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Petition to Town of Milton

Protect Sunny Mount Park - Milton, ON

1945057 Ontario Ltd. (O/A Denzoff Alliance) have submitted a development application to the Town of Milton to build a 3 story office (medical) building at 255 Ruhl Drive, in the middle of Sunny Mount Park . This application is town file Z-10/16 and more detailed information can be found on the Town website (  In this application the developer requests a zoning by-law revision to allow them to build more than three times the building floor area currently allowed for this parcel of land. The current zoning by-law for the land is Site Specific Local Commercial (C3*217) and allows no more than 930m² of building floor area. Denzoff Alliance's application is requesting a revision to allow 3,022m² of building floor area. While we appreciate that there is a heritage home on this property, and that its restoration and adaptive reuse is important, we also demand that Town Staff  and Council consider the integrity of the park, the safety and comfort of the residents of the immediate neighbourhood and the best interests of all residents of Milton. A three storey office building does not belong on this property, 3,022m² of building floor area does not belong on this property. It does not fit within the surrounding neighbourhood and will have a significant negative impact on both the surrounding park and local residents. Our plea: Do not amend the zoning of this property to allow any additional building floor area beyond what is already allowed for in the current zoning (C3*217).

Save Sunny Mount Park
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