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Microsoft, Bring Us A Surface Phone!

Microsoft, Before giving up on Windows mobile we urge you to release a Surface Phone and throw the full weight of proper marketing behind it. The Surface Phone should come in just one "Pro" version and have the following specs: All metal premium solid finish  A 180-degree horizontal kickstand Fastest available Snapdragon processor 5.7 inch best available screen resolution HD display 21 MP rear camera, 12 MP front camera 128 GB of storage, 4 GB Ram Wifi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, GPS, pedometer gyro A hole to place an Active Pen that locks the pen into place Thumbprint scanner 3.5 headphone jack Dedicated camera button Essential: An integrated HDMI out for connecting directly to a monitor or a projector without a dock Preinstalled apps - the best of the MS app store... Productivity: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, To-Do, Linked-In, GoToMeeting Education: Khan Academy, Blackboard, Overdrive, DuoLingo, Sketchpad Basics: Edge, Cortana, Maps, Photos, Mail, Calendar Music: Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn TV/Movies/Books: Netflix, Hulu, Audible Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype Transport: Lyft Outdoors: Weather Channel, Stars at Night The phone should come in just two budget friendly packages: Professional Package - $449.99  Surface Pro phone Earplug headphones Active Pen A magnetically attached Keyboard/front-cover A docking station with USB in for Keyboard/Mouse & HDMI out for full screen apps Family Package - $249.99 Surface Pro phone Earplug headphones Active Pen All other accessories sold separately: Keyboard/front-cover - $100, Docking Station - $100 How to Market the Surface Phone to Professionals: The Surface Phone is a premium device at a budget price.  The all metal design is something a professional won't be ashamed to pull out of their pocket. The Surface Phone can easily connect to a projector via an integrated HDMI for PowerPoint presentations. With the docking station or the integrated HDMI out all Office Apps can be used full screen. How to Market the Surface Phone to Families: The Surface Phone is a premium device at a budget price.  A family of 4 can purchase 4 premium devices for the same price they'd pay for 1 new iPhone X! The Surface Phone is the most family friendly device available.  Using Microsoft Family parental controls, mom and dad can keep tabs on their children's online activity and choose which apps and websites are appropriate for their children. The Surface Phone with its included Pen is the perfect device for the aspiring artists and engineers in the family The primary goal of the Surface Phone should NOT be to make a profit (at least not directly).  It should be an ecosystem "leader"-item.  The goal should be: To draw customers to the Microsoft ecosystem where they will: Purchase subscriptions to your cloud services like Office 365, Skype and OneDrive; Search the web using Bing; Purchase books and movies from the Microsoft Store; Purchase other Surface devices like the Surface Book, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro Tablet, Surface Studio Assure developers and consumers that Microsoft is committed to its app store, and committed to its developer community To assure Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that Microsoft is committed to its ecosystem. If companies like HP, Dell and others keep seeing a half-hearted Microsoft supporting its Windows line, while it ventures off into Cloud Services, they will eventually give up on Microsoft and venture off themselves into building Chromebooks! Microsoft, we urge you to release a Surface Phone and properly market it!

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Petition to Microsoft


For any of you gamers that have played Rocket League across any system or platform, you would know that the game Rocket League is one of the games of the future for E-Sports, its for competitive and casual players, its highly addictive, great way to kill time or even just a good way to bond with friends or siblings playing together. BUT, for many people that is only half the fun! Trading on Rocket League has been a HUGE success and many people strive and hustle day in and day out to customize their cars to the way they like it. another cool aspect is that you can purchase keys with real currensy to open crates that gives you random items, it can be worthless items or you can get a small chance to hit the jackpot just like anslot machine! But, here is where the issue lays, across every platform on the trading Rocket League community, there is a market much like a real life stock market! prices of items rise and fall based on supply and demand. the problem with the XBOX trading market is that Microsoft will not allow us to trade the keys while all other platforms are allowed, making it where this virtual economy is constantly going through a crisis knowing that our prices are based off of an item(heatwave) that also naturally fluctuates EVEN IF its not supposed to! On top of that, paypal and giftcard trading has become a huge business on this game because of this issue. Microsoft will not allow keys to be tradeable for the fact that they dont want people to purchase these keys with real currensy and then trade these keys to another person, but the thing is, although paypal and giftcard trading is ALSO against their terms and policies, people will continue to do so if they dont take action by making keys tradeable! there is no exact amount of signatures I would like to get, more then anything WE just need to get Microsofts attention to make them aware and try and make a change. this could end up affecting not just us people in the Xbox community but also psyonix at some point. so whether you are on xbox, pc, ps4, nintendo Switch, etc, please take the time to help us out! Please please please sign and share this in the hopes that we can get this issue solved! we are all one big family at the ebd of the day and need to stick together! lets get this viral! some of you may think this is "just a game" but for many of us, this is a hobby, life style, and a passion! there are world wide tournaments held for this game, and many of us do take this serious, so please do support us!  Sincerly,  A huge rocket league fan

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