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Petition to Department of Health NI, Health and Social Care Board

Equip GPs with mental health expertise #123GP

90% of people with a mental health problem will be treated by their GP, but all too often people don’t receive the care they need. One in three GP appointments are for mental health, and calls for better mental health training for GPs have already been made by the Royal College of GPs and mental health charity Mind.  Research carried out by the Mental Health Rights Campaign with 70 mental health service users and carers found that most of them were NOT confident about their GP’s ability to help them when it came to mental health.  Patients felt that there was a big difference between treatment for physical and mental health: “I feel my GP is very good most of the time but with mental health they struggle to understand and I think they aren’t trained to deal with it”.  Patients also talked about this lack of expertise had a serious effect on them: “the poor service affected the next five years of my life, had my GP known more I could have had a different path”. The Mental Health Rights Campaign has come up with THREE URGENT CHANGES which could significantly improve mental health care provided by GPs: Funding: Only two thirds of GP practices currently draw down funding available from the Health and Social Care Board for the provision of counselling, despite all practices being eligible to do so. We call on 100% of GP practices to draw down available Health and Social Care funding for counselling.  Training: Only half of all trainee GPs have to do a placement in a mental health facility, which is usually hospital based rather than in a community setting. Practising GPs do not have to undertake mental health training as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We call on all trainee GPs to undertake community based mental health placements and all practising GPs to undertake a set proportion of annual CPD credits which are focused on mental health.   Available Expertise: Professionals with mental health expertise, such as Community Psychiatric Nurses ( CPNs) don’t work in GP practices anymore. We call on professionals with mental health expertise to be based in GP practices as part of the primary care team.  The Department of Health and the Health and Social Care Board have the power to act on these proposals. Please help us send a strong message to them that action is urgently needed to equip GPs with mental health expertise. These changes will benefit not only patients and their families, who are entitled to receive the help they so desperately need, but also GPs who struggle to provide the help needed.

Mental Health Rights Campaign
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Petition to Jeremy Hunt, David bradley, Rosena Allin-Khan

NHS Adult Eating Disorder Psychotherapy cuts: Patients at Springfield affected SW London

I urge you to support me in appealing the current service review at Springfield Hospital, Tooting, that heavily affects the support available to Eating Disorder patients by prompting a response from Jeremy Hunt (Secretary for Health and Social Care), Rosena Allin-Khan (MP for Tooting) and David Bradley (Chief Executive of SW London and St. Georges Trust) to the suggestions initially made by patients that counter the decisions.    After a service review announced today at Springfield Hospital (South West London and St. Georges Mental Health Trust) it has been decided that significant changes are to be made to the psychotherapy provisions to adults within the care of the Adult Eating Disorders Service. This includes the reduction of psychotherapy from inpatient and day patient services where it is already accepting very few patients for individual therapy. Eating Disorders form as a maladaptive coping strategy to a deeper psychological tension, for which psychotherapy has been the tried and tested solution for over a decade in the service and other services across London. Changes to the type of therapy to many Eating Disorder services have come about as a result of the changes in the NICE guidelines in 2017, outlining vague suggestions.  After a patient feedback meeting with (and subsequent letters addressed to)  the review board it seems the opinions of the patients do not matter. Having had access to the professionals being removed from their posts for nearly 2 years, I am saddened and frustrated that mental health continues to be demoted in the hierarchy of NHS budgeting and the opinions of patients continue to be ignored. It is estimated by the charity BEAT that 1.25 million people in the UK over the age of 18 suffer from an Eating Disorder with this number set to rise.  

Gabriella Rutzler
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Petition to Bupa, Financial Services Authority, Jeremy Hunt

Stop travel insurance companies discriminating against mental health conditions

This summer I planned to go to Spain for a week and wanted travel insurance. After being physically unwell for the last few months, I’ve learnt the importance of making sure I’m covered correctly. I called Bupa, went through my physical medical conditions and medications. All was fine and I would be covered so I paid £21 and received the certificate of insurance. I realised I hadn't mentioned my Bipolar so I asked if this would be something I would need to declare (this hadn't crossed my mind). For those of you that don't know - Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another. After declaring my bipolar, I was told I would no longer be covered - even if I paid a higher premium. That’s why I’m calling on Bupa, the Financial Service Authorities and others to stop discriminating in this way and to offer those with mental health conditions travel insurance at a reasonable price. Angry and upset, I made a complaint which they logged. Still to this day (nearly a month later) I’ve heard nothing back. I also took to social media to try and get my voice heard - but the only reply was "we will be in touch." 1 in 3 of us will suffer from some kind of mental health condition at one or more parts in our lives, sometimes our whole life. Since that day, I have done some filming with the BBC about this issue, and have also spoken to Mark Rowland from the Mental Health Foundation about how I can help to make a change. Only a handful of companies provide cover in the UK but the premiums people have to pay are sometimes up to 2000% more than someone without the condition. Please help me to make a difference by signing and sharing ! If enough people get behind this campaign the right provision could be put in place for anyone with a mental health condition planning to take a well deserved holiday.

Elizabeth Watson
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