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Petition to Subsecretaría de Turismo y Servicio Nacional de Turismo

Cochamó Valley's protection (ZOIT) is being threatened

This majestic valley is often compared to Yosemite National Park. It features towering granite walls and bright blue rivers. However, unlike Yosemite, the land in Cochamó is not a National Park. It is a Zone of Touristic Importance (ZOIT). The ZOIT status designates it as somewhere that is an attraction for recreational tourism and protects it from projects such as road construction, timber operations, mining, and hydroelectric dam installations and other mega projects, and focuses on protecting smaller local businesses. This year, Cochamó’s ZOIT designation was up for renewal. Locals in the community have been working diligently to ensure that the renewal process would result in a re-approval of the ZOIT. However in August, they found out that the governmental branch dedicated to tourism (Sernatur), that is also charged with administering the ZOIT, had terminated the renewal process and a brand new process for eventually securing such protections under different conditions had been re-initiated without any community involvement. Furthermore, in this new process Sernatur is not recognizing Cochamó as a tourist destination. This leaves Cochamó vulnerable to development that would permanently alter the landscape. There is a generalized feeling that the decision was politically motivated, fueled in large part by Roberto Hagemann, a businessman who owns large areas of land within the former ZOIT area and he is interested in developing them. There is concern that this brand new ZOIT process has been initiated with the intention of omitting the land owned by Hagemann from the protected area leaving him free of obstacles to introduce and continue with his mega projects. The community of Cochamó DEMANDS that the original renewal process be continued, the area of the ZOIT be immediately reinstated and the ZOIT designation be return to Cochamó. The broad range of visitors from around the world also demands this. Please show your support and sign this petition.

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Petition to Argentinian government

Argentina is on fire, sign this petition to help us!

Every year during winter and spring countless wildfires occur In forests and wetlands all over the country. A historic drought In the “Cuenca de la Plata” that affected the “Delta of Parana” has provoked fires throughout all the territories close to the river. This year alone, just In the delta there have been over 25,000 fire sources and more than 90,000 acres have been lost to the flames with all the damage this implies to the people that live In these places and the biodiversity that inhabits this system of wetlands. For two months now there has been no rain In the province of Cordoba and now we have entered a period of strong winds generating ideal conditions for the ignition and propagation of wildfires. The fires In Cordoba have destroyed over 14,000 acres and according to the last oficial report over 150 people have had to evacuate their homes. No matter what route you drive on In Formosa you can see hundreds of acres burning. Over 40,000 acres have been burned according to data provided by “Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas” (CRA). In the last months source of intentional and illegal fires have been found In the natural reserve of “Santa Catalina”, “Laferrere”, “Ciudad Evita” and “Isla Verde”, In the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. The origin of these fires is illegal businesses and agreements between authorities and real estate industries. These maneuvers have been denounced by local citizens because they don’t take into account a sustainable use of the ecosystem or the health of those who live nearby.In the province of Corrientes there Is a red alert because the drought increases the danger of uncontrollable wildfires. There Is a prohibition on igniting fires of any type yet the province burns. The firefighters are completely overwhelmed. The Fires are not occurring only In Argentina. They are also happening In Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and almost every country In the region. Global warming Is not a problem of the future, the climate crisis Is already here. The rise of global temperatures generates (among other things) changes In the climate increasing the chances of droughts, lower levels of rain and other environmental changes that produce ideal conditions so that year after year the fires worsen. We need more state resources dedicated to turning off these fires, the enforcement of regulations currently already approved like the “minimum budgets for the control of fires” law and the protection of Wetlands law. Foremost we need to start thinking all over the region how we will change our current socioproductive system which Is the true culprit behind the flames. Thanks for signing.

Jovenes por el clima
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