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Petition to United Nations, Department of Justice, Michigan State House, Michigan State Senate, Rick Snyder


My son Musaalih Kerr died March 5, 2016 after being arrested and put in Oakland County Jail without medicatreatment even though he was arrested at a facility for the mentally ill and place there by court appointed guardian law office appointed by the state.  Although he was taken from jail by ambulance, shocked back to life or more accurately a living nightmare, plugged into a ventilator for three months he died in that jail cell on that cold day in December because he never breathed on his own again. The ventilator breathed for him for 90 days. In his last days on earth he was unable to move and his only activity was staring at the clock on the wall as his life slipped away.  The last breathe he took on his own was in jail so the jail needs to provide some answers. It has been over a year and the only call I got from the authorities is a call to ask me why he wasn't in court. He was taken to hospital by the jail. How come they didn't know he died? I am asking you to pass Musaalih's Law so that mentally ill group home residence and those living with their families are taken to a hospital to be stabalized at least before being thrown in a cell. I also request an investigation into the death of Musaalih Kerr. Why did he walk into jail and left in an ambulance as a quadepligic with trauma to his spine? In my opinion jail is not the appropriate place for the mentally ill. Michigan does not have a state hospital so if someone has a family member that is a danger to himself or others there is nothing one can do. No actions are taken until the mentally ill person commits a crime. Lack of resources for the mentally ill is a factor in crime stats and race does play a role in who gets resources. Although I work, pay taxes and owned a home; attempting to get help was a daily struggle.  The last time Musaalih was arrested he already had a long paper trail that verified he was mentally ill. For one the police arrested him at a group home for mentally ill residents; if that wasn't a clue, at the time of his arrest he had a legal guardian appointed by Michigan Probate Court due to mentallyincompetent caused by schizophrenia. Also prior to his last arrest which preceded his death Musaalih lived in Lake Park Nursing home in Wakengen Illinois for four years. In his life he has been charged with resisting arrest for running three feet. The police officers were informed he had a mental illness but they always took him to jail, never to a hospital.  I feel if the arresting officers would have taken him to a hospital at least to be stabalized first he would be alive today. Police Officers are not Social Workers and I am not advocating to burden them with judgement calls on whether a suspect is mentally ill. However, treating those in residence for the mentally ill like they are mentally ill means that there is no guess work for the police in these instances.  The jail staff also were neglectful to watch my son die for months and not take him to a hospital until it was too late. Taking him to hospital too late, staved, dehydrated do not count as compassion in my opinion. In his short life Musaalih probably had close to twenty hospitalizations due to schizophrenia. Although medical experts say that there is no cure for schizophrenia, everytime my son ended up in jail the judge act like a jail sentence would cure the uncureable. So he suffered in a cold cell and died alone. Pass Musaalih's Law so that it will be mandatory for police to take mentally ill group home residents to hospital first to be stabalized before throwing them in jail. Some are having seizures and shouldn't be left to die in that state, a waking nightmare. Jail staff are not adequate to treat the mentally ill and putting this burden on jail staff is not fair to them or mentally ill persons. Musaalih's Law will not bring my son back but hopefully prevent another person from suffering the same fate as him and another family from suffering the heartache of losing their love one in this way.  Musaalih walked into jail but never walked out. By the time he got to the hospital he was quadepligic, unable to move anything except his eyes and mouth. Unable to speak, breathe  or eat.  Cause of death on his death certificate says blunt force trauma to the spine, cause unknown. So this could be murder that is being ignored. I hope to shine light on his case. Thank you   Before he died part of Musaalih's journey was featured on Dan Rather Presents Bus Ticket to Nowhere. The Mental Health Crisis in America. You can watch at link below. Thank you for your support in memory of my late son, Musaalih Kerr. ://  

Peggie Jarvis
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Petition to Governor Terry McAuliffe

Demand Justice-Virginia Gave Mentally Ill Teen Two Life Sentences For non-Capital Crime!

Chris Sharikas at a young age started suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and ended up committing a violent crime, a crime where his sentencing guidelines called for a 7 to 11 year sentence.  The state knew that Chris suffered from a mental illness and sent him to a hospital for a short period with the hope that he would become competent to stand trial.  The State returned Chris to Arlington County for sentencing.  The county jail determined that Chris did not need the medications prescribed for his mental condition and decided to use a different approach.  Chris' mental state deteriorated to the extent that he was no longer capable of showing remorse.  This angered the Judge and he gave Chris maximum sentences.  At a Writ of Habeas Corpus hearing the Judge verbally confirmed the long sentences because he did not believe that Chris could recover from his illness.  As a result Chris is serving multiple life sentences in a system of punishment because he is ill.  Chris who never killed anyone has a longer sentence than the sniper who killed 22 people. Since when in the United States do we sentence someone to prison simply because they are sick? Please sign this petition to Governor Terry McAuliffe and ask him to pardon Chris so that he can receive care from a mental health care facility and not suffer a lifetime of punishment because he has a mental illness. More information at:    

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Petition to NENA , American foundation for Suicide Prevention

Simple Mental Health Hotline number

Enact a 3-digit mental health hotline number. We need a fast simple solution to give individuals in a mental health crisis an avenue for immediate help. The folks are already there, answering the phones, just make it easier to reach them! I propose 714 to LIV.  Posting 1-800-273-8255 or numbers on TV, on social media, or on a website isn't going to help anyone in a crisis.  I wouldn't find that number anymore recognizable than my local bank.  Per the AFSP on average, there are 121 suicides per day. My nephew was one of them, and a day I will never forget. My classmate I shared a birthday with was one.  My sister in law was one. My childhood friend’s son was one. If it saves one life via simplicity it’s worth it. Even the individual contemplating hurting others could easily recognize this number in time of need.   My classmate said we need to DO something.  This is my something.  I also propose that cellular phones by default would have a  hot key button or app already installed that link to this number and would connect the caller to expert counselors for times of crisis regarding mental health, much like the 911 system.  I want to petition the National Emergency Number Association and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to take action and enact a 3 digit hotline number for this purpose.   The number needs to be advertised far and wide as a number for  life, love, and compassion.  To many 911 doesn't represent that, nor do suicidal people believe their lives are worth calling 911 to talk.     

Connie Sewell
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