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Petition to Missouri State Senate, Missouri State House

Petition to Act - Protect Missouri DACA Recipients

Dear State Senators and Missouri Representatives: We, the students of the University of Missouri, Columbia, believe that our campus should serve as a safe community for all students regardless of their immigration status. We particularly ask that you express commitment to the protection of all students, especially those who are recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA has been rescinded, making students once again vulnerable. This includes the risk of deportation, loss of their jobs, scholarships, and driver’s licenses. We currently have 35 students who benefit from DACA in the overall University of Missouri System. The time to act to protect our students is right now. Through months of dedication, we gained hundreds of signatures to protect the current 35 students who benefit from DACA in the overall UM System. Students at universities and colleges statewide who have DACA should not have to fear about losing their education or about their safety on campus. Let’s show them — and all students — that we are a community that supports them and that they’ll always be welcome here. We emphasize that this will not only affect students in the UM system but also their families. People’s lives are at stake and we can not stand by and watch them suffer. To ensure the safety of our fellow students of all immigration statuses, we request the following steps to be taken: We request that you publicly give a statement speaking on your stance about DACA. We request that you advocate for Missouri and all DACA recipients by meeting with other representatives, senators, and congress members to discuss ways in which DACA can be protected. We strongly urge you to take action to ensure that Missouri supports to keep DACA in place in the upcoming vote in March. We emphasize again that this affects our community deeply and we hope that you are on board to keep this community safe. Sincerely, The Association of Latin@ American Students

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Petition to United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Missouri Department of Transportation and Jackson County

Eliminate Manmade Wetland and Unintended Consequences upon People of Jackson County MO

View detailed area map. The Petitioner is Golf Park Inc. dba Family Golf Park, 1501 N.E. 40 Highway, Blue Springs MO 64015. Copies of the petition will be delivered to the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Jackson County Legislature. The Unintended Consequences of the Blue Springs Lake Wetland Mitigation Bank which was constructed through the cooperative efforts of USACE and MoDOT has disrupted the 27 year old Family Golf Park business and their plans for future development of their property. The Blue Springs Lake Wetland Mitigation Bank which is located in a heavily populated urban area, on a site that was designated for a Fish Hatchery and Recreation uses, should be removed in order to avoid more adverse effects on many other people and could lower the values of their properties, homes and businesses. This Wetland has been described as a shallow marsh and a prolific generator of insects. I hereby endorse and recommend the removal of the Wetland Mitigation Bank. Further, I also endorse and recommend that the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Jackson County Legislature enter into an agreement with Golf Park Inc. for a public-private land exchange. The Family Golf Park property sits on US Highway 40 adjacent to the USACE land on the north side of Blue Springs Lake. Golf Park Inc. has identified an undeveloped parcel on the south end of the lake with frontage on Woods Chapel Road west of Liggett Road. I understand that any exchange requires approval by Congress and the President of the United States of America.

GolfPark Inc
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Petition to National Park Service - LWCF Division

Save Creve Coeur Lake Park

Imagine 40 acres of Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park converted to a concrete and steel complex operated by private interests for professional sports franchises, colleges and hockey enthusiasts. That is the current proposal for parkland adjacent to Sailboat Cove and the big lake. We support hockey and facilities for its practice, but this project does not belong in this public park. Sign this petition and say no to converting 40 acres of your parkland to a 250,000 square foot, 4,500 seat multi-story hockey complex with 1,000+ parking spaces. With over 1 million users annually, Creve Coeur Park is a precious gem for our region. We love it because it is a quiet space to enjoy the water, birds, trees, and natural environment. We use it for biking, birding, running, and boating. Converting 40 acres of Creve Coeur Lake Park to an indoor sports complex will only increase noise, light, traffic, and obstruct the views for those currently using the park. Neither the public in general nor the County taxpayers specifically were given a chance to vote on this giveaway of public park land. Sign this petition and show your elected officials and the park department that you don’t want this facility in Creve Coeur Lake Park. Flooding is a problem inside Creve Coeur Park. Twice in just the last 18 months, major portions of the Park have been under water, including the proposed site and Marine Avenue, the road that will be used to access the complex. Developers promise they can elevate the buildings above future floods, but the fill required will only displace more water leading to increased flooding in other areas of the park. Sign this petition and say YES to Creve Coeur Park and NO to the proposal to convert 40 acres of public parkland to an indoor sports complex. If you love Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park the way it is, speak up!   Are you a park user?  Please use this form  to submit comments on the proposed St. Louis Ice Center, to be built in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park.  Be specific about how you use the park (biking, walking, sailing, etc.) and your concerns about the proposed development.

Creve Coeur Park Coalition
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