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Petition to USAA

Demand USAA honor expected paychecks for Coast Guard members during the shutdown

Coast Guard families are going without paychecks during the government shutdown. In the past, military banks would step in and honor expected paychecks - that isn’t happening this time. USAA is one of the largest military-serving banks. During past shutdowns, USAA would offer zero interest loans in place of expected paychecks for military members. Instead, USAA is telling Coast Guard families they should apply for low interest personal loans that require high credit scores. Many Coast Guard families are unable to get these loans, even with great credit in the 700-750 range. Meanwhile, Navy Federal is offering Coast Guard members interest free loans that coincide with expected paychecks. Coast Guard members shouldn’t be singled out. Tell USAA to stand up for all service members and honor shutdown paychecks. In past shutdowns, all branches of the military would be affected. But unlike other branches of the military, the Coast Guard falls under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security is not being funded during the shutdown. Servicemembers shouldn’t have to choose between paying their bills and putting food on their tables. Tell USAA to honor expected Coast Guard paychecks during the shutdown. No one knows how long the shutdown will last. Coast Guard families may have to go without paychecks for months. Tell USAA to honor expected paychecks and help Coast Guard families during the shutdown.

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Petition to CDC’s NCEH/ATSDR Director Dr. Patrick Breysse, Dr. Ileana Arias, Senator Michael Bennet, Senator Cory Gardner, Rep. Doug Lamborn, Governor John Hickenlooper, James N. Mattis, Alex M. Azar II

Include Colorado Communities in new National Health Study on PFAS Water Pollution

Colorado residents in Security, Widefield, and Fountain have been​ ​exposed​ ​to​ ​toxic​ ​Perfluoroalkyl​ ​Substances​ ​(PFASs) ​in their drinking water for an unknown period of years, and have a right to​ ​know ​how much of these chemicals they carry in their bodies. PFAS exposure has been linked to numerous health problems, including cancer.  The 2018 Federal Defense Budget directs the CDC Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to conduct a national study on the cumulative health effects of PFAS exposure, and to include a minimum of merely 8 out of 100+ military communities with toxic PFAS water contamination. The Peterson Air Force Base toxic PFAS contamination site impacted the drinking water of over 60,000 residents & military families, making it the largest impacted military community. Therefore, we, the undersigned, ask that you contact​ ​Dr. Patrick Breysse, Director NCEH/ATSDR, and Dr. Illeana Arias, Director, Division of Community Health Investigations, to request the inclusion of the affected communities near Peterson Air Force Base in the national health study, including, but not limited to voluntary​ ​PFAS​ ​blood​ ​serum​ ​testing​ and​ ​longitudinal​ ​health monitoring for all residents.​

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Peter J. Roskam, Randy Hultgren, Donald Trump, Bobby L. Rush, Danny K. Davis, Robin L. Kelly, Jeanne M Ives

Jeffrey Allen Williams Post Office of Warrenville

Jeffrey Allen Williams, affectionately known as "Blurch", was a teammate, a friend, and a hero to the Wheaton Warrenville Community. We believe that his service and sacrifice should be honored with the naming of the Warrenville Post Office. Jeff was a caring individual with a sense of humor that was second to none. He was also a brave leader who answered the call of duty. Upon joining the United States Army after high school, he quickly earned the title of Corporal and valiantly served as an Army Medic in Operation Iraqi Freedom. For his heroism, he earned the following awards and decorations: Bronze Star Medal Purple Heart The Army Commendation Medal The Iraqi Campaign Medal The Global War on Terrorism Service Medal The National Defense Service Medal The Army Service Ribbon The Combat Medic Badge We need your support to show The United States Congress that we stand behind Jeff and that he is worthy of this honor. Jeffrey's mother, Sandra Williams Smith, started this effort in 2005 because Jeff had such a deep connection to the Post Office. As a child, Jeff ran so many errands to the post office in Warrenville for his mother that he befriended many of the employees. (Those who have met Jeff know how easily he makes new friends.) Our local paper, The Daily Herald, commented on the issue: "In the course of reporting the effort to get a Warrenville post office renamed for Jeffrey Allen Williams a number of points became apparent. First, Williams died for his country... while serving as an Army medic in Iraq. That's when the effort to rename the post office began, at the request of Williams' mother, Sandra Smith. Yes, it's tricky to change the name of a federal building. But this is a case when red tape should be quickly clipped by the politicians, who to their credit are trying to get the building renamed the Jeffrey Allen Williams Post Office of Warrenville. It doesn't matter who gets credit for the name change. This is an honor for Williams, and his mother. And it's one that's way overdue." (Daily Herald Editorial Board 9/8/2007) We couldn't agree more. [If you would like to go above and beyond, please send a letter of support to Congressman Peter Roskam at: 2700 International Drive, Suite 304, West Chicago, IL 60185 and Congressman Randy Hultgren at: 40W310 Lafox Road, #F2, Campton Hills, IL 60175]

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Petition to Kendall Rasmusson

Honoring A Hero - Keeping a Memorial

In April 2018, we received a violation notice from Desert Oasis of Surprise Master Association Home Owners Association for a decoration that I have had up since we moved in April 2017. We have been fined $200.00 for not removing the decoration. I do not want to remove the decoration when all other decorations on the house have not been a violation. This decoration hangs proudly on our home and is a part of our American patriotic theme of our home. My decoration is honoring my brother, US Army Airborne Ranger SGT John Kyle Daggett, who died serving our country on May 15th, 2008. My decoration is a reminder to our community of the sacrifices our soldiers make to keep our country free. My decoration has connected my community members, honors our Veterans, and joins us together. Our family has had people stop by to talk, leave letters, flowers, and cards honoring my brother, my family and thanking me for honoring him with my decoration. It honors all of America's military, values our fallen soldiers, supports our veterans and shows that we are all a family. I love the connection I have with our community because of my decoration. I am proud of my brother and want to display my decoration without being scrutinized by the HOA. My violation appeals have been denied and I am moving forward petitioning the community’s approval to keep my decoration honoring a local American Hero.  

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