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Petition to Sergio Mattarella, Jean-Claude Juncker, António Guterres, Emmanuel Macron, Sergio Mattarella, Theresa May MP, Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin, Donald Tusk, Antonio Tajani, Angela Merkel, Angela Merkel (CDU)

Solidarity with Catalonia - for the right to peaceful self-determination!

deutsch / català / castellano / português / italiano / français  / românesc / english / lingua Europaea / 中文 / русский / 日本語 / العربية  / български / tiếng việt / فارسی / ქართული / ελληνικά / türk / magyar / hrvatski / polski / हिन्दी / 한국의 / తెలుగు / svenska / српски / dansk / nederlands / norsk / Catalonia is the largest non-state European nation. The Catalans are aware and proud of having a history of more than a thousand years. The splendid Catalan literature and culture is an essential part of Europe. The Catalan language is the mother tongue of millions of Europeans. In 1934, the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia declared Catalonia's independence from Spain. In 1936, General Francisco Franco began (with the help of Germany) his coup d'état and the Spanish civil war that provoked the suppression of the Catalan nation and its language for many years. In the 21st century the Spanish army should not be allowed to be thrown against the Catalans who want to achieve state independence by peaceful means. Europeans from all countries and nations should do their utmost to ensure that the conflict between the central government of Spain and Catalonia is resolved this time peacefully. The right to free, peaceful and democratic self-determination of nations is above the legal limits of a state that wants to impose its legal system on millions of people which feel treated as second-class citizens because they are catalans. Catalonia is unconditionally part of Europe. The European Union and all European countries should clearly state that any use of military force in the current conflict is unacceptable and that, if in fact a new Catalan state was created, it would be so welcome to the European Union as it was until now the region of Catalonia with the metropolis of Barcelona and as will continue to be Spain. ************************************************************************* Official statement of the Independent Expert of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, Prof. Dr. Alfred de Zayas, on the violations of Human Rights of the Catalan people by the Spanish State: Official statement by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of Freedom of Expression, Prof. Dr. David Kaye, on the legal persecution of Catalan politicians by the justice of the Spanish State: The Independent Expert of the United Nations Human Rights Council on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, Prof. Dr. Alfred de Zayas: RECOMMENDED APPLICATION OF THE «PRACTICAL NOTES FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF ACTIVITIES AND ALLEGATIONS RELATED TO THE PEACEFUL AND DEMOCRATIC EXERCISE OF THE RIGHT OF SELF-DETERMINATION OF PEOPLES» IN RELATION TO THE CATALAN PEOPLE ************************************************************************** News (there are more updates in the German version of the petition): 42. «Spanish foreign minister gets involved in contradictions in BBC interview» (16. 9. 2018). 41. «The false story of the non-existent — documentation on the lies of Spanish propaganda» (20. 8. 2018). 40. «Prof. Dr. Alfred de Zayas: ‘Self-Determination and Catalonia’» (28. 6. 2018). 39. «Noam Chomsky and other academics around the world demand the release of political prisoners in Spain» (20. 4. 2018). 38. «‘The right of self-determination is fully integrated into the Spanish legal system’» (20. 4. 2018). 37. «‘With Catalonia’s leaders in jail, Spain hits the grassroots’» (14. 4. 2018). 36. «German police investigating statements of Federico Jiménez Losantos against Germany and the Germans» (10. 4. 2018). 35. «‘The European Union’s response to suppression: ‘Keep paying your dues and we’ll look the other way’» (9. 4. 2018). 34. «UN expert urges Spain not to pursue criminal charges of rebellion against Catalan politicians» (7. 4. 2018). 33. «"An Astronomic Slap in the Face for the Spanish State"» (6. 4. 2018). 32. «Minister Jordi Turull: ‘There is no separation of powers in Spain‘» (3. 4. 2018). 31. «Independent UN expert against the extradition of the 130th Catalan president to Spain» (2. 4. 2018). 30. «Puigdemont’s arrest in Germany: A shameless show of contempt for the rights of individuals & peoples» (31. 3. 2018). 29. «Interview on Catalonia on the website of the German magazine «stern»» (30. 3. 2018). 28. «The Parliament of Portugal criticizes in a resolution the suspension of human rights in Catalonia» (29. 3. 2018). 27. «The voice of a decent Spanish about the national shame in Estremera prison» (28. 3. 2018). 26. «UN accepts Puigdemont's appeal for protection of his political rights» (27. 3. 2018). 25. «New petition against extradition of 130th president of Catalonia on» (26. 3. 2018). 24. «German police arrest the current 130th President of the Generalitat de Catalunya» (25. 3. 2018). 23. «Spain's self-destruction continues» (23. 3. 2018). 22. «650 lawyers from Catalonia and Spain denounce Human Rights violations» (18. 3. 2018). 21. «The European Court of Human Rights once again condemns Spain for violating human rights!» (13. 3. 2018). 20. «Aidan Hehir : «‘Self-determination is legal under international law’» (6. 2. 2018). 19. «Sky News has released new documentary on the brutal use of the Spanish police on October 1, 2017» (20. 1. 2018). 18. «The Catalan Process: Sovereignty, Self-Determination and Democracy in the 21st Century» (9. 1. 2018). 17. «Catalonia Regional Elections 21st December 2017 — Interim Report / Irregularities» (7. 1. 2018). 16. «Catalonia’s Legitimate Right to Decide: Paths to Self-determination» (7. 1. 2018). 15. «Declaration: European Call for Democracy in Catalonia» (24. 12. 2017). 14. «The Catalan right of self-determination in the light of the human rights» (24. 12. 2017). 13. «A people that can no longer be enslaved!» (21. 12. 2017). 12. «Prof. Dr. Alfred de Zayas: Four questions and four answers on Catalonia and Spain» (18. 12. 2017). 11. «The ex-leader of Podemos Cataluña calls to vote against the "corrupt government of Mariano Rajoy"» (17. 12. 2017). 10. «Jordi Cuixart: "I’m in prison for defending Catalonia’s rights. Spain must free us immediately"» (5. 12. 2017). 9. «We can’t trust Madrid to oversee Catalonia’s election — the EU must step in!» (3. 12. 2017). 8. «How the right is bent in Spain: Legal opinion of Prof. Dr. Joan J. Queralt» (17. 11. 2017). 7. «Spain's false propaganda: an interview with Spain’s Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis» (17. 11. 2017). 6. «‘I am a Catalan’ - a new video from Catalonia» (4. 11. 2017). 5. «OPEN LETTER TO UPHOLDING THE RULE OF LAW IN THE EUROPEAN UNION» (3. 11. 2017). 4. «UN independent expert urges Spanish Government to reverse decision on Catalan autonomy» (3. 11. 2017). 3. «Welcome Catalonia! A new state is born» (29. 10. 2017). 2. «Spain ready to take military actions against Catalonia!» (27. 10. 2017). 1. «Help Catalonia! Save Europe!» (24. 10. 2017). **************************************************************************

Prof. Dr. Axel Schönberger
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Petition to Bundestag, Bayerischer Landtag

Success Johnson and Diana Namusoke will stay!

EN DE Hello, my name is Success Johnson and I escaped from my country of origin Nigeria because I am persecuted there as a lesbian woman. Now the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees has rejected my second asylum application and wants to deport me to Nigeria! There I have to fear for my life! Diana Namusoke is in the same situation as me. She is also supported by the lesbian councelling center LeTRa in Munich and has just received her final rejection. The Federal Office doesn't believe us that we are lesbian. Right now, I am single, but in Dianas case even her partner would be ready to testify for her as a witness. Now I am in the danger to be deported to Nigeria and Diana to Uganda. Both are countries where lesbians, gays, queers, trans- and inter*people have to fear for their lives. We are expelled from the societies in which we grew up. The governments of our countries of origin do not protect us. On the contrary, in some Nigerian states the death penalty is based on homosexuality, in Uganda people like us are imprisoned and abused. More information on LGBTIQs in escape can be found in this petition: After all what we have experienced, it is not easy for us to talk about our homosexuality. When we came to Europe, we also had little information about what this is like and whom we can trust. After 11 years of escape I just want to arrive, find a partner and live a life in freedom and without fear. Diana and her friend want to get married. Therefore Diana and I demand in co-operation with the lesbian councelling center LeTRa an immediate stop of our deportations!

Success Johnson LeTRa Lesbenberatungsstelle
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Petition to Sheikh Chalifa bin Zayid Al Nahyan, Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayid Al Nahyan, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Please release my son Christian from UAE prison #freechristian

My son Christian Wilke is held in the prison of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates since October 2017. He hasn’t been told what the charges are. We don’t know why he’s there. Before his imprisonment Christian, was working as an IT teacher at a local school. He’s a dual national, British and German. The conditions in Al Ain are cruel. He’s barely being fed and has lost 18 kilos of weight. There are rats running around and cockroaches in the food. Being there he developed pneumonia and was denied adequate medical care. His blanket has not been changed for four months. He was put under pressure and sleep deprivation. The light was switched on for four weeks when he was in pre-trial detention. During the day it is too hot in prison and during the night it is too cold. He was denied a lawyer for 52 days and could not contact anyone outside prison until Christmas. This was the first time I could actually have a surveilled phone call of just 5 minutes with him. Up to today we do not know the criminal charge is. Christian mentioned “electronic insults” and says this could be something like sharing the wrong post on Facebook. My son has been struggling to survive for four months. Please support me and family with your signature so that my son Christian will be released. We ask for the immediate closure of this case and appeal to the government of the United Arab Emirates: Please release my son from prison!Please support via Paypal:

Christine Wilke-Breitsameter
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