossover" intersections. The current project slated for 2017 to improve the highway between HWY A [Wentzville Parkway] and Peine road DOES NOT include money to have barrier cables installed. All it takes is one person to have a heart attack on one side and crossover to kill someone on the other side. Its just not the "poor" drivers that cause crossover accidents.        "A cable barrier, sometimes referred to as guard cable or wire rope safety barrier (WRSB), is a type of roadside or median safety traffic barrier/guard rail. It consists of steel wire ropes mounted on weak posts. As is the case with any roadside barrier, its primary purpose is to prevent a vehicle from leaving the traveled way and striking a fixed object or terrain feature that is less forgiving than itself.[1] Also similar to most roadside barriers, cable barriers function by capturing and/or redirecting the errant vehicle. Because these barriers are relatively inexpensive, as opposed to concrete step barriers to install and maintain, and are very effective at capturing vehicles, their use is becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. By far, the most popular use of the cable barrier system occurs in the medians of divided highways." Source: Wikipedia   I have personally been traveling this highway all 31 years of my life. I have seen too many wooden crosses placed on the side of the road. This is something that can NOT wait another day, month, or year. My husband and I have five kids together, that we travel on this highway with up to seven days a week - sometimes 1000-2000 miles a week between school, church, work and sports practices. No family should have to suffer a loss because of inadequate funding {thats a joke}. I personally came up on a motorcyclist on Black Friday 2014, at the intersection of McHugh Road and NB US-61, where I did CPR on a man who was most likely cut off by a crossover vehicle entering NB traffic. Please take the time to learn what a J-turn is, that may also save your life if you have to crossover traffic. Stay safe - God has called me to do this.   

Janey Beene
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