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Petition to minority affairs kerala, Ministry of Minority Affairs, National Scholarships India

Kerala Govt. isn't endorsing Merit Cum Means Scholarship For all Profsnl & Tech Students

Currently i am pursuing Engineering at Karnataka but i reside at kerala. I concur that i don't have 1st class or above imprints. For this reason kerala Govt. is not sanctioning me or students like me the Minority Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional and Technical Courses. If i am not wrong, Central government is providing assets for all states. Even in karnataka, the students are encouraged to study professional and technical courses and they provide the state and central scholarships  and even the ARIVU loans (for minority students) . But why Kerala Govt. is blocking and not endorsing this fund by keeping cut-offs ( so that everyone who applies with proper guidelines also cannot receive the Scholarships). We may need funds for our projects related to our course and students like us will have problems in paying fees also due to monetary issues in our family. So we needed to rely on this Scholarship. What's more, lamentably i am not getting this grant support from most recent 2 years as a result of the Cut-offs. I kindly ask for all of you to help this appeal to venture into related divisions or departments with the goal that they can discover ideal activities to help all the above mentioned Students from Kerala. Recently I got to know that the same has occurred with Kerala Higher Secondary as well as High School segment Students too (Pre - Matric  & Post - Metric Scholarship Schemes).. Even they too did not receive the scholarship amount this time. So we require greatest help on this appeal to get everything right. ***So every one please sign the petition ***  

Ahamad Irfan
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Petition to Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Pakistan Army

Stop Racial Profiling of "Pashtuns" in Pakistan

"Pashtuns" are the inhabitants of Pakistan's Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province bordering Afghanistan, who have been abused by Pakistan's powerful military for decades in pursuit of its strategic ambitions as well as to maintain its domestic hegemony over State Institutions. Consequently, majority of "Pashtuns" who are peaceful and patriotic citizens of Pakistan, bore the brunt of these ill-fated policies, as their land became the battle ground between the military and the monsters (Taliban) it had itself created. Many Pashtuns were internally displaced as the military continued their heavy handed but ineffective operations. Now Pakistan's military, instead of reviewing its failed policies, has launched another military operation in their area, while Pakistan's government has started "Racial Profiling" of Pashtuns which has made it impossible for them to live and work in other areas of Pakistan, especially in the dominant and prosperous Punjab Province.   Through this petition, we at the Citizens Initiative for Adaptation (Worldwide) - which is an organization devoted to sustainable development in climate affected countries, urge the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and the powerful Chief of its Army, to stop these discriminatory policies as this would deprive millions of Pashtuns living in other parts of the Country of their livelihood as well as jeopardize their safety and security.  Pakistan is already a severely climate-stressed country, such negative and anti-developmental policies will further compound its adaptation problems. Instead, we urge these powerful people to introspect and review their failed policies in order to overcome the problem of "terrorism".  Saquib Mehmood, CEO Citizens Initiative for Adaptation Worldwide      

Citizens Initiative for Adaptation ( CIA)
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Petition to Mathew Rycroft (UK Ambassador to the United Nations), United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, Samantha Power

Call the UN to help free the two Moroccan minors facing inprisonment for kissing

On the 27th of October, two girls sat on a rooftop in Marrakesh and embraced and kissed, unaware that this simple, tender act would lead to an arrest. Now they could face up to 3 years in prison. 16-year-old Sanaa and 17-year-old Hajar were photographed kissing by a cousin of one of the girls, who then sent the photo to the girl's mother, who in turn called the police on her own daughter. The two girls were immediately arrested and taken to jail where they remained until their temporary release yesterday. They were held in an adult prison, rather than a juvenile detention centre, and Hajar's mother said her daughter told her she had been mistreated by other prisoners. The girls are being charged with “licentious or unnatural acts with an individual of the same sex” under Article 489 of the Moroccan penal code, and could face between 6 months and 3 years in prison if convicted, as well as a fine of up to 1200 dirhams (£260/$325). They were due to appear on trial today, Friday 4th November, but the trial has now been postponed until November 25th. This change in date hopefully gives more time for social pressure to be put on the Moroccan authorities to drop the charges, or at least give a lighter sentencing.  I call upon the United Nations Human Right's council to: condemn the way the Moroccan authorities have responded to what is ultimately a simple act of affection put pressure on the Moroccan court to drop the charges against the girls (and if this is not achievable, to provide the best legal support they can offer for the girls) work towards the goal of the abolishment of Article 489 which criminalises all homosexual acts These two girls, who are still minors, should not be facing years in prison simply for displaying affection towards each other. It disgusts and terrifies me that if I, or any of my other LGBT+ friends, had been born in a different country, we could have been one of those girls who are facing imprisonment for an carrying out an act that many of us take for granted. It's 2016, it's well past time for this kind of hatred and injustice to stop, we all need to come together and fight back against the barbaric and immoral ways LGBT+ people are being treated around the world. I hope that you will sign this petition and stand in support of two young girls who are being treated like serious criminals when all they did was kiss. Do you really want to live in a world where kisses are criminalised? (use the hashtag #FreeTheGirls on Twitter to show your support)

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