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A plaque to remember Cozy Powell.

There are some rare artists that are able to arouse emotions in their public, I mean real, intense emotions. Cozy Powell was one of these musicians. For those of you who don't know, we are talking about the drummer of bands like Rainbow, Whitesnake, Emerson Lake & Powell, Black Sabbath. His unique versatility allowed him to collaborate with almost everyone, from Ritchie Blackmore to Tony Iommi, from Jeff Beck to Michael Schenker as well as Gary Moore, Peter Green, Glenn Tipton, Yngwie Malmsteen and Brian May. He also recorded five solo albums! Cozy was well known for his playing that was solid and energetic, in addition he developed a completely personal style. His sound was particularly powerful, rich and deep but never lacking of dynamics. Even when he used the double bass tecnique he always did it with good taste, never just to show off or overkill the music but only if it was really necessary to boost the mood of the song. His talent was immediately evident to anyone who heard him play. But it was when you saw him performing that Cozy really blew you away! and it was not only for his legendary drum solos with symphonic tracks and fireworks. It was the gesture, somehow elegant despite the considerable amount of physical strength that was required for that kind of playing. Above all, every time you saw Cozy playing you knew that every part of him was right there, on the drum kit. No matter which genre of music he was playing, he always gave everything he had. “My advice to anyone is to play your heart out” he once said in an interview. Even though he liked to be aggressive in his playing, far away from the stage Cozy was a lovely human being, his colleagues remember his great sense of humor but also his sensitivity and generosity. Today, sixteen years after his untimely passing, his work and legacy have not been forgotten by those who, all over the world, had been touched by his music.   It would be nice if the city in which he grew up could dedicate something to him, just as a recognition of his brilliant carrier and his incredible life. I think he deserve it, having given so much to rock music.

Rossella Amadori
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We call on Enfield Council to take action on the owners of Tottenham Park Cemetery

Tottenham Park Cemetery has been the final resting place for local Muslims and Christians for many decades. We 'The Community for Tottenham Park Cemetery" will no longer accept the lack of care and the lack of commitment to maintain this cemetery from the current Directors/ Management. The state of disrepair, lack of care for our loved ones' final resting place and the lack of communication from the Director/Managers  has become unacceptable. There appears to be no upkeep or maintenance whatsoever of the cemetery. The cemetery is overgrown and there is Japanese Knotweed ( an illegal and highly destructive plant) growing freely and destroying memorials.  The drains are overfilling and flooding and after each religious period where people visit their loved one, there is a terrible refuse problem. Enfield Council must take action on the owners of Tottenham Park Cemetery and ensure that this place is safe for the community.  The cemetery is 'open all hours' where gates are not opened or locked as stated in the opening and closing times. Items have been stolen from graves including plants, flowers and personal items. There is evidence to suggest that the cemetery is being used for anti social behaviour and as a place to sleep overnight. Complaints have been made by loved ones for many years by individuals to the Company representatives and Enfield Council,  however this appears to have fallen on deaf ears and as a result, nothing has changed. NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE- TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  We want the final resting place for our loved ones to be a place that we can be proud of. We want it to be cared for and well looked after. Please sign this to pushEnfield Council into taking action against the owners.  The Tottenham Park Cemetery Community.

Filiz Miles
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