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Petition to Mayor Regina Romero, Lane Santa Cruz, Paul Cunningham, Paul Durham, Nikki Lee, Richard Fimbres, Steve Kozachik, Michael Ortega

Reallocate Tucson Police Funding to Much-Needed Social Services

Dear Mayor Romero and Tucson city council members, Your Mandate Thank you for your service during this difficult time and your attention to the issue before you which is equally important to if not more important than the threat posed to public health and community safety by the coronavirus pandemic.  The issue before you, the question before you, is a mandate from your constituents, the people of Tucson, that you consider reallocating funds intended for policing to other much needed services such as counseling, job training and career development, day care, and nutritional assistance with demonstrable benefits to community safety and wellbeing.  I want this mandate to be clear, because this is what it means when people say “defund the police.”  This mandate is deliberately posed in a provocative way and is intended, I believe, to make one consider your, my, and everyone’s role in a criminal injustice system in our country and our state that has led to an unfathomable situation in which the home of the brave and the land of the free locks up more of its citizens per capita than Russia and China combined and inflicts real harm on Arizona’s communities particularly communities of color.  Learn more here How We Got Here Arizonans of all stripes, creeds, and income levels enter into our destructive criminal system by interactions with police.  This is an extremely important point, because not all harmful interactions with police end in the police killing of a community member.  Many if not most of the time these interactions end with a charge for a non-violent crime and an arrest or the unnecessary stopping and the intentional or unintentional intimidation of a community member.  To understand why this kind of interaction is harmful even for violent offenders we must understand how people are treated in our system. Mariame Kaba director of Project NIA and The Prison Abolition Project said it best. “Is prison abolition a hard thing to explain to people? I get the same questions. What about bad people? What about rapists!? I don't answer those questions anymore. These are questions posed about safety but are mostly based in fear of the other. Safety for whom safety for what? ... There is rampant violence, rape, and deaths in custody [prison]." Indeed they are. These are not controversial statements.  The decarceration movement enjoys broad bipartisan support and is the continuation of the abolition movement.  It’s critical that you, our elected officials understand the history here too as policing in the United States has deep roots from our racist past that are absolutely grounded and wedded to slavery. A good discussion of this history can be found here:  The History Of Policing In America: Some of the first Southern police forces were created to control enslaved Black people." The surveillance, the deputization, essentially, of all white men to be police officers — and then to dispense corporal punishment on the scene — are all baked in from the very beginning," says Harvard historian Khalil Gibran Muhammad  As a business owner, educator, and former Pima County small business commissioner I became increasingly aware and outraged at the state of education in Arizona and the link between the state of education funding in Arizona and the link with our oversized prison population.  It started with the continuous requests small business owners get daily from our community members and customers the vast majority of these are from educators and parents asking for donations for their schools.  I began to ask myself why is that Arizona’s schools are in such dire need?  By now the answer should be clear - defunding the police may sound radical until you realize that we have been defunding education for decades.  As a business owner this has real life implications for the labor pool.  I found it difficult to find candidates for my company that could meet the minimum expectations for basic skills for almost any employee in any position in town such as effective verbal and written communication and a basic mastery of the Microsoft Office suite of programs.  How is it I thought that Arizona is failing so hard at this?  The answer here is also clear Arizona legislators currently value the wealth of private prison owners over the social mobility and welfare of its own citizens.  How do I defend such a raucous claim?  It’s simple - follow the money - “ABOR/Universities are funded at $724,818,900 and Arizona Community Colleges are funded at $56,156,100 a total of $780,975,000. FY19 funds the Department of Corrections almost 314 million more than higher education. It is also important to note that Maricopa Community College District and Pima Community College District have received zero funding since FY16. This FY19 budget is one that invests in incarceration over higher education.” To look at this problem in another way let’s consider the impact without higher ed Arizona spends $20,000 more per prisoner (many of them housed in privately owned and operated prisons) than they do per pupil.  Refund The Community I hope this affirms and confirms the mandate to you that defunding the police is absolutely necessary and is beneficial to community safety and public health.  This should be obvious to anyone but police more often than not respond to crimes that have already been committed so until and unless police are able to foresee crimes and stop them before they happen their benefit outside of some very rare events such as active shooter situations where the intervention of highly training armed forces into the community is questionable at best.  Imagine the opportunity cost of keeping the police helicopter up the air all night long.  Imagine what those funds could do for the mental and physical health of the working poor in our community in the form of counselors and health clinics. Development of better, more equitable and sustainable public transportation to connect jobs to neighborhoods all over the city. Day care and classes for parents and children to help our opportunity youth and community build a better future for us all. Help educate our cities youth with real life skills needed for the high paying jobs that don’t require an expensive high ed degree by funding Pima JTED. Do any or all of these things and remember it is your personal responsibility as elected officials to make this community better than the one that voted for you. For guidance and to hear voices from Tucson’s black and brown voices I suggest you listen to the responses posed to community members by the American Friends Service Committee and Flower & Bullets a project known as the Barrio Centro community safety research project.  AFSC X Flowers & Bullets #Repost @afscaz ・・・ “What Instead of the Police/Punishment System?” At the end of our #BarrioCentro Community Safety Research Project survey, respondents were given the opportunity to name specifically what they would like to see funded in their neighborhood. People named murals, ramadas, shade trees, community gardens, sidewalks, little library boxes, on-going neighborhood events, bike-rental stations, parks and green spaces, covered bus shelters, free legal advice, free counseling services, housing for the homeless with a path to ownership, splash parks with restrooms, and sports fields. Not one respondent named funding for police. #FlowersandBullets = #CommunitySafety. #ReFramingJustice #BlackLivesMatter #BLMTucson #DefundPolice #DefundLawEnforcement #FundBlackFutures #CommunityCareworkers #ReBuildCommunities #ReImagineSafety #NanaAyudame In community, Michael Mallozzi, PhD                                                      Co-founder                                                                        Borderlands Brewing Company                                      Tucson, AZ PS a brilliant and thoughtful analysis from New York City (below) Defund the Police (A rap by Nate and Hila's been a lot of discussion lately of what this phrase #DefundThePolice really means. We've been contemplating it and researching it, and subsequently, rhyming about it. Defund does not mean eradicate utterly; but it does mean radically reduce police funding, and restructure the institution. DeBlasio has promised to knock $1 billion from the NYPD budget -- but there's more to be done. Here are some of our thoughts, in rhyme. Here's an article with an array of organizations you can support that are pushing for police defunding and reform: An here are some of the sources we consulted in putting this together, so you can investigate for yourself:

Michael Mallozzi
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Petition to Citizens of Fairfax county, Family Members, Friends, consumers, advocates, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Save Woodburn Place Crisis Care Program

We, the undersigned, are citizens, family members, advocates, and individuals served by Fairfax County and the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB). We understand that the CSB has conducted a “study” and determined that the Woodburn Place Crisis Care Program (Crisis Care) could be outsourced. This is alarming for many reasons: o    Citizens, stakeholders, and individuals being served were not included in the study. There was no chance for those who have experienced and received crisis stabilization (crisis stab) services to give input.  The downsides of contracting were not reviewed.  The “study” was not transparent and was admittedly done “behind the scenes.” o    The loss of decades of experience and expertise in crisis stabilization was not considered.  The impact of dismantling a proven, effective program that serves not only Fairfax County residents, but the entire region, was not considered.  We choose Crisis Care over other regional crisis stab units because we know the staff and the quality of care we receive there. We choose Crisis Care because we feel safe there. However, outsourcing will cause all of this to disappear and the impact on our long-term treatment plans was not taken into consideration. o    The disruption and loss of services caused by initiating an Request for Proposal (RFP) to transition a proven program to an unknown contractor during a time when hospital and crisis stab beds are in extremely high demand is irresponsible and harmful. o    As a co-occurring program that offers both mental health and substance crisis services, we are talking about impacting treatment options for opioid users during an opioid epidemic. In a time when opioid overdose incidents are already nearly double than those for all of 2019 (according to a recent article in the Alexandria Living Magazine), disruption of additional co-occurring services risks lives. o    The reason given to justify outsourcing Crisis Care is to save money. However, it is unclear how those savings will be used to shore up existing services so there are no gaps in service and reduce the need for crisis stabilization services. o    If an RFP is initiated, the experienced staff at Crisis Care will seek, and easily find, other employment.  This will begin immediately and impact the quality and availability of current services. It is reckless to pursue this process when it is our lives at stake.   How would you feel if it were your loved one’s life in the balance?  We formally request that plans to initiate an RFP to contract out Crisis Care in Fairfax County be cancelled!!

Amy Turner
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Petition to Gretchen Whitmer

Extension for TLLP Licenses to Advocate for Mental Health Services

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of masters-level psychologists will have their licenses terminated. The state of Michigan requires TLLP masters-level psychologists to take and pass the EPPP examination to continue to practice. As hundreds of masters-level psychologists lose their jobs and benefits, thousands of individuals can lose mental health services. The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected many individuals' mental health and created new barriers for individuals who already experience mental illness. As the pandemic wears on, ongoing mental health services are essential for individuals and their families who have been greatly affected by the pandemic. Due to the distress surrounding COVID-19, the number of patients seeking treatment has increased, leaving masters-level psychologists with insufficient time to prepare and schedule the exam. We request an extension of TLLP licenses to continue providing the necessary mental health services to Michiganders. Outreach to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) has resulted in no support or alternative solutions. An extension provides sufficient time and a reasonable timeframe to prepare and take the EPPP examination. Please sign this petition to help get an 8-12-month extension on TLLP licenses so that masters-level psychologists can adequately serve their communities. Also, please contact Governor Whitmer's office to request an executive order to extend the TLLP licenses: Email: Gretchen.Whitmer@Michigan.govPhone: 517-335-7858 (Preferred Method)

M Williams
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