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Petition to Herman Miller

Herman Miller Diversity- Please help us support Women !! #TimeIsUp

Herman Miller Diversity Herman Miller (MLHR) is the largest manufacturer of corporate Office Furniture in the U.S. In 2018, the company generated $2.38 billion in revenue and employed nearly 8,000 people BUT less than 1% of their dealers are Native American or LGBT, Asian American, Hispanic, African American, Women. Women represent over 51% of U.S. Inclusion of all minorities represent the backbone of our economy and community. It is time for Herman Miller to include women & other minorities into their dealer network.  #TimeIsUp ! Please sign, even anonymously, this petition asking Herman Miller to increase from single digit to 20% inclusion of women and other minorities dealers across the United States. It only takes 5 seconds to make a big difference !! Thank you, Sally #DiversityandInclusion #hermanmillerdiversity Herman Miller trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol MLHR Herman Miller is the main furniture supplier for #Apple #Google #Microsoft, #Amazon #Salesforce #Oracle #GoldmanSachs #JPMorganChase #Wells-Fargo #Nasdaq #NYSE #Blackrock #AIG #NBC #Disney #Universal #hbo #netflix #facebook #harvarduniversity #yale #MLHR  herman miller, aeron chair, eames lounge, noguchi table, andiowen hermanmiller andiowenhermanmiller hermanmillerfurniture womenequality womenrights womeninclusion peta humanrights equality diversity metoo timeisup #timesup #metoo #hermanmiller

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Petition to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, UCLA Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott Waugh

Stop Retaliation Against Women Who Report Discrimination at UCLA

Dr. Sandra Koch is a dedicated scientist in neurobiology who is at risk of losing her research position at UCLA after daring to report pregnancy discrimination. While working as a Postdoctoral Scholar in 2017, Sandra told her then-boss that she was pregnant - and was promptly told to leave. Determined to continue her research, Sandra brought the matter to UCLA’s Title IX office, and also worked with her union to file a grievance, which eventually resulted in a settlement that allowed her to continue her research in a different lab under a different faculty supervisor.   However, in a shocking and blatant show of retaliation, UCLA notified Sandra that her postdoctoral position must end on June 30. This is despite her current supervisor fighting to keep Sandra in his lab, and despite her having secured funding from an external source. It is unacceptable that UCLA has continuously failed to protect researchers, teachers, and students from discrimination and abuse. The culture of institutional tolerance and acceptance towards discrimination against women, people of color, and other marginalized groups is a shameful stain on the reputation of UCLA and the UC system. Together, we demand that UCLA prevents this gross injustice that serves no purpose other than to further punish a postdoc who dared to speak up about discrimination. We call on Chancellor Block and UCLA leadership to continue Sandra Koch’s postdoc appointment and to stop perpetuating the culture of retaliation against employees who have the courage to speak up against discrimination. Join us by signing this petition! Anke Schennink, UAW 5810 President Alli Carlisle, UAW 2865 Southern Vice-President Marissa Ochsner, UAW 2865 Recording Secretary Yunyi Li, UAW 2865 UCLA Unit Chair Naomi Goldenson, UAW 5810 UCLA Unit Chair Christina Priest, Academic Researchers United / UAW 5810

Anke Schennink
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Petition to The University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Dear UNL: Address the Systemic Mishandling of Sexual Misconduct Complaints

Dear UNL is a diverse group of undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, faculty, staff, and allies advocating for systemic and cultural change within UNL’s Title IX office and beyond. By sharing their individual experiences, the group has exposed a continuous pattern of mistreatment, which has led to extreme inequities disproportionately affecting victims of sexual misconduct. The group’s goal is to hold UNL – particularly its Title IX office – to a higher standard. In order to improve this critical on-campus service and ensure its functions meet established guidelines, the group is now calling upon UNL to address its overall lack of accountability, transparency, and trauma-informed approach. Your support is essential to the group’s mission of ensuring that UNL is an inclusive and supportive campus, where all students, faculty, and staff can truly benefit from the activities, programs, and opportunities afforded by the University. You can support Dear UNL by following, liking, and sharing the group's online content or by signing this petition, which calls on UNL to act upon the following demands: Demand One: ACCOUNTABILITY Accountability in the form of creating an Oversight Committee for the reporting process that prioritizes student and survivor feedback about how UNL addresses and responds to sexual misconduct cases and to provide a set of checks and balances for the Title IX office. Demand Two: TRANSPARENCY More transparency in the execution of Title IX processes, along with the processes of all other relevant campus departments, including but not limited to University Health Center, University Police Department, Residential Life, and Student Conduct and Community Standards. Demand Three: STAFFING Additional staff must be hired in order to handles cases of sexual misconduct and expand current resources for survivors. Demand Four: SURVIVOR SUPPORT A stronger investment is needed into the support of survivors of sexual misconduct at UNL, including the expansion of survivor accommodations/modifications and support resources. Demand Five: TRAINING A more comprehensive, trauma-informed training program for all persons involved in the Title IX process so that they have an adequate understanding of the dynamics of sexual misconduct, the effects of trauma, and how to interact with survivors. You can find more information about the group, its mission, and its interactions with the University administration at, including our full list of demands. 

Dear UNL
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Petition to American Medical Association

Call on the AMA to recommend policies that protect patients in comas and vegetative states

An Apache woman in a vegetative state for 14-years just gave birth at the Hacienda HealthCare clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. There’s absolutely no way she could have consented to intercourse. Staff didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was effectively giving birth. Due to disabilities, she's been at this facility for the majority of her life. Her family is devastated and outraged that their daughter was raped at a facility intended to care for her unique needs. The facility is doing genetic testing on male staff to find the father, and requiring male staff be accompanied by a female staff member when dealing with patients. These actions after the fact cannot take away that a woman in a coma was raped and gave birth at this facility. Women in vegetative states shouldn’t be violated. Tell the American Medical Association (AMA) to create policy recommendations that protect patients in vegetative states and comas from sexual assault and rape. Noticeably absent is America’s largest medical association. The AMA has no policies requiring male staff be accompanied by female staff when dealing with coma patients. Coma patients and those in vegetative states are uniquely vulnerable to sexual assault. Tell the AMA to create recommendations for policies that put coma patients first - protect coma patients from rape. The AMA should create policies for facilities to follow if they are caring for patients in comas or vegetative states. Those policies could include: requiring male staff be accompanied by female staff, and monitoring who goes in and out of patient rooms through sign in sheets and cameras. These patients can’t speak for themselves. Tell the AMA to protect patients in vegetative states and comas. This woman is not alone. Other women who have been in comas for half a decade or more have been impregnated at facilities in Massachusetts and New York as well. Coma patients and patients in vegetative states shouldn’t be put into situations that allow them to be violated by caretakers or visitors. Tell the AMA to create a guiding policy that keeps these patients safe.  

Linda McNamara
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