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#StopGunsAtTheDoor: Require Metal Detectors at All Public K-12 Schools

Metal detectors and secured points of entry are needed in each public school immediately. It is beyond time to do something. We must intercept weapons before they enter our campuses or lives will continue to be at risk. In the very least, our children, teachers, and staff deserve a safe environment to learn and work in. Since the Columbine shooting in 1999, there have been 157 children, educators and other people that have been killed in assaults at schools, and another 351 have been injured. The most recent tragedy at Oxford High School in Michigan claimed 4 innocent lives and left 7 injured. Enough is enough. We must call our public officials into action. We cannot wait for another tragedy to occur. Metal detectors would have thwarted most of the incidents at schools — including the incident at Oxford High. For all of the naysayers who say metal detectors at entry points “don’t work,” I encourage those same people to consider stripping metal detectors from airports, courthouses, government buildings, theme parks, etc. The metal detectors are in those places for a reason — because they work, because they ensure safety. Yes, there will still continue to be incidents outside of secured places, but minds can be more at ease while inside. Metal detectors are not a cure-all solution — they are a starting point. I ask government officials — would you feel safe at work and be able to focus at your job if metal detectors were taken out of your building? Would you feel safe at the airport without the metal detectors? Or would you be on alert? Is this fear-driven environment what you want our children and teachers subjected to? Why are we having schools run “active shooter drills” (traumatizing in itself as it acknowledges a very real threat) instead of preventing the guns from entering the building to begin with? I reiterate, metal detectors and secured points of entry are needed in each K-12 public school immediately. We must act swiftly before another tragedy occurs.  

Kay F.
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Petition to Board of Education Hicksville NY, Marianne Litzman

Put Metal detectors in Hicksville Public Schools to Ensure student safety

Security doesn't have tobe complicated... Due to the recent school shooting and threats made online directed at school violence, we parents and concerned citizens of Hicksville, NY are requesting that the school board install metal detectors in all schools in Hicksville, NY. While we understand that you have security measures and emergency plans in place, we need to make parents, students and faculty feel safe in a building they trust to be a safe place. There are other school districts on Long Island that have installed metal detectors.  There is no protocol at the moment to stop weapons from entering the building. Lack of metal detectors not only allows students to enter school carrying concealed weapons, it also allows criminals to access schools with weapons. We need to protect our children and people who work in these buildings. We ask that the school board and other decision makers realize how serious we are about this matter.  There should be no reason to keep our children home in fear that something might happen to them one day. Neighboring Syosset school district have metal detectors in place for added security, maybe the BOE could ask for their advice on how they have handled the use of metal detectors in their school district.  Here are some of the latest school shooting statistics: Since Columbine, there have been 231 school shootings, not including misfires and stopped attempts. Out of these shootings, six have caused over 10 fatalities each.In the same time period, 304 people have died as the result of school shootings, which includes perpetrators.Along with fatalities, an additional 485 people have been injured from on-campus shootings since Columbine.In 2018 alone, there were 35 mass school shootings.Since 1999, there have been 10 school shootings at elementary school specifically.  

Maria Gonzalez
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