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Petition to Flagstaff Unified School District, Kara Kelty, Carol Haden, Anne Dunno, Christine Fredericks, Carole Gilmore

Reopen Flag Middle School!!

Flagstaff has two public middle schools located on the same North-South corridor, only 1.8 miles away from each other.  FUSD continues to lose middle schoolers (and upper elementary, in anticipation of middle school) to charter schools because families want a middle school closer to home or one that has a better reputation.  There is no doubt that countless families each year from the Fort Valley corridor, Baderville, Railroad Springs, and University heights neighborhoods, among others, are faced with the choice of either staying with FUSD or going to a closer charter school.  Why are these our only choices?  Shouldn't the kids on this side of town get the benefits of community bonds and strong neighborhoods that come with being able to go to your neighborhood public middle school?   Personally, growing up I could walk or bike to my elementary, middle and high school.  Almost every one of my friends went to all the same schools as me and lived nearby.  That's what I want for my kids, too.  And I want to support FUSD.  Public education is what most of us grew up on, and it served us well. I'm not going to suggest exactly how FUSD do this, but clearly the district has knowledgeable and creative decision-makers that can come up with a good plan given viable options based on financial and enrollment information.  The district may initially say the upgrades to the building will be too costly, but we know there's other schools getting renovations and priorities can be shifted based on what makes the most sense for the district and city as a whole. Let's re-open Flag Middle!!  Situated to the west of downtown, Flag Middle is perfectly located to become (again) a wonderful neighborhood school to many.   A school we've loved . . well, never really stopped loving. Check out our page on Facebook and like us to get updates:      

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Petition to Alexandria City Public Schools

Oppose the Use of the Old Patrick Henry as “Swing Space” for MacArthur Elementary

Alexandria City Public School is considering using the old Patrick Henry School as a temporary swing space while the modernization of Douglas MacArthur Elementary School takes place. The old, dilapidated building was set to be demolished allowing space for safe access to the new school and playing fields that are vital to students' health and happiness and for the full functioning of the new community recreation center by the end of the summer of 2019. If implemented, this plan would take at least four years to complete, during which time Patrick Henry School students and the surrounding community would suffer the brunt of the consequences. Starting in fall 2020, all 1,500 students would share Patrick Henry School grounds. This will result in extreme overcrowding of the area and it raises serious safety concerns. How long can the students of Patrick Henry continue to attend school in an active construction zone and what are the health impacts from dust and limited recreation. It decreases stability and predictability for our students and teachers, creating a more challenging learning environment for students in an already challenged demographic group. This puts at risk the fragile progress that Patrick Henry has made in moving from "failing school" to succeeding school status. Additionally, some current students at Patrick Henry will go almost their entire elementary and middle school careers without access to playing fields and open space and that is just sad. Patrick Henry parents and neighbors are also extremely concerned that there have been no traffic studies done to assess the ability of the roads to accommodate the increased traffic and the effects of that traffic on the local neighbors. During the construction of the new school, we have dealt with consistent traffic issues that impact the safety of students and neighbors and create chaos twice a day. Adding a whole other school community, even with staggered start and end times will have a dramatic negative impact. Additionally, there will not be enough parking for teachers, staff and community members that need to access the site necessitating the use of the limited street parking in the area and potentially offsite parking with a shuttle. We also question the feasibility within the proposed budget of $5 million. We have seen no detailed accounting of expenses to make the old school a safe environment for the students of Douglas MacArthur, to maintain increased bus routes for Patrick Henry students to reduce vehicular traffic around the school, hardscaping of the area to allow for access to the site and new parking, and to break with the construction contract. The old school suffers from years of neglect with flooding, plumbing problems, mold, a leaking roof, infestation by vermin and more. Will it really only cost $5 million dollars to achieve all of these goals? Patrick Henry School and the surrounding neighborhood have already endured a difficult construction process which put stress on the entire community and limited student’s outdoor play opportunities. We ask that the Alexandria City School Board vote no on this project.

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Petition to volusia county, Ed Kelley, Ben Johnson, Barbara Girtman, Billie Wheeler, James T. Russell, Elizabeth Albert

Change Volusia County School Times Back to Normal

Volusia County recently made the decison to change school times in 2019-2020. This decision was probably the worst one Volusia County has ever made. It will affect each level drastically. Some kids in High School have jobs to support their family. If high school ends at 3:30 p.m. kids who have these jobs will lose a whole hour pay each day. That means each day, those student’s family could lose $10 a day. To some families, that is a lot to be losing. Not only that, Students already stay up late to finish homework, now students who do after School activities, such as sports or clubs, will get home after 6:00 p.m. and then they will have to stay up later to finish their homework. It will be even later for Middle School students, considering they get out at 4:15 p.m. If Volusia County is worried that students are coming to school tired, giving them an hour to get to School will not help. Students will have the mindset that they can stay up one hour later because they can wake up one hour later. Also if High School is “supposed” to be preparing you for life, all jobs start early. So getting used to an early start is very important to be ready for after High School. Therefore, if Volusia County was actually worried about the students, they would keep the School times the same, and focus on more important things.

Dominic Szrnka
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