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Petition to Facebook, YouTube, Google, UK Parliament

Stop gambling adverts on social media

Gambling is a big problem in the UK and it has been for me. I got sucked in with how easy it is to register and play online betting and drawn in by the adverts all over social media and in between online videos. That’s why I’m calling for gambling ads to be banned on social media. It may seem like a simple “just stop then” but when you get pulled in you start to bet to win back your money or bet because you’re on a ‘winning streak’ and the e-mails with the latest offers and free bets entice you further.  For me it became an addiction, I’ve got myself into debt with multiple credit cards and an overdraft and a loan to the sum of over 20k! I'm embarrassed and ashamed of myself and I battling with the mental health effects this has brought on, I tried to fix it myself but I couldn’t. In the end it was affecting me all day, every day and affecting my social and personal relationships, luckily my wife, friends and family were there to talk some sense into me and help me to help myself - but not everyone has that kind of support. I'm now classed as clinically depressed and under huge strain to try and pay the debt and fighting the interest payments which have turned into a vicious circle, which is a constant struggle with no foreseeable end. Facebook, Google and others like them are already among the richest companies in the world - they don’t need to take money from gambling sites that are preying on vulnerable people. In my eyes it’s too easy to gamble and the constant online adverts on social media and in between online videos is too much. Please sign my petition to help me try to make a difference to help others before they get sucked in like I did. Thank you

Jason Hill
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Petition to Sam Smith, home office, Borris Johnson

Mental health sessions for Police welfare (also supporting the other emergency services)

  SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION TO HELP GET CHANGE TO SAVE THE LIVES OF OUR POLICE OFFICERS AND EMERGENCY SERVICES.  I am a ex serving UK police officer so have based my petition on police officers and police staff however please be assured if my petition is successful I will make sure all the emergency services staff and military personnel are equally supported.  Police officers and police staff in the UK are at an increased risk of developing mental ill health and the current support for them is failing them. 1 in 5 police officers develop mental health problems. Police officers are 5 x more likely to develop problems with their mental health due to the stress of their job. 1 officer every 2 weeks commits suicide.  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! The Home Office provides frontline police officers with stab resistant vests, PAVA spray and a baton to protect themselves from violence. The Home Office DO NOT provide any protection to police officers for their minds and their mental health. Officer's are supported once it's too late when they are already ill from stress, depression and PTSD. The support is often inadequate, slow and hard to find.  Officers are made to believe they are letting their teams down going off sick and are not looking after themselves. They are made to feel that mental ill health is a weakness that will hold them back in their career.  These men and woman are exposed to high levels of trauma daily and risking their lives to support the community and keeping people safe.  PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! and often there is no cure.  I propose that the Home Office bring in mandatory mental health sessions for all officers and staff. I propose a mental health professional meets with officers and staff throughout the year and teaches then coping strategies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques.  I propose that welfare debriefs after traumatic events are made mandatory for anyone involved.  Lets help get rid of the stigma around mental health in the police! Let's support our officers and take their mental health as seriously as their physical health.  Thank you for your support!                   

Sam Smith
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