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Petition to Burger King, Microsoft

Make the Burger King trilogy of games backwards compatible on Xbox One

In November 2006, Burger King in conjunction with Blitz Games, developed and published three video games for Microsoft's Original Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles. Big Bumpin', Pocketbike Racer, and Sneak King were sold in Burger King restaurants at an MSRP of $3.99 USD. With these three games not available for digital download, and original Xbox, and Xbox 360 hardware waning in availability and functionality, they will soon be lost to time. Microsoft has a solution in place for older games like these by way of their backwards compatibility program (BC) on Xbox One. The BC program gives publishers the ability to approve their games to be playable on Microsoft's latest hardware, thus preserving them. All the player would need to do is insert the game disc they already own into their Xbox One. With Blitz games being defunct since 2013, Burger King is the sole rights owner of these games, and the only party available to approve their addition to Microsoft's Xbox BC program. If Burger King would allow the playability of these games on the latest hardware from Microsoft, it would open the doors for an entire new generation to experience the classic gameplay offered with the Burger King trio of games. This process would cost Burger King no money, require no additional work, and would bring new gameplay experiences to the millions of Xbox One owners.

Ryan C
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