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Petition to The Singapore Government, The Prime Minister’s Office, Mr K Shanmugam, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin

Repeal 377A

Dear Singaporeans, Keeping things simple, it is time to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code. Let’s make this a repeal based on justice and equality, the core tenets of our Singaporean psyche.   Update 2:  11th Sep 2018 Let's keep the conversations and feedback civil. We are here championing equality, let's do treat each other as equals.   Update 1:  10th Sep 2018 An email has been sent out to the decision makers. To: Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Mr K Shanmugam, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, the Prime Minister's Office and Reach Gov.SG. Dear Sirs, I send you this email representing the growing number of signatories in the below-mentioned petition. We have currently just crossed 10,000 signatories. This is a petition against unjust discrimination and a movement for a truly inclusive and diverse Singapore, not a divisive and intolerant one. We believe that it is time to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code and that this repeal would be based on justice and equality, the core tenets of our Singaporean psyche. We would like to add that the majority view must never be used as the standard to decide on minority rights and issues. For if it were so, it would be tyrannical. The minority will always be trampled by the majority simply because they are the minority. In addition, there is increasing sentiment that Section 377A should be repealed, even among those who oppose gay marriage. There is a difference between criminal laws and religious norms. Criminal laws should not be kept around to give force to religious and moral views, if it were so, then adultery should be criminalised. There needs be a distinction between private morality and public morality. There is currently a disparity and dissonance in the way different mutually consenting adults are being treated when it comes to Section 377A. The criminal law is supposed to protect the liberties of the minority and not be a tool that persecutes them. The Singapore Government on many occasions has demonstrated the resilience and integrity of the government to do the right thing even if it was an unpopular decision, this instant matter should not be any different. Please also take into account the views and comments of the signatories found below at: Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Gabriel Tang-RaffertySingaporean

Gabriel Tang-Rafferty
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Petition to minority affairs kerala, Ministry of Minority Affairs, National Scholarships India

Kerala Govt. isn't endorsing Merit Cum Means Scholarship For all Profsnl & Tech Students

Currently i am pursuing Engineering at Karnataka but i reside at kerala. I concur that i don't have 1st class or above imprints. For this reason kerala Govt. is not sanctioning me or students like me the Minority Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional and Technical Courses. If i am not wrong, Central government is providing assets for all states. Even in karnataka, the students are encouraged to study professional and technical courses and they provide the state and central scholarships  and even the ARIVU loans (for minority students) . But why Kerala Govt. is blocking and not endorsing this fund by keeping cut-offs ( so that everyone who applies with proper guidelines also cannot receive the Scholarships). We may need funds for our projects related to our course and students like us will have problems in paying fees also due to monetary issues in our family. So we needed to rely on this Scholarship. What's more, lamentably i am not getting this grant support from most recent 2 years as a result of the Cut-offs. I kindly ask for all of you to help this appeal to venture into related divisions or departments with the goal that they can discover ideal activities to help all the above mentioned Students from Kerala. Recently I got to know that the same has occurred with Kerala Higher Secondary as well as High School segment Students too (Pre - Matric  & Post - Metric Scholarship Schemes).. Even they too did not receive the scholarship amount this time. So we require greatest help on this appeal to get everything right. ***So every one please sign the petition ***  

Ahamad Irfan
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Petition to Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Pakistan Army

Stop Racial Profiling of "Pashtuns" in Pakistan

"Pashtuns" are the inhabitants of Pakistan's Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province bordering Afghanistan, who have been abused by Pakistan's powerful military for decades in pursuit of its strategic ambitions as well as to maintain its domestic hegemony over State Institutions. Consequently, majority of "Pashtuns" who are peaceful and patriotic citizens of Pakistan, bore the brunt of these ill-fated policies, as their land became the battle ground between the military and the monsters (Taliban) it had itself created. Many Pashtuns were internally displaced as the military continued their heavy handed but ineffective operations. Now Pakistan's military, instead of reviewing its failed policies, has launched another military operation in their area, while Pakistan's government has started "Racial Profiling" of Pashtuns which has made it impossible for them to live and work in other areas of Pakistan, especially in the dominant and prosperous Punjab Province.   Through this petition, we at the Citizens Initiative for Adaptation (Worldwide) - which is an organization devoted to sustainable development in climate affected countries, urge the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and the powerful Chief of its Army, to stop these discriminatory policies as this would deprive millions of Pashtuns living in other parts of the Country of their livelihood as well as jeopardize their safety and security.  Pakistan is already a severely climate-stressed country, such negative and anti-developmental policies will further compound its adaptation problems. Instead, we urge these powerful people to introspect and review their failed policies in order to overcome the problem of "terrorism".  Saquib Mehmood, CEO Citizens Initiative for Adaptation Worldwide      

Citizens Initiative for Adaptation ( CIA)
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