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Petition to Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tim Farron

Free the 6 British Veterans from Indian jail #CHENNAI6

5 Years rigorous imprisonment in a Indian Jail is the Sentence for 6 of our Brave British Veterans In 2013 we started a petition after six British ex-soldiers were wrongly arrested and imprisoned without charge for straying into Indian waters without permission & carrying illegal weapons without licence by Indian authorities while working to protect merchant seaman in some of the most dangerous seas in the world. After spending 9 months in prison and a charge finally being filed against them 3 months in, they were released on bail, and began to fight to prove their innocence, which they done successfully and all charges were dropped in July 2014 leaving them free to return home. Unfortunately this was not the case. The Indian authorities held their passports and documents stopping them from returning home to their loved ones and denying their freedom. The Indian Q Branch police lodged an appeal to have their charges re-instated when a full trial was ordered by the Supreme Court. After a long and mentally torturing wait the trial began in September 2015 in the Magistrates court of the port where they were first arrested. On the 11th of January 2016 our hearts sank, our brothers, husbands, Sons, and fathers had been given a Guilty verdict and sentence to 5 years rigorous imprisonment. Not one of us or the people involved could have saw this verdict coming. All the evidence to prove their innocence was submitted in court, the trial had gone in their favour from day one, and most importantly they were innocent! The devastation and anguish this has caused us, the families is huge. It has left us crushed and with little hope. We know have no communication with the men and We don’t know who or where to turn to. This is why we are asking you to sign our petition, to Free our men and end this miscarriage of justice. We understand fully that one country cannot intervene in another’s judicial process, But when innocent men are being prosecuted for a crime they have not committed, then they should have a obligation to protect the human rights and freedom of these men and have them released and brought home. These men devoted their lives protecting others.  They fought for the British government now the British government must fight for them. Text FSGO66 £1 to 70070  if you wish to donate to our fund

Yvonne Machugh
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Petition to United Nations, President of the United States, President of Vietnam, US Senate, US Congress, US Military

Memorial for victims of Agent Orange

I would like a memorial to be built to commemorate the countless innocent lives lost or ruined by disability from the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. * People who were still unborn up to decades after the end of the war are sick and dying from Agent Orange, in addition to the terrible damage done to the environment. I want this memorial to stand as a reminder of the cost of chemical warfare forevermore. Why is this important? American veterans children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren, as well as the Vietnamese people in the same generations, have been born with a vast variety of birth defects and also suffer far higher rates of cancer. Agent Orange corrupts the DNA for five generations from first contact. We are victims of war who have gone unrecognised, from the grandchild of an American soldier who suffered terribly and died of cancer, the child of a soldier with no quality of life from birth defects, and the many Vietnamese who have suffered terribly, none of whom were involved in the Vietnam War willingly. In addition, the toll taken on the environment from the use of Agent Orange is almost impossible to calculate. Innocent humans and the earth itself have been poisoned by this act of chemical warfare. We deserve recognition. * For all areas of this planet where AO was used, please see its Wikipedia entry  (Petition created by Erin Norman)

Matthew Hanuman
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Petition to Government of India, The Indian Army

Call for Action** Reopen the file of. Capt Sanjeet Bhattacharjee (SS 54) and release him

Sushmita Banerjee states this petition to the Government of India On 20thApril1997,Capt Sanjeet Bhattacharjee of 7/8 GR was taken prisoner by Pakistani forces in Bhuj Gujarat on 20thApril,1997, while on a routine patrolling mission. Witness accounts and intelligence evidence indicates that on the 28th of April 1997 Capt Sanjeet Bhattacharjee was taken to an interrogation Cell based on the skirts of Hyderabad/Karachi.   The Indian Government formally contacted the Government of Pakistan in relation to the capture of Captain Sanjeet Bhattacharjee. The Pakistani authorities failed to acknowledge the capture of  Capt Sanjeet Bhattacharjee and thereafter failed to take any action whatsoever. In 2002, the Indian Government was quick to declare Capt Sanjeet Bhattacharjee dead though no efforts were made to locate the missing officer. The Indian Government then proceeded to close the file of Capt Sanjeet Bhattacharjee. The failure by the successive Indian Governments to confront the Pakistani authorities and forcing them to account for illegal detention of Capt Sanjeet Bhattacharjee  is a gross dereliction of duty which allows the Pakistani authorities to continue to breach international laws and human rights without impunity. Please sign this petition so that with your support the Govenment is forced to reopen the file and secure immediate release of Capt Sanjeet Bhattacharjee. Sushmita Banerjee

Sushmita Banerjee
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Petition to Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Rajnath Singh, Shri Satyapal Malik, Shri V R Subramanyam, Shri Ramnath Govind, Hon'ble Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Hon'ble Justice Geeta Mittal

Justice for Kargil

Warm greetings to everyone. You might be aware of the fact that recently the state of J&K vide SRO 110  had announced a separate division for Ladakh with its headquarters at Leh.  The people of Kargil are opposing this unilateral and arbitrary decision of the government since it was initially the people of Kargil who had proposed this idea being opposed to UT which the leaders of Leh have been demanding since decades.  Further, the people of Kargil feel that the central government  constantly makes them feel alienated through their actions since the time of independence.  As per the factual reports all the major headquarters of the state as well as the centre departments are located at Leh in the name  of Ladakh.  The residents of Kargil district are left in the lurch as the have to face various problems due to it . The residents of Kargil have always stood with the nation in terms of being the secondary guardians of its borders with Pakistan but still are being forced to come to the streets to get their due rights as they are being treated as second class citizens of the country.  Moreover, the residents of Kargil feel that the government always provides all the facilities to Leh in the name of Ladakh which is again an unjust act since Ladakh has twin districts i.e Kargil and Leh.  The residents of Kargil have no issues if the Government provide anything to Leh provided that it's not given in the name of Ladakh.    Don't you feel if it's for Ladakh than Kargil must also get it's due share.    Kindly support this petition and be the voice of the unheard.  We the residents of Kargil are demanding the headquarters on rotational basis i.e 6 months in Kargil and for the rest months in Leh on the pattern of Civil Secretariat J&K and also in future to get a due share in each and every developmental initiative of the government if it's for Ladakh. And also a judicial bench of the J&K High Court at Kargil. #speakforkargil

Najum ul Huda
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