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Petition to U.S. Senate

Mental Health Professionals and Concerned Constituents Oppose AHCA

Please sign, share, and also call your U.S. Senator -  202 224-3121 - and urge them to oppose the health care bill passed by the House.   May, 2017 Dear U.S. Senator, We are mental health care therapists and addiction counselors who are deeply concerned about the decrease in access to mental health services under the American Health Care Act (AHCA) passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in early May.  We urge you to reject this bill, which would greatly diminish mental and behavioral health care at a time when treatment is urgently needed for those impacted by the opioid crisis, alcohol addiction, depression and other conditions.   One out of five Americans experiences a mental health condition, but only half get needed treatment. Nearly one third of the people covered by Medicaid expansion live with a mental health condition. The AHCA will push our clients into costly emergency rooms and jails instead of providing the coverage for mental health services which helps people stay in school, on the job and in recovery.  We are concerned about the following provisions in the bill: The AHCA allows states to opt out of requiring insurance companies to cover mental and behavioral health care, as well as to opt out of covering people with pre-existing conditions.  The AHCA would no longer require Medicaid expansion to cover mental health care, abandoning Congress’s previous commitment to mental health and addiction treatment.    The bill would reduce federal assistance to working families who buy health insurance, leaving millions of people, many of whom have mental illness, unable to afford mental health care.  Families would be denied the counseling they need to heal relationships and stay together.   People covered by Medicaid expansion before 2020 would be dropped from their plan if they are more than one month late paying their premium. This is a high price to pay for someone suffering from mental illness, who may be unable to pay a bill while in the hospital or experiencing severe symptoms. Investing in quality mental health care saves taxpayer dollars in the long term.  We see the positive impact of our work on the people we serve every day, allowing people to be productive members of society.   We ask you to vote against the AHCA and any other attempts to cut back mental and behavioral health coverage for our fellow citizens.    

Reena Bernards, LCMFT
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Petition to Michael Botticelli Director of National Drug Control Policy, Jerry Brown, Cathleen Galgiani, Barack Obama, Anthony Cannella, U.S. House of Representatives, California State House, Donald Trump

Bring Casey's Law to California - Reduce Addiction Rates!

Please help me save my daughter.. Casey's Law saves lives! But it is only available in two states in our country; Kentucky and Ohio. Drug addiction is an epidemic and currently there are no California laws in place to help people who suffer from the disease of addiction to help save them from themselves. Initially it is typically a choice to experiment with drugs but once an individual falls so deeply into the cycle of drug abuse it becomes nearly impossible for most to be able to willingly seek help or stop on their own and often times mental illness is present which can make it even more difficult to seek help. Our loved ones need us to be their voice when they become too impaired to think clearly, make rational decisions and speak out on their own behalf. Our children are dying at an alarming rate. I do not want my dually diagnosed adult daughter (whom is only 21 years old) to become a statistic. Her life as well as many others lives depend on this! Casey's Law is currently only available in two states; Kentucky and Ohio. This bill allows family or friends to petition the courts for involuntary treatment which has already saved many lives. Please pass Casey's Law here in California!

Tina Ochoa
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Petition to Chelan County

Solitary Confinement for 13 Months because of a Mental Illness?

In light of recent and ongoing media focus on mass shootings, society is urging parents to recognize mood and behavioral changes in their children, know the signs, such as isolation and loss of interests, and to intervene before a tragedy occurs.  Numerous websites and mental health professionals encourage patients and their loved ones to seek help if they fear that the patient "may be a harm to himself or others."  Our beautiful son, brother, grandson, nephew, uncle, friend, and care provider, was arrested in October 2015.  He is 27 years old, an artist, a musician, a lover of animals, intelligent, and is a gentle soul.  He is unique.  He is a true original. He has no history of violence and no previous criminal record. Joshua has suffered from depression and anxiety for 12 years.  Last year, he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.  He suffers from auditory and visual hallucinations, as well as delusions and paranoia.  He hears voices. We recognized changes in his behavior, we knew the signs to look for, and we allowed society to influence us.  Because of the changes in his behavior, we were concerned that he may be self-medicating with alcohol.  We searched his apartment.  We violated his privacy. What we found was frightening and led us to call for help, because we love our son, and we knew he was very, very sick. We immediately called the mental health crisis line in Chelan County and explained the situation. The crisis line responder did not call us back, but called law enforcement instead.  Joshua was not seen by a Designated Mental Health Professional.  He was confronted, instead, by police. According to Washington State Laws, Chapter 71.05 RCW, Joshua should have been seen by a Designated Mental Health Professional at a triage facility or hospital.  Instead, the police arrested Josh where he works as a care provider for adults with disabilities.  Police insisted that the only way he would get the mental health help he needed was to be arrested. We were told by a representative of the Governor's office that we were misinformed.  At that time, we knew nothing of the laws in place to protect him.  We trusted the professionals. Joshua was charged with 7 counts of attempted murder and has been held on a million dollar bail.  He attempted nothing. Please help encourage Chelan County Officials to use this unique situation in a positive manner that will encourage other community members to trust in the system.  When a family calls for help, that is what they need.  Chelan County residents need to feel safe if ever facing a situation involving a call for help.  They need to know that they can trust the professionals to do the right thing for their loved one with a mental illness. We are left with increasing questions as we discover laws in Washington State that have been designed to support those who are suffering from mental illness and who may be a harm to themselves or others. Why did his medical providers not contact us as his mental illness rapidly progressed, when they had a signed release from Joshua to speak with us? Why did a phone call to a mental health crisis line end with our son in jail instead of a treatment center or hospital? Why are there laws that protect people who are suffering from mental illness when they are not implemented in the ways for which they were designed? Why are there mental health organizations and advocacy groups when they are unable, or unwilling to help, after a situation becomes a "criminal case?"  We have reached out to them all, including state and local officials.  We have been told numerous times that the way in which this was handled was wrong, yet no one has been willing to advocate for our son. How many other people are languishing jail or prison because of a mental health issue?  The systems must change. Why does society and the media beg for parents to know their children, be aware of changes, invade their privacy, and call for help, when they do not help when you make that difficult call? We need to educate society.  We need to educate law enforcement.  We need to end the stigma of mental illness.  We need to advocate for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. We knew our son desperately needed help.  We made that call for help.  Joshua is still waiting for it. We are pleading that these ludicrous charges be dropped and that Joshua receive the mental health help we were calling for over 8 months ago.  With sincere gratitude, we thank you for your support.                

Lance and Dana
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