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Petition to Philip Hammond

Stop taxman making £3m from our First World War fundraising campaign

I am a veteran of Afghanistan, and also the Director of a small charity called Remembered. We are running a campaign called 'There But Not There' to raise funds to support veterans suffering from the mental and physical wounds of Service. We’re a small team and work hard to make sure every penny we make goes to the people we want to help. That’s why it’s particularly upsetting that the Government is making so much money from one of our campaigns. We recently started selling ‘There But Not There’ figurines of Tommies (British soldiers) that people could buy to commemorate a relative or loved one. All the proceeds of which, we had hoped, would help our armed forces veteran community. But because our Tommies are technically classed as “merchandise”, a large portion of money raised has had to be paid in tax to HM Revenue & Customs, making it the single largest beneficiary of our campaign. It means that of the £15 million that we aim to raise, each charity will receive £2m each and the Government a whopping £3 million. This cannot be right. Four years ago the then Chancellor, George Osborne, refunded the VAT that had been charged on the sale of ceramic poppies from the Tower of London art installation. Surely Chancellor Philip Hammond should do the same in this case? This year marks the centenary of the end of WWI. The Chancellor could go a long way to defuse the anger felt by many military charities, if he returned the VAT raised on the sale of ‘There But Not There’ Tommies. So help us Philip Hammond, so we can in turn help our six benefiting charities continue the vitally important work they do, supporting our brave armed forces community.

Remembered - There But Not there
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tim Farron

Free the 6 British Veterans from Indian jail #CHENNAI6

5 Years rigorous imprisonment in a Indian Jail is the Sentence for 6 of our Brave British Veterans In 2013 we started a petition after six British ex-soldiers were wrongly arrested and imprisoned without charge for straying into Indian waters without permission & carrying illegal weapons without licence by Indian authorities while working to protect merchant seaman in some of the most dangerous seas in the world. After spending 9 months in prison and a charge finally being filed against them 3 months in, they were released on bail, and began to fight to prove their innocence, which they done successfully and all charges were dropped in July 2014 leaving them free to return home. Unfortunately this was not the case. The Indian authorities held their passports and documents stopping them from returning home to their loved ones and denying their freedom. The Indian Q Branch police lodged an appeal to have their charges re-instated when a full trial was ordered by the Supreme Court. After a long and mentally torturing wait the trial began in September 2015 in the Magistrates court of the port where they were first arrested. On the 11th of January 2016 our hearts sank, our brothers, husbands, Sons, and fathers had been given a Guilty verdict and sentence to 5 years rigorous imprisonment. Not one of us or the people involved could have saw this verdict coming. All the evidence to prove their innocence was submitted in court, the trial had gone in their favour from day one, and most importantly they were innocent! The devastation and anguish this has caused us, the families is huge. It has left us crushed and with little hope. We know have no communication with the men and We don’t know who or where to turn to. This is why we are asking you to sign our petition, to Free our men and end this miscarriage of justice. We understand fully that one country cannot intervene in another’s judicial process, But when innocent men are being prosecuted for a crime they have not committed, then they should have a obligation to protect the human rights and freedom of these men and have them released and brought home. These men devoted their lives protecting others.  They fought for the British government now the British government must fight for them. Text FSGO66 £1 to 70070  if you wish to donate to our fund

Yvonne Machugh
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