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Petition to President of the United States

Children don't belong in cages

The Trump administration is trying to indefinitely imprison immigrant families and children in cages. If he is successful, we’re going to see babies celebrating birthday after birthday from behind a chain link fence – all because their families tried to escape unspeakable violence in their home countries. Join our campaign to end long-term, indefinite detention of immigrant children. Earlier this year, the Trump administration enacted a “zero tolerance” policy, prosecuting and detaining immigrant adults for the “crime” of crossing the U.S. border. Because of a 1997 settlement called Flores, children are not allowed to be detained in prison-like environments such as adult detention facilities for more than 20 days. But now Trump’s new Executive Order would allow for immigrant children to be held in detention indefinitely. The separation of families fleeing violence is cruel and inhumane – but keeping babies in cages indefinitely is much worse. Immigrant detention centers are unsafe for any human being. In the past few years several allegations have surfaced of abuse and sexual assault against detention center guards and we know that people in detention are denied access to basic healthcare services. Already adults are held in these facilities for months on end; it is unimaginable that children would find themselves growing up in these prison-like facilities. If we want to keep families together we should stop prosecuting their parents for making the same decision we would all make: fleeing to the U.S. border to keep our children safe from violence at home. Children don’t belong in cages. Sign our petition to keep them out of long-term detention.

Kids In Need of Defense
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Petition to Immigration Court

"Stop Cruel Detention and keep Families Together"

The problem is Immigration Customs Enforcement is separating families no matter if migrants came legally or illegally.  Immigration is detaining men, women, and children without deportation orders and keeping them in jails as long as they feel to get a order, even if it takes years. In my situation, my country does not take back deportees or have reparations agreement, so ICE wants to keep me in prison to find a way to deport me to a country I don't know even if it would cause significant persecution and medical risk.    My family is writing on my behalf because I am in a detention facility here in California. I did not commit no new offense in over 23 years. For close to two decades, I spent years getting the skills, training, mentoring others incarcerated, and providing hope in despair through my faith. Last December 2018, I received my A.A in Business. Addition to my college degree, I have earned vocation in Electrical and Masonry skills. My professor in college even gave me a recommendation letter and I was looking forward to working in the Electrical field.  However, things were not as planned. On March 25, 2019, An Immigration Officer arrested me and detained me to be deported to Thailand a country that I don't even know. My family are Laos migrants that fled the War. Our family came legally and approved by the American Embassy. My father was a veteran that served with the USA from 1965-1975. The United States of America is my home since 1978. I don't even speak their Thai language or have no family of origin in that county. Our family and the Khmu indigenous people fled from the genocide, war, violence, killings, and military political control. The Thai government did not want our people in their land and demanded us to go back to our country even with the fear of being killed. The fear of what will happen to me if deported is all I can think of. I have a pulmonary medical diagnose and need to stay here so I can continue to get the proper care. If I sign the agreement to return to a country I don't know, it's like signing a death sentence. Is this fair? And deal with the torture of being detained until I give up. This is inhumane? That they can detain me for years even without a deportation order, as I was told. Please sign and share this petition, I just want your help to demand a release from detention and grant relief for withholding of removal because of the significant persecution that would happen to me if removed from U.S.A. Request to stay here in the USA and be with my family working and being the best I can for them. PRAY for me. Pray for the men and women detained like me in prison. We are human beings to. We have families, children, and friends that are believing that change will come. This is our home. This is all we know. Stand with me to be released home to my family. Stand with me to keep me here in U.S.. Stand with me by signing this petition and sharing it with others. Thank you, Vilay Khounsiriwong

Vee Khounsiriwong
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Petition to Migrationsverket, Swedish Migration Agency

Let Navarrete Family stay in Sweden!

Let Navarrete family stay in Sweden!  Alba with her children Diego Jr. (20), Nayeli (14) and Kevin (12) came to Sweden in October 2017, escaping violence in Colombia. Their dad, Diego Sr. joined the family in February 2018. The family integrated very quickly, with both Diego Sr. and Diego Jr. finding permanent employment and all of the family began to learn Swedish. Especially the children got really engaged in their lives here in Karlskoga, where they made many friends and enjoy their new school.  Diego Jr., Nayeli and Kevin are very passionate about dancing. Since Diego Jr. moved to Malmö, he is also engaged in the dancing and art community, teaching classes and participating in dancing events. He is also leading workshops for the Dancing Student Group from Malmö University.  However, after a year of living here, they were denied asylum in Sweden. If the family will be deported to Colombia, not only will it affect the development of the children negatively, but also the lives of the family might be in danger. The family is now self-sufficient and should have a right to stay where they have built a new life. They all love their new home and we, as their community, feel very strongly about helping them achieve their dream of life in Sweden. Låt familjen Navarrete stanna i Sverige! Alba och hennes barn Diejo Jr. (20), Nayeli (14) och Kevin (12) kom till Sverige i oktober 2017. De flydde våldsam och otrygg vardag i Colombia för att börja ett tryggt liv i Sverige. Pappan Diego sr kom till Sverige I februari 2018. Från dag ett började familjen integrera sig och både Diego Sr och Diego Jr fick permanenta arbeten medan resten av familjen lärde sig svenska.   För familjen så blev Karlskoga deras nya hem där barnen fick nya vänner och gillade att gå till deras skola. Barnen i familjen älskar att dansa och när Diego Jr flyttade till Malmö beslöt han sig att hitta ett utrymme för att hålla danslektioner i. Nu lär han Salsa och Afrobeat varje vecka vid sidan om sitt jobb och delar även med sig av sina kunskaper till studerande från Malmö Universitet som får en välkommen paus i studievardagen med dans.   Trots deras ihärdiga arbete att integrera sig genom arbete, dans och skola så blev de nekade asyl i Sverige. Nu väntar en osäker framtid och ifall de blir deporterade till Colombia så kommer barnens framtidsutsikter att se mörka ut samtidigt som deras liv är ständigt i fara. Familjen har gjort att de kunnat för att kunna stå på egna ben och förtjänar att stanna i det land som de känner sig trygga i och älskar att bo i. Vi vet att denna familj förtjänar att stanna och kommer att göra allt för att förverkliga deras dröm att bli kvar. Låt familjen Navarrete stanna i Sverige!

Matylda Jonas-Kowalik
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Petition to Department of Veterans Affairs

Save Our Children Vote Chief Lacewell's C.H.A.R.L.I.E.S. ACT

Support C.H.A.R.L.I.E.S F.I.V.E. ACT_uniting Vets and Security Forces for Trained PROTECTORS 1. To establish a Federally Backed connection between our Military Veterans & our Security Forces for the Safety, Security & Protection of our citizens through the combined forces of properly trained tact units and its personnel. This ACT is to establish the federal allowance needed to make this union an official branch of our instate protection. Thus supporting and authorizing the union of the two entities into one whole operational organizational tactical branch for the safety, security and protection of our country and its citizens. To finally give the American citizen not a little, but a lot more "Peace of mind". 2. To give the Country a secondary level of Citizen Security and Protection of the United States' People. 3. To provide more SKILLED Professionals for the Protection of our citizens. -NOTE The word Citizen is more than just women and children, it is fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, the young adult and the elder. 4. To Unify and yet Eliminate the NOW-A-DAY Veteran and make them our Protectors of Our Future. 5. To eliminate school shootings of students and it's faculty. To secure our Schools, Universities and all other places of Education, as is the current worry and the situation in Kentucky. 6. To cease all church mass shootings. With our military discharged combined with the Private Military Contractors and Security Force Officers, Agents and Guards. 7. To minimize Veteran Suicides & Veteran PTSD. -However, if the military does not recommend, then we shall and can not support entry. 8. To bring down the homeless citizen population by 70 plus, through the implementation of several new jobs, housings and families that are brought to the American Citizen by The Guard. 9. Providing immediate and undeniable placement with The Guard upon their release from the Military. No matter their field, rank or specialty. -NoteFor all of this to be possible, there must be a skill level of tactics and an implementation of Teir 2 weaponry.. 10. To provide endless Protectors for our citizens in protest times, adding that we even intend to protect a guest Speaker, (as we previously have done during the Trump Election) as needed in these times of Political Warfare. Protection for the Speakers and those wishing to listen to said Speaker, is now a necessity. 11. To even protect Law Enforcement in situations of numbers, as well as when they are over skilled and out weaponized. 12. To eradicate Veteran homelessness. 13. To reduce police responsibilities on Non-Law related situations, that so many of the citizens in America are over exaggeratedly Law Enforced though their lawful Unreasonable bust and their forceful respect. 14. To Provide safety back to the occupation of Chauffeuring, such as the taxi or whatever other weird "just call anyone for a ride" apps. 15. To decrease the Governmental finances used to subside other programs used to sustain and assist veterans after they serve for the Armed Forces. Other than their earned military retirement check. 16. Assisting those Citizens with Alzheimer's, Autism, Dementia, aging and other mentally cognitive disorders or acquired brain injury. It is a necessity to ensure the safety of our community in all forms. 17. To reduce kidnappings in their action by deterrence of numbers and a new power force just for said purpose. Not just random unseen Law Enforcement at the time of said threats. 18. To reduce kidnappings due to more active Guards, Agents and Officers of the Security Forces. 19. We also add more eyes on the street, more cameras due to more body, patrol and vest cams. 20. Reduce the Jails volume and eliminate Jail over-crowding. 21. To introduce a New Jailing System and a New Prison plan. 22. This Act shall create new Jails built better and built for the element it was built to imprison. Not just a caging warehouse. We don't have to spend more to better for them and for us. 23. To reduce lost citizens in the forestry by patternation of all wildlife. 24. We will introduce and differentiate the difference between a misbehavior and criminal activity. Just as there is a difference between a Criminal, a Felon, a Murderer, a Thief and a Pedophile. But it is not known. 25. The reduction of Jail time due to a officer's need for power and respect. A Safe family is a Protected family, therefore equaling a Happy Togetherness as a Family and American family. To view and read this Bill/ACT in it's entirety please go to;

Blac Conn
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