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Petition to Ernie Chambers, Adam Morfeld, Patty Pansing Brooks

Support the Morfeld, Chambers, and Pansing Brooks Amendments to LB46, Nebraska

Recognizing that 1,825 children are abused and neglected each day, that there are at least four child maltreatment fatalities each day, and that there are at least 9.2 victims per 1,000 children (American SPCC, 2017), we believe that child abuse awareness and prevention is a serious issue which deserves attention and support in Nebraska.  Recognizing that 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men are victims of rape and sexual assault in their lives, that 60% of reported rapes involve victims under the age of 18, that youths aged 12-17 are two to three times more likely to be victims than adults, that 82% of victims are assaulted or raped by someone they know,  and that a rape is reported in the US about once every 5 minutes (Rape Treatment Center, 2017), we further believe that rape culture awareness and prevention is a serious issue which deserves attention and support in Nebraska. Thus, we, the undersigned, support the proposed amendments to LB46 by Senators Chambers, Pansing Brooks, and Morfeld. We, the undersigned, urge the Nebraska Legislature to stand up for victims of rape, sexual assault, child abuse, and neglect by supporting honest and accurate license plate options in Nebraska that contribute to the Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Fund. References: American SPCC. (2017). Child abuse statistics: Statistics and facts about child abuse in the US (webpage). Retrieved from Rape Treatment Center. (2017). Facts and quotes: Statistics (webpage). Retrieved from  Referenced Bill and Amendments: Petition Written by Board of Suit Up Nebraska

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Petition to Chuck Hagel, Ash Carter, James Woolsey, Donald Trump, Bill Cohen, David Petraeus, Robert Gates

Women should not serve in combat arms positions

If women are allowed to serve in combat arms positions, then the readiness of those combat units will be degraded. What is equality? Equality is having the same standards for everybody despite their gender, race, or religion. Although equality is important, sometimes it may have consequences. If women have lower requirements to pass the basic training it can deprive the physical qualities considered desirable; showing evidence of decline. In the chart below, you can see that women have lower standards because, on average, women are weaker than men. Women are better in some attributes than men and vice versa, but they were not built to fight. Although the requirements for women are lower than the men’s, the dropout rates are still more than doubled compared to men. And this is only for basic training. “The most dramatic was the difference in attrition rates. Female recruits dropped out of boot camp more than double the rate of their male counterparts — 13.3 percent compared to 6.5 percent — over the last four years.” The women that do make it through basic training are usually as skilled as the weaker men in the group. Since those weaker men have passed their test it is difficult to get them kicked out of the unit and that is the only reason why they are still there.The bottom line is, that if there are easier standards for women, the standards are going to be more lenient for men, degrading the physical readiness of the units. “Sgt. Stevie Cardona, a drill instructor at 4th RTB, said she has noticed some of those performance gaps during her time at the recruit depot."I have observed a separated battalion composed of females not performing on the same level as their counterparts in areas such as combat conditioning hikes and physical fitness," she said.” The amount of equipment you are required to carry is made to last for days. Having to carry so much equipment all day, everyday, will cause stress on bodies, causing fractures and other injuries. A woman's body is usually built smaller than a man's and they are not supposed to be carrying that much weight. “When it comes to the dead lift, an untrained 132 pound woman should be able to lift around 74 pounds. After training for 3 to 9 months, about 137 pounds. At an intermediate level after a year or two of training, 159 pounds.” If a woman is only supposed to carry a dead lift of 159 pounds after 1-2 years of training, imagine how much stress it will cause on the body having to carry up to 135 pounds of weight all day for months, even years. (Women only get 1 year to prepare for the tests, whilst men get 0.) Dealing with scorching weather in some locations and having to wear heavy gear does not make this easier. Even the strongest of men are usually not able to handle this much weight so the amount of stress this causes on a woman's body is immense. “Physical Characteristics. The Army has strict height, weight and body-fat composition rules for recruits. Allowable measurements vary by age and gender. A 5-foot-6-inch woman, for example, must weigh at least 117 pounds but cannot weigh more than 155 to 161 pounds, depending on age. A 2007 study found Marines typically carry 97 to 135 pounds of gear, leading to increasing injuries. Military studies acknowledge that combat soldiers are carrying too much weight — often more than 100 pounds.”  (carrying a higher percentage of their body weight) Women were not built to be fighting and it is effecting the people who should be. I am a woman and I know this is effecting the people i love and care about. My friends and family who have been fighting see women dying and they think of their mothers, wives, and sisters. This effects them very deeply and it can cause PTSD. Please, be open minded about the broader effects this may have on others.

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