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Petition to President Donald Trump, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, Donald Trump, President of the United States, Department of Veterans Affairs, David J. Shulkin, M.D.. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Ask President Trump and VA Secretary Shulkin to Re-Possess the Mare Island Naval Cemetery

We respectfully request the Executive Branch, President Donald Trump and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. David J. Shulkin, to honor the military service of our Nation's Veterans by re-possessing / assuming ownership of the Mare Island Naval Cemetery by Fiscal Year 2020. The Mare Island Naval Cemetery (MINC) is a national shrine but its deplorable condition is a shocking disgrace to the honorable service, uncommon valor, and selfless sacrifice of our courageous Veterans buried there and, even worse, to the dignity our great Nation.  After Mare Island Naval Shipyard's closure in 1996 (due to BRAC 1993), the federal government left MINC behind and did not provide any funding to first restore it to honorable conditions (i.e., no National Shrine contract to repair the gravesites) nor for its immense need for ongoing maintenance.  The mission of the Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration (VA NCA) is to provide a dignified burial and lasting memorial for Veterans and their eligible family members and to maintain our Veterans' cemeteries as national shrines. The MINC is a national shrine as it has about 1,000 graves including Veterans who served since the War of 1812. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, it is the final resting place for three Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, James Cooney, William Halford, and Alexander Parker. Also buried there is Anna Arnold Key, the daughter of Francis Scott Key who wrote our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. To preemptively fulfill part of the VA NCA's Urban Initiative, the City of Vallejo is also offering to hand-over additional land adjacent to the cemetery which will increase the burial options for our local Veterans and their eligible family members. We respectfully ask you to please sign this petition and send a message to the Executive Branch to please re-possess / assume ownership of the Mare Island Naval Cemetery by Fiscal Year 2020. Here are background information:

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Petition to Tyler Cassity, Eric Garcetti

Let's follow Chester's wishes and give him the statue he deserves!

The recent passing of Chester Charles Bennington has created a great movement for the awareness of mental illness, suicide prevention, and child sexual abuse. Individuals from around the world are reaching out to each other on social media and asking complete strangers to listen to their pleas for help. Communities and families have been created all on the common goal of doing what we all call, "make Chester proud." Make Chester proud is a movement that occurred shortly after his death in which everyone is coming together and doing what they can to make change in the world. Chester Bennington was a man with a big heart. He loved his fans and loved the world. He gave countless time and money in order to help in any charity he could possible. Chester believed with all his heart that one day we could all live in a world of peace if only we could all just help one another and be there for each other. Since his passing, many of Chester Bennington fans and followers have felt as though they need a place in which they are able to pay their respects to Chester Bennington and all the great things he's done. Because there is no grave site in which fans can visit and pay their respects; many have suggested the idea of placing a statue of Chester Bennington at the Hollywood Cemetery in his honor. If this statue is created, the fans and followers of Chester Bennington will have a place where they can pay their respects to this amazing individual. This statue would be a form of closure for those that feel they still need it. Chester mentioned jokingly on camera that he would like a monument made in his honor when he died. Well we all heard him, and we did not see it as a joke. This man is deserving of such an honor as having himself immortalized into a statue for us all to see. Please consider this and give those that need our closure what we seek. Thank you!

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