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Petition to The Hon. Sussan Ley MP

Adolescent Mental Heath Needs Addressing

My daughter is 15. And suffers from a long term Mental Illness. We have been involved with our local CAMHS service now for over 12 months with very little improvement, in fact our situation is worsening. We attend individual weekly sessions and she see’s a psychiatrist every 6 weeks for a meds review. In this whole time we have been ill informed and kept mostly in the dark about the care and treatment my daughter needs. We have not been given any helpful strategies to better assist her needs or to even better understand her condition, despite our numerous requests. My daughter self harms, she cuts deep into her wrists, has overdosed on medication and expresses often a desire of wanting to die. My daughter is actively suicidal. We have been admitted to ED at least 6 times this year with her clearly disclosing a want to die, yet she is sent home a few hours later with our local CAMHS service to follow up the next day. It seems to be a cycle that we are all to familiar with now, except with each presentation to the ED getting progressively worse. I have been reaching out and screaming for help, for more services to help us get through this, but we are constantly told that there is nothing more available to us. How is this so? There needs to be more intensive services, inpatient with the focus on getting better help not used as a holding bay until the suicidal thoughts go away, there needs to be more support for guardians and care givers, there needs to be more done in our community to assist the people with a Mental Illness, there needs to be more options then the useless ones currently in place. Without this I fear my daughter will die.

Kelly Lett
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Petition to The Honourable Peter Malinauskas, The Honourable Roger H COOK, The Honourable Greg Hunt, President Donald J. Trump

Urgent! Help Save Kate!

"Without Prejudice" This is the will of the following people; that you immediately take action, and an immediate cease is put on the ECT treatments for Kate Raleigh. We ask for a full inquiry into Kate's and my own medical kidnappings, criminal charges laid, as well as a full investigation now be launched on behalf of all the voiceless victims who are being lost to a system that is allegedly not in their best interest, and may be operating outside of their legal powers, with possible criminal implications. We are asking that this inquiry is independent and public. We do not want a ministerial inquiry. We also want to see an immediate, full review of current mental health practices. Cases such as Kates are not isolated incidents.  I met Kate when I myself was medically kidnapped and tortured for Islamophobia. [yes islamophobia, as stated on the form 1A] Like Kate, I had also been threatened with the choice of either voluntarily taking anti-psychotic drugs or ECT. If I complied and took the drugs I would be 'rewarded' by being released to the open ward. My non-compliance saved my life, but should never have been at risk in the first place! However, I was one of the lucky ones - I proved wrongful commitment and no mental illness... but only after they had already force administered anti-psychotics I did not need, almost killed me, and had destroyed my health and life. My objection as well as the laws they were in breach of, and the potential risk to my life and health if they proceeded were properly explained to them, after my requested legal rights to have people contacted, a 2nd opinion etc had also all been refused. A cop replied 'Well its our word against yours", and they all including the psych had a good old laugh over that.. Sadly my own story is all too common and most like Kate fall through the cracks... This is not OK!! Please help save Kate Raleigh. Kate has been in my opinion medically kidnapped and tortured, with complete disregard to her legal and human rights. Kate has been made an involuntary patient at Margaret Tobin Center, Flinders Medical Center, Adelaide SA. Kate was administered drugs, declared incompetent with forced internment, force medicated, and forced ECT sessions. [Electro Convulsive Therapy] No Judge, No Jury, No Lawyer, not even a Mental Health Advocate. As far as I am aware this is against the law and is referred to as a Star Chamber according to our constitution, which is the highest law of the land. Therefore it is illegal for one person to make any kind of legal decision against another individual as has happened in Kate's case. Medical consent is one of the critical areas of any kind of medical treatment.  One of the earliest expressions of this fundamental principal based on autonomy,  being the Nuremberg code in 1947.  This was adopted immediately after WW2 in response to medical and experimental atrocities committed by the German Nazi Regime and others.  The code makes it mandatory to obtain voluntary and informed consent of human subjects. Australia is signed up under this treaty. In a 1946 referendum a clause was added to Section 51(xxiii) of the Constitution which prevents the Government from forcing people to medicate. This means that the Government or those acting on its behalf can not force medicate. Further, sec 28 of the Federal Crimes Act (1914) states: Any person who, by violence or threats or intimidation of any kind, hinders or interferes with the free exercise of performance, by any other person, of any political right or duty, shall be guilty of an offence." The penalty is up to three years imprisonment. Section 109 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia... "When a law of a state is inconsistent with the law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency , be invalid. The truth and explanation of what is happening to Kate, and the urgency and seriousness of this matter can be found here => Simple Truth 10: Electroshock is Brain Trauma - Dr Peter Breggin Your urgent assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please Help Save Kate. Thanking you in anticipation. #HelpSaveKate #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS         

Cristina Rioli
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Petition to Apple, Google, Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Inman Grant, Google, Inc, Snapchat Inc.

Ban apps like Sarahah where my daughter was told to “KILL HERSELF”

I have been scared, broken and sick to my stomach ever since I read messages about my 13-year-old daughter including, “I hope SHE KILLS HERSELF. Seriously nobody will care”. No one, especially our youth, should have to read messages like this about them. These messages were sent through an app called Sarahah, which can be downloaded for free on both the App Store and on Google Play. Sarahah is an app where people can make anonymous accounts and send anonymous messages to and about others. Because of the anonymous nature of the app, Sarahah has become what users describe as “an app breeding suicides” and “a breeding ground for hate”. My daughter and I have been shattered by this app, and tragically another teenager, in the UK, was found hanged early in 2017 after allegedly being bullied on a similar app called Sayat.Me, which was shut down in May. Both the App Store and Google Play have policies against apps that facilitate bullying, harassment or self harm. Why then is Sarahah still available on these platforms? No parent can stomach this abuse of their children and I cannot even imagine losing my beautiful, sweet girl to suicide. This is why we need to protect our children. I read an article on ‘Dolly’, a 14 year old, who after so much bullying, took her life just after the New Year. Dolly felt that her only way out was suicide. I do not want my daughter or any other to become the next Dolly. App Store and Google Play - help us protect our most vulnerable and ban bullying apps like Sarahah now. #speakevenifyourvoiceshakes #doitfordolly  

Katrina _
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