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Petition to Steve Bullock

Do not make dangerous cuts to Children's NHS mental health services in Lewisham!

Lewisham Council is planning to cut children’s mental health (CAMHS) funding by £150,000 over the next 2 years.  This follows a £94,000 cut last year and is on top of NHS efficiency savings demanded by the government.  The proposed cut will happen at a time when we are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis in the NHS- caused by seven years of inadequate health and social care funding by the Conservative and coalition governments.  Lewisham council have been forced to cut £153 million from their total budget, with more cuts to come. The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, together with staff, patients and their parents, believe the current situation cannot continue - more money is desperately needed, not less! At least 3 jobs will be lost, on top of 2 jobs that were lost last year. This equates to hundreds of appointments a year disappearing. Waiting lists, already too long, will get longer. Clinicians will be forced to make impossible decisions about which cases are less serious, which children will have to wait longest and who will not get the best care. More children will go to A&E if these cuts happen.  When young people are in crisis, they often attend A&E because community services are overstretched.  This is distressing for them, it is not the suitable environment and it adds pressure to the hospitals.  We believe that every mental health problem has the potential to become critical if untreated - especially for children and young people.  Lewisham has a number of risk factors that mean our young people’s mental health is worse than average. We cannot afford to increase this risk by increasing the number of children not receiving adequate help in the community. Young people are almost powerless in conventional political processes because of their age- even more so if they have a mental health diagnosis.  If adults in Lewisham, alongside Lewisham council, do not stand up for them, then who will? We all have to speak out.  Enough is enough. As well as signing and sharing this petition you can help by: Joining us to lobby the council -  Wednesday, 17th January at 6.45pm Coming to our public meeting on Tuesday, 6th February @ 7.30pm @ New Cross Learning Attending a protest outside the council meeting on 21st February which will have the final power to ratify the proposed cuts. Follow us on twitter, Facebook and see our website to keep up to date:

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign
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Petition to Jesse Norman MP, Bill Wiggin MP

Increased funding for mental health services in Herefordshire

Getting increased funding for mental health services in Herefordshire would benefit the community greatly. I have been in a psychiatric unit for the last year due to the inability for the county to cope with children and adult mental health support. They do not have the resources needed to help the thousands of people who need support and treatment for their mental health issues. They are more willing to dispense medication to anyone then to try and help. When questioned about the lack of care being given to myself by my family members. The psychiatric consultant at the time said 'What do you want me to do.' This is appalling and if the county had more funding they could hire more staff, Enroll on more courses and have the ability to effectively treat and help anyone who needs the care from these establishments. This is the reason I want this more than anything, to stop anyone else and their families for going through the same hell as me and my family have done. This is going overlooked for to long, what has to happen for people to wake up and realise this is destroying thousands of people's lives.  With this funding we can work on the recognition and prevention of crisis and long term problems in the population If we get this extra funding or for the MP's and other parliament members to realise this is such an important issue in our society. It will be there for when you, or your family needs it in the future.

CJ Childs
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Petition to Bupa, Financial Services Authority, Jeremy Hunt

Stop travel insurance companies discriminating against mental health conditions

This summer I planned to go to Spain for a week and wanted travel insurance. After being physically unwell for the last few months, I’ve learnt the importance of making sure I’m covered correctly. I called Bupa, went through my physical medical conditions and medications. All was fine and I would be covered so I paid £21 and received the certificate of insurance. I realised I hadn't mentioned my Bipolar so I asked if this would be something I would need to declare (this hadn't crossed my mind). For those of you that don't know - Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another. After declaring my bipolar, I was told I would no longer be covered - even if I paid a higher premium. That’s why I’m calling on Bupa, the Financial Service Authorities and others to stop discriminating in this way and to offer those with mental health conditions travel insurance at a reasonable price. Angry and upset, I made a complaint which they logged. Still to this day (nearly a month later) I’ve heard nothing back. I also took to social media to try and get my voice heard - but the only reply was "we will be in touch." 1 in 3 of us will suffer from some kind of mental health condition at one or more parts in our lives, sometimes our whole life. Since that day, I have done some filming with the BBC about this issue, and have also spoken to Mark Rowland from the Mental Health Foundation about how I can help to make a change. Only a handful of companies provide cover in the UK but the premiums people have to pay are sometimes up to 2000% more than someone without the condition. Please help me to make a difference by signing and sharing ! If enough people get behind this campaign the right provision could be put in place for anyone with a mental health condition planning to take a well deserved holiday.

Elizabeth Watson
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