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More Rights for Men (Fighting for rights)

I want to solve all the problems of men in the world because we have barely any rights and should get more. We allow women to have abortions but not men? This a very messed up world and the types of oppression that men have to deal with are disgusting. The suicide rates of men are extremely high and should be addressed as the rate is 70% more than women. When there is no opportunities for men to get mental care and to talk to someone they will kill themselves. It’s a silent epidemic and it’s never addressed by feminist groups but they still want equality. There’s many ways you can stop this but we have to work together and group up as a community. This cannot go on any longer as more men keep dying at the hand of suicide day by day because they are not getting the care that they need and the attention this issue deserves. Here are all the facts and discussion that people had in this article: Silent Epidemic: MEN SUICIDE There is also systematic micro-oppression that makes men think that they have to keep their feelings inside. All the legal system have been oppressed because just because a woman is a women she is presumed as being the better care taker in a legal case, this obviously needs to stop because i could be a better caretaker than many women. The legal system will always favor many women even if they have bad records as seen here: Why women will win custody battles. We try to do the best for the people we care about and the legal system prefers women over men. This should be stopped but we need to work together but feminists can’t even address this issue but worry more about armpit hair. This breaks a lot of men’s hearts as we get extremely emotionally attached to things we love so much such as kids and the thought of losing them and then actually losing them has a very serious effect on the lives of men. In many rape cases women actually lie about being raped and the trial almost favors women as seen in this case: Football Player's career destroyed by false rape accusation. This young man’s dream of becoming a college and nfl football player was crushed by a disgusting accusation made by a women even after it was consensual. How could a legal system and a government be revolved around men as many women and people say but the own judges and system are in favor of women and destroy men’s dreams. There are many more cases and many of them are in college campuses, where the women retract they’re consent and file rape accusations just because they regret it. Some even just file rape accusations because they might be mad or just for no reason at all. Here is a case that is like that: Women Files False Rape Accusations. This is very disgusting and must be stopped but absolutely nothing is being done other than women saying we live in a rape culture when they make false accusations about rape and don’t address this issue at all. This is just a petition and it may not do anything because the system is against us. We need as many votes as it will be a step forward to protecting and giving more men rights and opportunities. It's a very disgusting thing that is destroying men's lives. We must come together as one and destroy the feminists that don't wanna help and do absolutely nothing to move the country forward but just taking this country back. Here is a video as I failed to mention a video: Video.  I hope that all of this will convince you to make a good choice and to further address. When the odds are stacked against us we must fight for our rights. There is many oppression that we have to face everyday and it gets to the point that we need to start another battle. All of the things listed need to stop because we don't want our kids growing up to be taught that men are nothing more than objects. With your vote we can stop this and make men better. 

Humberto Millan
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