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Big Dairy: Got Confusion? Call it “Cow Milk”

Sales of almond, soy, coconut, and other plant-based milks are soaring, on track to reach $20 billion by 2020. Meanwhile, consumer demand for dairy is tanking as Americans become aware of just how cruel the dairy industry is to cows, how it has cheated consumers, and the havoc that dairy milk can wreak on our bodies (got lactose intolerance?). As each generation consumes less milk than the one before it, Big Dairy is panicking. The industry is left crying over spilled milk—literally, dumping millions of gallons of unwanted milk down the drain. Big Dairy is desperate, and it’s turning to the FDA to help squash the rise of plant-based milks. In 2010, the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) urged the federal government to block the use of words like “milk” and “cheese” on the labels of dairy-free products. Six years later, that hasn’t worked, so the NMPF is back at it, this time by whipping up members of Congress to write to the Food and Drug Administration about how such labeling is “misleading and illegal.” Truly misleading, however, are current dairy product labels, which do not state what’s really inside: bovine mammary secretions, produced by cows and comprising just the right mix of proteins and hormones for their calves to grow hundreds of pounds in mere months. If it is in NMPF’s own interest in ensuring that labels “clearly identify the true nature of the food,” as noted in its 2010 petition, why not clearly identify dairy as “cow milk?” (*this language was updated from an earlier version). The NMPF claims that it’s worried about confusing consumers. That’s exactly why the NMPF should label its own products as “cow milk,” “cow cheese,” and “cow ice cream.” That way, consumers will understand what they're really buying. After all, cow milk is produced by cows (for cows and their calves), so why not just say it?! Many consumers are no longer swallowing the industry’s lies about happy cows and healthy bones. More and more people are choosing nutritious and delicious plant-based milks over cruelty- and cholesterol-filled cow milk. Join us in calling on the NMPF to make it easier on shoppers to know the “true nature of the food” they’re buying by clearly labeling its products as Cow Milk.

Compassion Over Killing
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Petition to United Sates Department of Agriculture USDA

Save your Milk, Request More Stringent Regulations in Dairy farms

Mistreatment and torture of dairy cows at a dairy farm in Florida have been reported as recently as November 2017, underscoring the necessity for more stringent regulations.  A video was released by an undercover member of The Animal Recovery Mission showing a worker beating a cow on the head with a steel rod, as the cow, stuck in a narrow metal milking pen, moves its head wildly to avoid the blows. It shows workers kicking, beating and stabbing cows to force them into the cramped pens. It shows female calves penned in narrow outdoor cages, one with deformed legs unable to stand up. Dairy supervisors and milkers beat, stab and torment dairy cows with steel construction rebar. The sharp metal rods pierce and penetrate the cows’ bodies. Kept hidden from tours and visitors to the dairy, the cows are brutalized. The animals’ living quarters are horrific. They are littered with feces. In some of the barns the cows are stepping in up to 4 inches of manure, 24 hours a day. To get them out of the holding areas, they’re beaten, they’re whipped, they’re tormented, they’re yelled at. To get them up the ramp, they’re beaten, they’re whipped, they’re tormented. To get them into the milking, they’re beaten, they’re tormented, they’re whipped.” Permanently taken from their mothers at birth, in accordance with standard industry practice, calves were confined to tiny outdoor cages that left them exposed to harsh sunlight and rain, many living in their own feces. Reluctant to eat after being taken from their mothers, they were force-fed with metal tubes by under-trained employees who occasionally punctured the calves’ lungs, leading to their deaths, Couto said. Sick cows and calves were left to die in fields, he said, with no veterinary care. The calves were going into convulsion from the heat, from the direct sunlight. The mortality rate was monstrous. There were bodies everywhere. The calves were living with the dead ones. They were purposely penned in these six-by-four enclosures with corpses of calves that recently died.” That was the second dairy farm in Florida accused of severely abusing cows, and those abuses happen under the nose of the Florida Department of Agriculture, who did investigate that second farm and noticed only minor problems. We need more consistent and more stringent regulations inside dairy farms! If you refuse to drink milk from cows that have suffered cruelly, please sign this petition and let's submit it to the USDA!!   Photo credit: Animal Rescue Mission

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