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Get Herefordshire a Adolecent mental health in patient service to aid wellbeing

THE FORGOTTEN GENERATIONI am setting up this petition on behalf of the many young people in Herefordshire and Worcestershire who are struggling with Mental Health issues - together with their families and the carers who support them. Families feel that young peoples issues get to crises before intervention,  schools don't always have the training to prompt early intervention- when they ask for help – the Schools sometimes  putting it down to adolescent behaviour and peer pressure and culture of teens.  Needs then often grow  until crisis happens and by then it can be too late for Herefordshire Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS ) to get involved as its then reactive management and safety plans. This has resulted in some young people spending up to 3 weeks on the children's ward in the County Hospital  - while they  try to find  a specialist placement with regular therapy and multi agency support around the uk..  Young people also need the time to build trust and be treated with great understanding and empathy. Some of our other local services can only offer up to 12 sessions of counselling. Let me reiterate CAHMS workers are fantastic dedicated people but they can only do so much and these issues are purely down to location being rural and a postcode lottery.The staff on the children's ward are incredible but sadly the mental health nurse and mental health HCA's job roles have been cut the staff are so hard working but they are not mental health trained. Having listened to many young people and their anxious parents over this last few years many feel unheard and some parents and carers feel  there is no real support just for them . Young people can also quickly learn that due to the lack of resources they will only be taken seriously if they are deemed a serious risk as CAHMS has no choice but to prioritise case loads, consequently this can on times lead to self injurious practice increasing and more risks taken.  Services currently have no choice but to operate in a reactive crisis style management due to funding cuts, many young people in Hereford and Worcester have no continuity in workers and see so many different faces which adds frustration to Their urgent medical needs, they get tired of saying the same things over and over again to so many people and nothing happening.Many of our children get discharged too early from hospital due to it being a medical ward and bed space being needed, consequently they continue to be at risk and inevitably struggle. CAMHS staff have their hands tied as there is no money or resources and they are working in ways which they too are not comfortable with. The workers are fantastic but lack of funding in this critical area is so incredibly short that they are not given the tools to work effectively and with the rise in young peoples mental health nationally as statistics show Herefordshire needs to be able to fund more dedicated compassionate staff like they have in the existing teams to help with case loads..The current options are; To go back into the community where some  parents are forced to not work to supervise their day to day needs depending on their unique family makeup other siblings etc Or face the challenging reality of being sent miles away from homeIt can take weeks to find a placement with NHS England and our young people can end up as far away as Scottland  if beds are not available although services try to find the nearest placement for the young person with Herefordshire's nearest being Birmingham which causes a tremendous amount of anxiety and expense for families who need to be as close as possible to their child as part of their healing plan. The cost of out of county placements is also astronomical and it would make far more sense to set up a specialist ward with trained consistent therapists and CAMHS workers and highly trained staff. I have a knowledge of service provision so I fight  but over the years I have seen parents with no understanding of services  at breaking point and completely lost in the system with little support and guidance around Their children's needs. helplines are often choca block and services 9-5 aside accessing AnE and on occasions waiting all night or hours to be admitted onto a ward.Stonebow in Hereford is an adult facility (18 plus) where adults can turn up in a crisis and stay with therapy and support around the clock until they feel safe to return to the community. Children's services don't have this option meaning their kids can be taken miles away from home at a time where they are incredibly vulnerable. We urgently need a unit within the county to support the needs of this age group. It is totally unfair that they continue to suffer until they are 18 and old enough to go to an adult unit.Please sign this petition to get government to address this problem and open up a specialist unit more local for our beautiful young people whose issues mainly stem from the pressures of this fast-paced digital world, give them a voice and join my cause and other families and get them the support they deserve. I will not back down until we are heard. Mental health can happen to anyone at any time and things need to change dramatically. Let’s remember if you had a physical visible issue you would stay in hospital - mental health needs are no different.

Nikki Thomspn
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Petition to NHS24

Add an option for mental health crises to NHS24's helpline

As a user of mental health services, I am often referred to NHS24's phone number (111) as something to turn to in a crisis - i.e. if I feel a danger to myself or others and cannot cope, particularly during unsociable hours or other times that a GP surgery is closed. At the beginning of a call to NHS24, when triage options are given to the caller, the addition of a number devoted to mental health-related crises would make a huge difference. Callers looking for medical help for an infant can press 1. Those looking for emergency dental help can press 3. Why is there no option on the phone menu for mental health-related calls? Follow-up questions could include whether the caller has harmed or plans to harm themselves; if they are alone; if they have a CPN, and if they are feeling suicidal. Rather than spend the usual 13+ minutes answering irrelevant medical questions whilst in a heightened emotional state with little self-control, callers could be treated in a way more suited to their state. The situation can often be escalated by call-takers confused by procedures and unable to help.  Whilst Breathing Space, the Samaritans and similar services are available to offer valuable help to those with low mood or other mental health issues, they are not medically trained or equipped for crisis situations. These helplines are routinely trained to respond to people who feel they are a danger by suggesting the caller hang up and dial 999. I know I am not alone in feeling that emergency services aren't quite suited to treat my illness, and often can aggravate the situation. There are many stories from myself and thousands of others which prove we just simply do not do enough for mental health patients in Scotland. Being able to get through to the right person on NHS24 could go a long way in preventing the need for emergency services to become involved in mental health crises.

Emma Roddick
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