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Petition to Souderton Area High School, Sam Varano, Frank T. Gallagher, Souderton Area School District, Dean Marjoram

Allow Joseph Perri to come to school

Joseph Perri is a senior at Souderton Area High School. In the third marking period of this year Joe 's health began to deteriorate. Due to his symptoms and doctor's visits Joe missed several days of school. His doctors have since preformed 13 medical tests to determine his ailment. Thus far there has been no diagnosis and signs point to a  chance of cancer. On February 15th, administrators and guidance officials made the decision to remove Joe's physical presence from school grounds. Thereby putting him into an online program, away from the people that shape his life the most his teachers and his peers. This decision was made without the advise or consent of Joe's family and teachers. Since then Joe has been forbidden from coming to school and interacting with the aforementioned friends and teachers, instead being cooped up home, alone. The isolation imposed by the school has given Joe symptoms of cabin fever and have induced stress, anxiety, and have had poor overall effects on his mental health. Mental and Physical health are not completely inseparable and should the beginnings of cancer be in his system the unnecessary stress will serve only to exacerbate his condition. Should things be as bad as doctors fear, then administrators could be responsible for greater deterioration of his health. Joe should be allowed to return to his friends, peers, and teachers at Souderton Area High School. 

Dean Taipale
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Petition to Tom Carper, Christopher Coons, Jack Markell, John Carney

Better care in crisis for mental health and substance abuse

The mental health care in the state of Delaware is failing the patients. Patients are getting worse, medications are being thrown but no one is looking at the real issue. I know first hand the conditions of mental health care facilities as well as the issues that nurses like myself face with caring with these delicate patients. The resources and training is not provided to both health care workers and patients alike. This touches on the issue of violence as well. If we treated the people, we wouldn't have mass episodes of violence occurring so frequently. Patients are being treated as a number not a person. Facilities fool the state's audits when they come around acting as though a real program is going on. I have numerous friends and family members who are suffering but have no one to go to, if you're not actively sucidal you don't need immediate help according to many places. Patients are being threatened for practicing their rights. We all know someone suffering from mental health whether it be a mother, father, friend or cousin. I would like to see Delaware's leaders start enforcing stricter rules on mental health care, offering courses on how to better understand what these individals are going through, and mandatory CEU's focusing not only on substance abuse but mental health care equally for professionals. 

Andrea Quigley
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Petition to Hawaii State House, Hawaii Governor, Hawaii State Senate

Ban Conversion Therapy for Minors in Hawai'i

Currently in the Aloha State, conversion therapy for minors is legal. Conversion therapy is the barbaric "therapy" treatment aimed at converting lesbians and gays  to heterosexuality as well as transgender individuals to the gender they were miss-assigned at birth. Such treatments are and have been criticized as a form of pseudoscience and torture. By banning conversion therapy for minors will help ensure that LGBT youth know that their sexual orientation and/or gender identity are fine just the way they are and there is nothing to "fix". Here are the side effects from conversion therapy:Depression, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, shame, social withdrawal, suicidality, substance abuse, stress, disappointment, self-blame, decreased self-esteem and authenticity to others, hostility and blame toward parents, increased self-hatred, feelings of anger and betrayal, loss of friends and potential romantic partners, problems in sexual and emotional intimacy, sexual dysfunction, high-risk sexual behaviors, a feeling of being dehumanized and untrue to self, a loss of faith, and a sense of having wasted time and resources. We need Hawai'i to join the other states that have banned conversion therapy. Those laws are court tested and U.S. Supreme Court approved! The American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American School Counselor Association, and the National Association of Social Workers have all come out against conversion therapy. This is why we are asking the Hawai'i State Legislature to ban conversion therapy for minors. 

Michael Golojuch Jr
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