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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Josh Frydenberg, Senator Richard Di Natale, Bill Shorten, The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk

Stop Adani's Carmichael mine: Australia's young people deserve a voice

AUSTRALIA'S YOUTH WANT A VOICE IN ONE OF THE MOST IMMINENT ENVIRONMENTAL DECISIONS OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT WILL MAKE. Indian coal company Adani is in the midst of seeking approval for the construction of the largest coal mine in Australia's history - the Carmichael Mine and Rail project in northern Queensland. It is planned to be constructed right on the World Heritage Site of the Great Barrier Reef, and threatens plant, animal and aquatic life. Not only has Adani proven itself incapable of adhering to environmental licenses on it's Abbott Point mine ( but the mine will be funded by billions of Australian tax dollars. And for what? A mine that damages its immediate environment of beautiful coral and sea-life, causes irreversible global warming and contributes to the failing coal sector of the Australian energy mix.  As a young person, it is terrifying to see this mine moving towards becoming reality. My generation are the ones who will live with the unknown consequences global warming and will bear the burden of our current government's inability to act on the interests of future generations.  Stop the construction of Adani's mine and listen to real Australians' concerns about the worst environmental mistake of our lifetime. We will make our voices heard!  This is a call upon the Federal Minister for the Environment Josh Frydenberg MP and his Queensland constituents, as well as the Federal and Queensland representatives of the Greens and Labor parties to acknowledge, fight and act in the interests of real young Australians  who say NO to Adani, NO to the destruction of our environment and YES to a sustainable, coal-free future. If you are a young Australian who cares for the future of our generation or if you believe young people should have a loud voice in the major political decisions of our time, SIGN and SHARE this petition! Thank you for your support and for giving the environment and a sustainable future a chance!   

Lauren Lancaster
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Petition to Steve Robinson, Hon Jacklyn Trad, Ted O'Brien, Fiona Simpson, Mark Jamieson

Stop the Coolum Sandmine!

We are a coastal town on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We do not want to see the proposed sand mine go ahead in Coolum Beach. There are many reasons why the location is completely inappropriate, however our top 4 are as follows: Our town relies heavily on tourism, it is a small coastal strip and the land in question sits at the very entrance to Coolum Beach. Not only this traffic traveling from the airport North to Noosa will be greeted with a visual eyesore as their introduction to the Sunshine Coast. The Coolum Beach State Primary School sits on the opposite corner of the proposed site. Over 1000 of our local children attend this school on a daily basis. They would be subjected to any noise and dust produced by the mine. They would also be affected by the coming and going of trucks outside their school, especially during peak traffic times (before and after school) when there is already bumper to bumper traffic. The residents of Coolum Beach will be directly affected by the mine. Particularly the ones with homes overlooking the the mine. The sight, noise and dust will be intolerable. We have concerns for the health of our community. Our property prices will decrease and sales have already begun to be affected with talk of the mine. The environmental implications are extensive. Throughout this parcel of land there are waterways with extensive mangroves and vegetation. The water flows directly into the Maroochy River, but also into our local Stumers Creek which in turn leads to the ocean. In addition to this the land is flood prone and floods yearly. With the creation of pools for the mine there is concern this will encourage flooding and that the water will not be clean. There is also the question of what else lies in the sand (ie. Acid Sulfate) that will be disturbed creating an imbalance in the natural ecosystem.

Stop the Coolum Sandmine
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Petition to The Australian Federal Government, The New South Wales Government, The Queensland Government, The Northern Territory Government, The Western Australian Government, The South Australian Government, The Victorian government, The Tasmanian Government, The Australian Capital Territory Government

All Coal Seam Gas Mining around Australia to cease and Mining Entities held Accountable!

We want all "Coal Seam Gas" exploration ceased and all Well's closed in Australian Territories and States and we also want all Fracking ceased in all Territories and States around Australia as well. We want these ceased due to contamination of our precious Waterways eg: Streams, Rivers, Lakes and underground Aquifers as well as Lands. We also want the deadly substances that have been used to be responsibly cleaned out of the Waterways, Aquifers and the Lands! We are aware of proven evidences showing Environmental damages on the Lands and in the Waterways that the “Coal Seam Gas” Well’s and Fracking have done and the impacts they have had upon all Wildlife Fauna and Flora as well as Live Stock, Domestic Animals and Humans! We do not accept that destroying the Environment of our Country and even our very Livelihoods and Lives is an acceptable loss for us to sustain so that an Energy Group and/or Mining Company can make a short term gain while we suffer long term loss! We want a full Enquiry with an in-depth investigation into "Coal Seam Gas" exploration, the contamination caused and damages done with an in-depth Analysis on all Well's sunk by Mining and Energy Groups, Companies and Operator's by an Independent Investigations Team. We also want another full Enquiry with an in-depth investigation by an Independent Investigations Team into “Fracking”, the contamination caused and damages done with an in-depth Analysis into all aspects of “Fracking” for the same reasons as outlined above for “Coal Seam Gas”! That the Investigators in both situations are to have total full Forensics access to every Chemical used, all Processes and all Documents held by any Entity in Governments, Mining and the Energy Sector’s and that full disclosure must be made to the Public for the Public Record and future Court proceedings!  We want charges bought against anyone found to have caused damages including all Individuals in the Mining Companies, Energy Groups and Operators involved in the destruction and damages. In reference to the damages done we want the Mining Companies, Energy Groups and Operator's to be held accountable financially and we want them to pay for ALL costs to repair the Lands, Eco-systems, Waterways including Aquifers. We want any Public Servant/s and Government Minister/s held accountable for any wrongful actions that they took in the granting of Permits/Licences to mine for "Coal Seam Gas" and/or allowing “Fracking” that caused damage to our Eco-systems, Waterways and Aquifers, Lands, Flora and Fauna in and around Australia when they knowingly did so! What is happening as you read this....."Coal Seam Gas" exploration and “Fracking” is poisoning our precious Water Systems and Lands including our Food Tables and Food Belts in Australia. Farms are being forced to close down in many areas. Towns are unable to use water supplies. People and Animals are getting sick and some have died as a result! Many Scientists and Qualified people have come out and spoke about the damages done so far by it not only in Australia but Overseas as well! Clear evidence has been released and is still being released showing the damages with the gases and contaminants coming up from and through the ground killing Flora and Fauna in the immediate vicinity of the Well's and Fracked areas. Prime Farming Lands have been shut down due to contaminants being too high with losses in Livestock and Produce. In Far northern Queensland the Well’s up there have caught fire and have been burning ever since and we are now being told that the fires underground are so hot that they are burning at a temperature similar to a Volcano’s Magma/Larva Not only are we now becoming aware of damages being done here in Australia but also there had been clear evidence from other Nations that showed that it was wrong to allow it in the first place and our Governments ignored the threats from it! It has come to our attention the Environmental Agencies and Ministers are not even interested in coming clean about it as they've ignored calls and requests from so many including from reporters, concerned citizens and professionals as well. To clarify...The Mining Companies, Energy Groups and Operators are pumping toxins into the earth and in some areas the toxins have already begun to come back up and are not trapped under ground as they lead us all to believe. It is a matter of time before the majority of the chemicals in all the other wells start coming up as well! Again there are clear evidences that dictate to us all that we must shut them all down!   Action is required urgently and should not be delayed, as any further delay may cause irreversible damages and in fact we may already be too late to save some of it! Delaying actions will effect life and cause sickness and even death to Flora, Fauna and Humans. Please sign this petition and let’s get it all stopped and cleaned up!   Yours Sincerely, Christopher T McGrath (Your Australia)  

Your Australia
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