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Make Baseball Better: Kill the "Save America's Pastime Act"

This week, Congress plans to vote on a federal spending package that will single out one industry and one category of worker to be legally paid less than minimum wage--Minor League Baseball players. Unlike than the glamorous lifestyles of the elite few who play for years at a high level in the Major League, minor league players are payed with poverty-level wages, keeping afloat a multi-billion dollar industry. Now, Major League Baseball (MLB) has successfully lobbied Congress to enshrine this deplorable practice in federal law. Here's why we should care: If you are a conservative, you should care because it is economically suspect and incongruous with the idea of small government to have the federal government picking and choosing niche businesses to be exempted from laws all other businesses must follow. You should also care because the Minor League Baseball compensation system fails to protect open and free markets. If you are a liberal, you should care because this is a patently grotesque method of stealing deserved wages from the young and poor and transferring them to the pockets of older, richer, (typically) whiter men. Further, you are likely concerned about already-too-low wages across the country. This would enshrine an even lower level of wages into the federal code and could serve as a blueprint for other industries to carve out exceptions. If you are an American, you should care, because most of these men will never be significant big-leaguers, which means they will continue to make little money while they play and they are delaying the onset of more lucrative careers. In fact, many find it difficult to pursue an education. Therefore, you, the American taxpayer, are likely subsidizing these Major League teams by providing government assistance to their players. If you are a baseball fan, you should care because by not paying these young men a livable way, many need to take second (or third) jobs, preventing them from developing and perfecting their crafts. This leads to a diluted talent pool, lowering the overall quality of the product (baseball) at the expense of the owners' pockets. Better pay will lead to better baseball. The first step is to prevent this so-called "Save America's Pastime Act" from being passed with the Congressional bill. It won't solve the entire problem, but it will prevent the problem from becoming harder to solve. Related coverage, for reference: Congress' 'Save America's Pastime Act' would allow teams to pay minor-leaguers less than minimum wage, CBS Minor League Baseball Players to Lose Minimum Wage Rights Under Spending Bill, Bleacher Report Congress Is Likely Getting Ready To Legalize The Underpayment Of Minor League Baseball Players, Deadspin

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Petition to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Take these sentient beings out of the "Spot Light" and into the "Light" of a sanctuary!!

There is a form a entertainment that is taking place in Minor League Baseball called Cowboy Monkey Rodeo. This form of entertainment is where a dressed up Capuchin monkey is strapped to a border collie who then chases goats around the field. These chases can ensue speeds up to 30 mph. Julia Gallucci, a primate expert, from PETA, states "This type of event is very stressful for all the animals involved. Capuchin monkeys are normally a very high strung animal.  They are easily stressed and undoubtedly experience trauma while being tossed back and forth at high speeds in front of a screaming crowd." The monkey is not under control of the handler while "entertaining" the crowd. If the dog should become startled and run off the field or the monkey should get loose from the dog the public could be at risk. Primates transmit deadly diseases and can inflict serious injuries. A Capuchin monkey kept in captivity is taken from it's mother where serious emotional trauma is done to both the mother and baby. A Capuchin monkey in captivity, as a pet will most likely need to be kept in diapers it's whole life since they are not a very clean animal. To keep from inflicting serious injury owners will have the monkeys canine teeth extracted.  There are not many exotic veterinarians that do this practice. The senior communications director of Minor League Baseball, Jeff Lantz, stated, "Minor League Baseball neither supports nor encourages the practice of using animal acts of any kind, especially animal acts for which the Humane Society has expressed serious concerns, to entertain our great fans." Although Lantz stated they do not encourage the use of animal acts they cannot legislate control over what may be done in poor taste and that the clubs know they will have to expect backlash from animal rights activists in their parks. I had the unfortunate event to see this "show"  by accident while attending a local Minor League Baseball game with the Frederick Keys of Frederick, Maryland over Memorial Day weekend 2017. My husband, a couple of friends and myself attend a few games throughout the year because we like baseball and it's a time for us to get together and do something outdoors. When we sat down and read the "entertainment" for the night I was in shock and thought of leaving right then and there, but something told me to stay. I witnessed not one, but three of these "monkey rodeos" that night. I couldn't watch the first two, but the game was over and this was the finale. I was seated just left of home plate in the front row, I would say you call that front and center. I sat in terror as the collies raced around the infield with the monkeys leaning off their sides, the goats running in circles with a look of panic with no where to go. It was over, the goats were put away, the dogs were sitting on the ground, and there sat Tim "Wild Thing" Lepard from Team Ghost Riders with one of his Capuchin monkeys in his arms. You see, " they love their animals" he went on to say. One of their monkeys is 29 years old and has been doing this for 26 years. I can talk about love for animals, but putting something I love for 26 years in a situation to be hurt just to make a profit isn't love to me, it's exploitation. Please sign my petition to stop the exploitation and cruelty to these beautiful Capuchin monkeys and their partners in entertainment. Help them to find love without a price tag.    

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