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Petition to Akram Khater, Eric Hamako, Hassan Jaber, John Bouman

Adding "Middle Eastern/Arab" to the list of ethnicities

The "race question" is a common required field in which each individual is to respond according to their self-identification. Although the list of options has become more diversified in the past few decades, it has yet to include major populations in the United States' culture melting pot. This question is required for multiple surveys (including for governmental, educational, and profession-specific questionnaires) and several groups continuously are forced to miss-identify themselves as an effect of the lack of options. In the case that they do not have one's ethnicity, some may select "other", however, this is not always a viable option. Furthermore, this applies to those of Middle Eastern and Arab descent. They are told to classify themselves as "White/Caucasian" for over two decades. Middle Eastern and Arabs are to completely disregard their culture and identity, instead placing them under a generic category. In the case of Hispanics/Latinos, they have finally been granted their own ethnic-specific option within the race/ethnicity question. Latin America is comprised of various nations who have some similar ethnic and racial backgrounds, yet unique in their own way. This similarly occurs in the Middle East! The Arabs and Arab-Americans struggle to identify as "White" and desire their own particular category. In order to progress and promote the diversified nation, the addition of, "Middle Eastern/Arab" should be a valid option for the United State Census and all questionnaires. It is important to be recognized as a major race and ethnicity as there are nearly 1.6 million Arabs in the United States today.  **Credit to artist Justen Paul Tolentino

Danya Murad
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Petition to Natasha Wilkinson - Attorney on Behalf of petitioners : South Affrican National Treasury

South African petition against change to foreign employment income earned tax laws.

Draft of Bill on proposed repeal of the South African tax law ,exemption on income tax from  foreign employment income - Section  10(1)(o)(ii) Act, No 58 of 1962  ,on South Africans working abroad will have serious unintended consequences, both for South Africans working abroad, as well as on their contribution to the South African economy. We seek to petition National Treasury, both from policy as well as legislative drafting perspectives, that any law change should be undertaken with caution and on a properly informed basis. By seeking to understand any policy changes underpinning this proposed tax law amendment, we wish to actively engage with the National Treasury. This tax will  have a direct impact on any South African working in a tax-free location, including UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, The Bahamas and Brunei and those working in all countries where lower taxes are paid in comparison to South African tax scales. Furthermore, the adversely affected will include international airline pilots and related trades, where they are based outside South Africa in a foreign location but do not pay taxes in their host countries due to services performed outside the host country, offshore workers such as oil rig workers, engineers and other highly specialized skilled workers working on special tax-free designated construction projects or well-fare projects, seafarers, workers on passenger vehicles and any other trade where income tax is not legally paid on their employment services in the host country. The petition letter can be read below and will be formally submitted to National Treasury.      

Barry Pretorius
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Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Charles Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Pat Toomey, President of the United States, U.S. Department of State, Robert Casey

Temporary ease of sanctions on Iran to aid earthquake survivors

A terrible earthquake hit a large area on the Iran-Iraq border on November 12, 2017 around 21:48PM local time. More than a hundred aftershock tremors are still striking the area, preventing people from traveling back home, entering their homes, or moving inside the towns. In particular, the town of Sarpol e-Zahab, a locality of about 36,000 inhabitants, was one of the most affected areas. Here, the death toll rose to 236 people, and thousands of injured people continue to need medical attention 24 hours later. Rescue teams are still unearthing bodies. Among the casualties are innocent children, whose access to medical care is precarious and who cannot return to school in the near future, as schools have been severely damaged. Many inhabitants lost their home, and their children are forced to sleep in cars and in tents in a weather bordering on winter. While international NGOs are on the ground in Iraq offering relief to those affected, it is very difficult to get into Iran and help in the areas mostly damaged by the trembler. The US sanctions placed on Iran prevent much aid from being sent to where it is most needed right now. While the US Department of State issued a message of sympathy on November 13, 2017, ( much more can be done. The US has the ability to help. Many people want and can help, but sending aid to Iran is nearly impossible without a temporary ease of sanctions on humanitarian aid. Former US President, Barack Obama and his administration temporarily eased the sanctions in 2012 for 45 days, when a deadly earthquake hit Iran on August 11. Under the lift, NGOs were able to transfer up to $300,000 in funds to Iran at that time to help those affected. We ask President Donald Trump and the US Senate to please allow a similar ease of sanctions to help the children of Iran who lost homes and family in the earthquake. Mr. President, Senators Casey and Toomey, please support humanitarianism. Please allow aid to be sent to Iran. Thank you.

Roxana Cazan
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