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Petition to Bill English, Jacinda Ardern, James Shaw, David Seymour, Marama fox, Peter Dunne, Winston Peters

My 12-year-old needs urgent help for her genetic eating disorder, she could have died

Bill English; my 12-year-old daughter needs urgent help for her genetic eating disorder, she could have died. My daughter was 10 when I noticed her starting to lose weight fast - it was frightening.  My gorgeous girl was melting away before my eyes. I desperately sought help from our GP and mental health service, but it took weeks before she was seen. She became so ill she had to be airlifted to Dunedin Hospital with life-threatening heart complications and organ failure. Earlier intervention could have prevented this. I discovered a shocking reality - just one eating disorder facility in the whole country looks after children aged under 14 at the Starship Hospital in Auckland. It contains only a few beds for the sickest. No referrals are accepted from the South Island. Instead, she was sent to Princess Margaret Hospital in Christchurch. Not only was the building earthquake damaged and appallingly dilapidated, but she was also sent to the psychiatric unit, not an eating disorder ward. The staff did their best, but they didn’t have the training or equipment for treating eating disorders. She now sufferers nightmares and PTSD as a result of this experience and an attack by a male patient at the unit. All I want is the right care for my daughter, but the government does not recognise this need or fund it. I am fighting to give my daughter back the normal life she deserves. She has been horribly ill for 2.5 years, and I’m exhausted from trying to get her the help she needs. The health system does not have the resources to treat her, so they are leaving her in limbo. We have been forced to sell our family home and move into a small cottage as I now have to care for her full-time. I have been forced to sell one of my businesses and mothball the other. I'm a single parent, and I've worked hard to build them, now I've lost our means of support. We now face homelessness as I don't have enough money coming in to cover our family’s bills and the high expenses of her illness. My happy, bubbly, sunshine child has disappeared - and I can’t get her the help she desperately needs. Please ask the Government and Opposition to urgently commit more resources for GP training and to eating disorder facilities for my daughter and all our children in need.  

Sarah Rowland
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Petition to Simon Birmingham, Robert Stokes

Lets grade Australian schools by students' happiness and creativity, not academic results

Stop. Don't sign this until you're sure - you're really sure that you are ready to have Australia put everything at stake and completely ovehurl our current education system for something entirely different because of your signature. Are you ready to be part of something like that? If you sign this petition, you are agreeing to a wolf in sheep's clothing, appearing to be asking for nothing more than a small beauracratic change in a snowfield of policies and procedures that appear to govern what we call 'The Education System'. But signer beware - be very careful of what the unintended consequences of your comaraderie may be. Because we have been sheep, blindly following the orders of our instructors and teachers for so long, and we don't know what it means to be free. We have become so comfortable with our fences and fear and ability to blame others for our discontent that though we may hate our governors, are we really ready to take our lives into our own hands? Please be very careful about writing your name on this list, in case it snowballs and we end up running free like the wolves, who's power and decisions lie within. Dear Minister for Education, While the government has been using standardised testing to see where students are falling through the cracks in literacy and numeracy, it has neglected the far greater crack that 45% of Australians are expected to fall into at some point in their lives: A 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing found that three million Australians had fallen into the cracks of depression and anxiety, to the point where it was affecting their career, productivity, wellbeing, and personal relationships. If parents are to be informed of how well a school can support their children in developing their literacy an numeracy, they should also be informed of how well that school can support their child's long term emotional wellbeing and enable them with the skills to deal with life's challenges in a creative and positive manner and to live happy, fulfilling, empowering and rewarding lives with resilience against anxiety and depression. Many schools seem to be failing miserably in this matter. A recent study by Ben North of UNSW as quoted in 'The Conversation' found that: ''Of the 722 year 12 students 42% registered high level anxiety symptoms, high enough to be of clinical concern(!!!)'' ''16% of students reported extremely severe levels of anxiety. Stress, anxiety and pressure levels were highest among girls, and higher still among gifted girls. These findings were consistent across a range of cultural groups''. In the flurry of competition to tout the best grades, governments, schools and families alike have often sadly swept aside the need for emotional wellbeing in students' lives. We asks that: 1. The following holistic testing be done for Year 7 students, Year 12 students, and adults five and ten years after leaving school: •The Happiness Test•The Emotional Intelligence Test•The Creative Problem Solving Test•Personal (confidential) responses 2. Wherever the results of NAPLAN and/or final year examinations are publicly released or are used as the basis for studies by schools, governments or researchers, the results of the abovementioned tests should be also readily available 3. Use the schools ranking highest in the abovementioned tests as models for curriculum development and direction for State and National funding4. Direct teachers from schools with high rates of anxiety, depression, lack of emotional intelligence or creativity; to taking remedial courses (based on the research from the findings of the highest performing schools) about positive teaching techniques. Let's plant seeds for the children of today to be able to be able to make a more peaceful, content and harmonious world than the one we have known

Jacinta Nowland
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Petition to Hon Jill Hennessy

We need public inpatient units that assist children with eating disorders

Currently there are no public inpatient services for people with an eating disorder.  Before the age of 18 you are admitted into a hospital, only if you are medically unstable.  This means your heart and other organs must be failing before you are admitted.  Once you turn 18, the hospital will no longer help you.  This is a mental illness with the highest mortality rate than any other mental health illness.  The malnutrition causes thing's such as; an irregular heartbeat, chronic fatigue, liver and/or thyroid problems, dizziness, lack of physical strength, thinning of the bones, hair loss,  slowing metabolism.  It alters the way the brain functions causing; slow thinking, inability to concentrate, anxiety, OCD and depression.  1 in every 10 sufferers will die.  There is a very high suicide rate linked to eating disorders.  There are currently no programs funded by the government to assist people with this debilitating illness.  Sufferers need a treatment facility that is just focused on eating disorders.  There are Mother's out there watching their children slowly die before their eyes, because of the lack of help.  I have a friend who's daughter just turned 18.  She is very very ill.  The hospital won't help her now because she is "18".  She was sent to emergency because her OBS were so unstable.  The hospital allowed her not to eat for 5 days.  Then she was discharged weighing less than she did before going in.  This illness is NOT a choice.  Having an inpatient facility available for the public, would be life changing for sufferers.  Please sign and share this petition.  There are treatment facilities for people with other mental illnesses, why is there no help for eating disorders?  Considering it has the highest mortality rate.  My son is a 16yr old suffering Anorexia Nervosa.  This illness has had a huge impact on our entire family's lives.  You are a carer 24/7, therefore cannot work.  These children have months off school due to this illness, because it is not dealt with.  We are expected to sit with our children for hours if necessary, to try and get them to eat.  When they are in hospital if they refuse to eat, they are given food through a tube.  Us as parents don't have that luxury at home.  We just have to sit and wait until they are medically unstable for any help.  Unless you are living it, it is very hard to understand just the lack of help out there.  I hope we can raise more awareness and finally get the help we need.  My sons Anorexia was caused by his CPTSD from years of school bullying.  

Cathilee Whitmore
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