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Have Instagram Stop Banning Meme Pages They Deem Offensive

Instagram is violating free speech online through their banning of meme pages they deem offensive or unsuitable for viewers. The same way flag burning is offensive but protected as free speech, so too should extreme meme pages and those who do ads/shoutouts be protected by Instagram. We acknowledge Instagram has the authority to use their platform's rules to suit their own opinions, but by the same token they have the authority to allow users of their app/website free access to all kinds of entertainment, even those they disagree with. Several meme pages have been shadowbanned and quarantined for violating guidelines too fast or too often, but with no review set in place, the authoritative hand of Instagram is banishing these accounts and their content creator(s) on a whim. Hiding behind an incentive to make money from being family friendly is not the direction the mass of the people would like to see instagram go in. In the age of free speech being condemned online, Instagram needs to be the hero app where sensitive content can be viewed, posted, and joked about. Gore, self-harm eating disorders, and the like are acknowledged to be worthy of censorship, but offensive jokes about feminism, stereotypes, and political ideologies, as well as shoutouts and ads should not be grounds for banning and the will of the people demands change. Instagram can seek to profit by allowing all kinds of content and in the long run, benefit from an open platform for human creativity, humor, and independence of censorship from an authority figure which does not appreciate the content equally as the users.

Nick B
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