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Petition to Phil Spencer, Microsoft, Satya Nadella

Tell Xbox & Microsoft "Make Consequences Real for Harassers"

When I called Xbox to complain about my son being sexually harassed by another player, an Xbox employee said, "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I'm powerless to do anything to help you."  But I'm not powerless. There is a long-standing problem of sexual harassment and online bullying within the gaming community. Gaming platforms try to solve this problem by making codes of conducts. As they stand right now, consequences for violating these codes DO NOT WORK. You can report harassment and the worst that happens is your harasser will a few gaming privileges (inconsequential) for three days. Once they get their privileges back they are free to come back and harass their victim again. Or during the three-day punishment harassers can simply log into a second account they have, continuing to play as normal.  Also, it's possible for a harasser to report a victim for "harassment" and that victim can suffer consequences, being victimized further. This problem affects people of all genders and ages, but primarily it is scary for children. Underage kids who are great players get threatened or harassed when they win a match. Underage kids who are not great players get the same treatment because good players think they slow the game down. I've experienced this, both of my children have experienced this. Countless examples are online if you just do a search. It's a very real, very pervasive problem. Saying "I have no power to help you" is not good enough. We are the consumers. We are the people supporting this multi-billion dollar industry. (Gaming revenues topped $43 billion in 2018.)  By not creating a better system of punishment for harassers, Xbox and Microsoft are complicit in fostering a Wild West environment where pretty much anything goes and sexual harassers and bullies run rampant. By signing this petition, you are asking Xbox and Microsoft to please elevate the punishments to fit the crimes. Make "banning" a real ban that works. This can be done and still make a gaming environment that works. Send harassers a message that it's NOT OKAY to keep harassing. [Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash]

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Petition to Microsoft

Remove Xbox live requirement to join servers from MCPE 1.2

The Minecraft PE update, 1.2 Better Together, was released on September 20, 2017 for all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows 10, etc. It added more blocks, new inventory GUI, more bug fixes, and new items. The Friends tab came, with the option of joining friends on Xbox Live and LAN servers. The disadvantage of this update is that we have to sign in to Xbox live to join servers, although this behavior is not exist on 1.1 and below. It causes some servers to be empty after they are updated to this version. Some servers is still in 1.1 and some others in 1.2 has many people like Mineplex, Lifeboat, and more. This appeared for protection of the children, but I am still against this change. This made servers hard to join without Xbox live. A person that can make a change is the owner of Minecraft PE (now Bedrock) and the staff of it. If this change happened, the following will happen: More players who did not sign in to their Xbox, forgot their Xbox live password, or cannot make the Xbox live account, can join the servers. More servers will be full of players, although there is some hackers who will join servers and hack their speed, fly, grief, Killaura, and more. More users will be happy to play this game for joining servers. It makes Minecraft less boring like before. If this change did not happen, the following will happen: Less players will play this game and more servers will be empty in the future. More users will leave this game. If you get annoyed, or did not want Xbox live requirement to join servers to happen, please sign and tell your friends about 1.2 and the disadvantages for them to sign.

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