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Petition to Joseph M. McShane, S.J., Dennis Jacobs

Implement a Pass/Fail option for all Fall '21 classes.

The transition from online to in-person classes has proven to be a source of great stress on the student body at Fordham. Although we understand a transition period is to be expected, and that Fordham university and its students pride themselves on the rigorous academics of this institution, we have come to the conclusion that considering the mental, emotional, and physical health of the students and faculty, a pass/fail system should be implemented for this fall 2021 semester. We also believe that students have not been properly prepared for all their classes because they didn't receive the same educational background that they would have in person. For instance, students that started their language requirement online will have a more difficult transition to in-person learning than those starting in-person. The same can also be said of many other subjects and courses. While this is not the University's fault, it has created inequity amongst the student population. A remedy to alleviate the academic inequality this has caused is a pass/fail system. Fordham consistently speaks about cura personalis as the foundation for its educational experience. However, mental and physical health should not take a backseat to academic performance. The stress on students rises not just from their own physical health concerns but concern for the safety of their families and friends, and cannot be so easily measured. It does not make sense, therefore, to continue to hold students to the exact same standards regarding grading and attendance during this period of time.  Therefore, we ask Fordham University to implement an optional Pass/Fail grading system for all Fordham students for the Fall 2021 semester. 

John Lonie
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Petition to Elizabeth Scherer, Ron DeSantis, Harold Pryor

The Case for Life for Nikolas Cruz

Nikolas Cruz has pleaded guilty on all counts of murder and attempted murder. At this point, the decision has come down to whether or not to spare his life. I know many people consider him a ruthless monster, but if you take a moment to learn about his life, you will find many things that point to mental illness. Not only has Cruz been diagnosed with Autism, it is very clear and evident in his behavior that he does not comprehend at the age of an adult. If this case had gone to trial, these things would have been presented. He does not pose a threat to society, he will never be released. The death penalty is an immoral and outdated process that should never have existed in the first place. I understand why many people have bitterness, toward him, but many people have played a part in this horrific tragedy. The government itself was incompetent and did not do anything despite 39 calls to the police. The government is trying to cover up it's actions. The argument is posed, that Cruz will have issues while in prison if not sentenced to death due to the confrontation that Cruz and security guard Raymond Beltran had. This is the only instance of an issue he had. This guard had been reported by Cruz's attorney, Melissa Mcneill for mistreatment, two weeks prior to the incident, which would have been presented in court, if the case had gone to trial. This case is not a question of whether or not Nikolas Cruz is guilty. He has acknowledged and apologized for his actions, this is a plea to spare him from the death penalty, by the people of Florida, to do the right thing and not invoke this merciless punishment. If there was ever a question about his mental stability, an unbiased juror, would recommend life in prison. If you do not believe that the death penalty should be made illegal, read my argument on . If you still do not agree on that, this case has an extra factor to it. If you visit Just in this, there is evidence that Nikolas Cruz does not have the mental process of a 23 year old man. If you believe that Cruz should be spared of death, please sign this petition and share it on social media platforms. This could have all been prevented, if countless people wouldn't have failed. After the fact, this painful process could have been prevented by prosecutors accepting a plea deal, but no, tragedy was added on to tragedy. Judge Elizabeth Scherer still has the ability to automatically impose a life sentence. If you are in agreeance that this should be done, please sign, and share.      

Amanda Coots
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Petition to Altha J. Stewart, Carlos Pena, Rosie Phillips Davis, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, The Royal College of Psychiatrists, Dr. Georgina Zahirney, Irish Psychiatry, Australian Psychiatry, Paul Chrisp, The Committee on Electroconvulsive Therapy and Related Treatments, ECT Accreditation Service (ECTAS), National Association of Lead Nurses in ECT (NALNECT), The Scottish ECT Accreditation Network (SEAN), Juan José Lopez-Ibor

Standardize, Regulate & Audit Shock Treatments (Electroconvulsive therapy or ECT)

My doctor dropped the electrical force equivalent of a 73-pound weight onto my head 116 times. He continued treatment without routinely assessing for brain injury – with permission of more than 25 other doctors at the hospital – because Electroconvulsive therapy (also called electroshock therapy) is not regulated or audited by a third-party regulator.  I am not the only one. Thousands of patients like me are being treated with unregulated electroshock therapy right now. In 2017, the hospital that treated me reported that they gave 4,055 ECT treatments and collected $13.9M from ECT reimbursements alone. And that’s just one hospital. Today (a decade after I quit treatment), I live with the effects of a repetitive head injury much like those recognized in athletes. Now, I suffer from symptoms including 36 years of memory loss, migraines, early onset Dementia, and slurred speech due to motor neuron malfunction. Technically my symptoms fall "outside the scope of practice" for most neurologists in the area because no one specializes in repetitive electrical injury to the head. That’s because this type of treatment isn’t actually regulated or audited. Join me in demanding international psychiatric leadership (i.e. American Psychiatric Association, UK Royal College of Psychiatry, et al) improve patient care by creating a set of standards for shock therapy treatment by signing this petition. I'm also targeting other top international psychiatric associations in hopes that this will be a global outcry that will lead to a global solution. There needs to be official regulations to ensure that practitioners are properly trained to give appropriate treatment. People referred for Electroconvulsive therapy (and their family members) deserve complete information pertaining to risks of permanent brain damage now recognized by the device manufacturer. Patients deserve to understand that until the method of administration technique is standardized, regulated and audited to ensure protocols are followed, they cannot reasonably expect positive outcomes from this form of treatment. Patients and their family members must understand that doctors and device manufacturers cannot say that negative outcomes are "rare" because without standardized treatment, no one can understand how rare or common negative outcomes are. Patients and family members must understand that this treatment can potentially cause a repetitive head injury which doctors do not understand how to treat. Not telling patients and their family members about manufacturer recognized risks is negligence. Assuming a person (or their family member) does not need to fully understand the risks involved with treatment because of the severity of present mental health symptoms is discrimination. Humans have the right to choose whether or not they receive a treatment based on fully informed consent. Humans deserve appropriate follow-up care if/when they are injured. Doctors deserve to be fully informed of the risk of permanent brain damage to which they are exposing their patients and understand they are providing a treatment which can potentially cause symptoms that are outside their scope of practice to follow-up on and treat appropriately. This petition (outlined in the updates) prevents risk of brain damage, establishes protocols to identify if/when a patient is injured and provides rehabilitation when injured. 

Sarah P. Hancock
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