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Petition to Chairman Keon Hardemon, Vice Chairman Ken Russell, Commissioner Wilfredo Gort, Commissioner Frank Carollo, Commissioner Francisco Suarez

The Value of a Neighborhood

Buena Vista is a neighborhood in Miami that celebrates diversity.  Yet, big money influence could tear apart our harmonious community. The City of Miami Commission will decide if the elite of the elite developers, the 1% of the 1%, can take whatever they want from a working-class neighborhood.  The Commission will decide the value of a neighborhood compared to the influence of big money. The developers of Miami's ultra-luxury Design District want to change the zoning of single-family residential property to Major Civic Institution in order to build an approximately 800-car, 300,000 square foot, five-story, for-profit parking garage.*  Imagine more than five football fields stacked on top of one another.  Imagine this across the street from your house. Who among us would want to live next to this, or raise their kids, or risk their pets, or have this massive commercial garage anywhere within their residential neighborhood?  Why should the children of this neighborhood have a lesser quality of life than the children of more affluent circumstances? Where is the water's edge to this greed and better-than-the-rest treatment?  We believe this is illegal spot zoning and there is case law to substantiate.  The fact that the project has gotten this far defies common decency. The law is on our side.  We, the neighbors along with civic activist Elvis Cruz, won a decisive victory in front of the City of Miami's Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board. After twenty-two months of fighting Goliath, we just received the legal support of the Community Justice Project.  Yet, we still need YOU. Please help us.  The developers would never get away with this in a more affluent neighborhood.  Sign our petition and let Chairman Keon Hardemon and the City of Miami Commission know that we want them to stand strong to big money, support smart growth development, and represent the people.  (Thank you for reading this far!!!). PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION AND SHARE WITH YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS Link to short video with directly impacted neighbors: * The 800 car number was based on calculations from the U.S. Army - Dept of Transportation Engineering's online parking garage calculator  from square footage and other information submitted by the developer in its application to the City of Miami.

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