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Increase Mental Health Funding

Currently, mental health services are unable to provide the care and help that Kiwis need. Since 2008, there has been a 60 per cent increase in people needing mental health services. Funding has not kept up. Services are stretched and patchy. People are falling through the cracks. A quarter of suicides are people who had been in contact with mental health services at least a month before their passing.  “Local health professionals know their patients the best but currently, they don’t have the resources to help them. Mental health services are underfunded and over-stretched, acting as an ‘ambulance at the bottom of the cliff’ that is only available to people during periods of significant mental health distress. There is a huge gap in care for people when they have mild to moderate mental health needs.” According to Labour Government’s recent release they will be working towards increasing health funding. Labour is committed to ensuring health workers are equipped to do their valuable work. “Our families’ health is our greatest treasure but it’s becoming more difficult for many people to afford to see the doctor. Chronic underfunding has seen fees rise rapidly. Half a million New Zealanders did not visit the doctor last year when they were sick due to cost. That’s not acceptable in New Zealand. “As of currently, within the nation, the average cost for a child aged 6-17 to visit a GP during the in-hours period (covering 25% of the week) was $24, with charges ranging from $0 to $60. The average cost for an after-hours visit (covering 75% of the week) was $44, with charges ranging from $0 to $89.” The fact that a GP appointment costs between $0 to $60 can be considered a factor in the lack of those who need help not getting help. Especially in terms of a GP visit. It is not clear to many of the public, but when you visit your GP in relation to mental health, they are then in demand to help you get help. Your GP should refer you to the help you need and can provide a way of funding for further treatment if applicable. If the first step can get more funding, the GP visit, then from there, those who suffer with mental health issues will be provided with access to more help with the help of their GP’s referrals.   The issue I am targeting falls under the category of mental health. The issue is the lack of services and funding for those who suffer from mental health conditions and their quality of  life is limited due to the lack of funds available. The issue of mental health is very broad, and can refer to many things. My aim is to generally increase subsidy and increase funding available for mental health. To specify the action I am taking, I am directly focusing on campaigning for more funding available for mental health related GP appointments. The policy I am aiming to change is the cost of a GP appointment related to mental health.    

Halle Mitchell
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Petition to Catherine King, Greg Hunt MP, Malcolm Turnbull, Meegan Fitzharris, Steven Miles, Brad Hazard, Steven Wade, Jill Hennessy, Michael Ferguson, Sarah Lovell MLC, Janet Rice

“Praying the Gay Away” nearly killed me -- outlaw ‘Gay Conversion’ therapy

Trying to “Pray the Gay Away” nearly killed me. I’m not the only one. An investigation in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald revealed gay conversion therapy has not disappeared in Australia, but has simply gone more underground. According to the article, even children have been subjected to ex-gay therapy. I was only 16 when my own ‘conversion therapy’ began. I came out to a church leader who wanted me to be ‘cured’ and I began sessions with a counsellor aimed at changing my sexuality. At 17 my church introduced me to the leader of an actual program designed to turn me straight. Eventually, I was desperate enough to try it. Every week, members spoke about their ‘sins’ and we learned about the spiritual and experiential reasons that we had ‘turned gay’. I was so ashamed and guilt-ridden that I remained completely celibate for years. So-called ‘conversion therapy’ causes depression, self-loathing and even suicide. I prayed to God asking him to either heal me, or kill me. I was so depressed, I wanted to die. The trauma associated with that part of my life still affects me - how could it not? How is this legal? I don’t want to see a single kid harmed by “therapies” that tell them that something that is innate in them is evil or demonic or needs to be ‘healed’. Please, sign this petition calling for Malcolm Turnbull and the Health Minister Greg Hunt to work with each state to protect the most vulnerable and outlaw gay conversion therapy and it’s advocacy nationwide. It has no place in our medical profession and certainly not in the lives of minors.

Chris _
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Petition to Greg Hunt MP, Brad Hazzard MP, Tanya Davies MP, Gladys Berejiklian MP, Luke Foley MP, ​Michael DiRienzo, Marcia Fogarty, Catherine King MP, Sharon Claydon MP, Timothy Carson MP, Luke Folley MP

Increase Mental Health Support for Patients with Cystic Fibrosis to Meet Standards of Care

THERE IS NO HEALTH WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH My name is Morgan Gollan, and I am a patient of the John Hunter Cystic Fibrosis Adult Specialist Centre. Currently we have a social worker 2 days a week, and no psychologist. Within the last few years there has been a high turnover and long periods without a social worker at all so it would seem the current model of funding isn't working for whatever reason. The current situation does not address continuity of care, nor does it form the basis for a young child/adult with CF to form a trusting relationship with a health professional. Personally the last 6 months have been difficult after being diagnosed with depression and loosing one of my best friends to Cystic Fibrosis. The need for the social worker and psychologist was imperative to my health, my journey and helping me. I'm so grateful for the help I received and the experience highlighted to me the value and importance of these health professionals in CF care. They should be an essential team member that every patient can access not just at crisis point. We should be proactive about mental and psychosocial health not reactive.  As a patient I think our voice is important and often reflects needs of a community well. And as such I feel, along with many others, that the needs of more then 200 adults and kids with Cystic Fibrosis in terms of their mental, psychosocial health and general wellbeing are not being met, in fact are being ignored by the local area health service. We can be doing better. On any Cystic Fibrosis Specialist Centre team, 1 FTE social worker and 1 FTE psychologist for every 75-150 patients should be appointed, to meet the Cystic Fibrosis Standards of Care, Australia 2008.  These positions are vital to ensure a standard level of care for all patients with Cystic Fibrosis and I would welcome the NSW Ministry for Health to address the issue of funding for a permanent social worker and psychologist for the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at John Hunter Hospital. To address why the mental and psychosocial health of 119 chronically ill patients doesn't matter.  Additionally I would like to ensure that all patients with Cystic Fibrosis across Australia have access to the appropriate care on their team regardless of the clinic they attend. To ensure the proper funding for social workers and psychologists in order to achieve continuity of care, better patient outcomes and mental and emotional wellbeing.  If there is no change then what will the ministry say:  * To the Newly diagnosed family accepting a life long, life limiting illness and the daunting nature of this. * To the patients and families navigating preschool, school, university and having to advocate for them/ themselves * To the patients being discriminated against at work due to illness and disability * To the patients struggling to access NDIS/centrelink * To the patients struggling to afford medication/food and living week to week * To the patients just struggling * To the child who just lost their first CF friend. And they realise they could be next. They realise their own mortality. * The family that looses someone with CF * The patient in palliative care as a young adult * The patient told they are ineligible for transplant. That they will die. * The patient who doesn't want a transplant * The family/carer/partner having to go to work while their loved one lives out their last days/weeks waiting for a transplant because they centrelink won't grant them carers allowance despite needing 24 hour care. This shouldn't happen and social workers can often influence the centrelink process. Patients should be surrounded by loved ones during this time not a centrelink battle. * The patient who would rather drive off a highway into oncoming traffic or jump of a cliff then face another day with CF * The patient who just can't handle the physical/mental/emotional pain of CF anymore * The patient who sees death as a better alternative then fighting CF * The patient who feels consumed by CF and doesn't know a way out * The patient who can't have children * The patient who looses their wife/husband/partner/friends/ because they can't deal with CF One in five Australians experience mental health concerns at some point in their lives. In Patients with a chronic, life threatening condition such as Cystic Fibrosis rates of anxiety and depression have shown to increase by 25% in adolescents compared to the normal population and 35% in carers. This highlights how essential it is for both paediatric and adult patients to have access to a multi disciplinary team that includes a social worker and psychologist in order to achieve optimum health in the long term.  As a patient living with the complexity of Cystic Fibrosis I can only ask you to help by signing this petition to help increase funding of these services for patients. As I know first hand the benefits of being able to access these health professionals.  Thank you  Morgan Gollan   

Morgan Gollan
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Petition to Bill English, Jacinda Ardern, James Shaw, David Seymour, Marama fox, Peter Dunne, Winston Peters

My 12-year-old needs urgent help for her genetic eating disorder, she could have died

Bill English; my 12-year-old daughter needs urgent help for her genetic eating disorder, she could have died. My daughter was 10 when I noticed her starting to lose weight fast - it was frightening.  My gorgeous girl was melting away before my eyes. I desperately sought help from our GP and mental health service, but it took weeks before she was seen. She became so ill she had to be airlifted to Dunedin Hospital with life-threatening heart complications and organ failure. Earlier intervention could have prevented this. I discovered a shocking reality - just one eating disorder facility in the whole country looks after children aged under 14 at the Starship Hospital in Auckland. It contains only a few beds for the sickest. No referrals are accepted from the South Island. Instead, she was sent to Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch. Not only was the building earthquake damaged and appallingly dilapidated, but she was also sent to the psychiatric unit, not an eating disorder ward. The staff did their best, but they didn’t have the training or equipment for treating eating disorders. She now sufferers nightmares and PTSD as a result of this experience and an attack by a male patient at the unit. All I want is the right care for my daughter, but the government does not recognise this need or fund it. I am fighting to give my daughter back the normal life she deserves. She has been horribly ill for 2.5 years, and I’m exhausted from trying to get her the help she needs. The health system does not have the resources to treat her, so they are leaving her in limbo. We have been forced to sell our family home and move into a small cottage as I now have to care for her full-time. I have been forced to sell one of my businesses and mothball the other. I'm a single parent, and I've worked hard to build them, now I've lost our means of support. We now face homelessness as I don't have enough money coming in to cover our family’s bills and the high expenses of her illness. My happy, bubbly, sunshine child has disappeared - and I can’t get her the help she desperately needs. Please ask the Government and Opposition to urgently commit more resources for GP training and to eating disorder facilities for my daughter and all our children in need.  

Sarah Rowland
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