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Save the SHINE program - Keep Federal funding for this vital senior program #SHINEon

Every single day in the United States, 10,000 seniors become eligible for Medicare.  Most seniors depend on Medicare for all or part of their health insurance coverage. They choose from a dizzying array of plans with varying costs and coverage levels-- including 20 prescription plans and nearly as many Medicare Advantage plans.  Comparing options and choosing the right plan can be difficult, time-consuming, and downright confusing. That's where SHINE comes to the rescue.  SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders) provides free, unbiased, and personalized assistance to elders as they navigate the medicare maze.  Last year in Florida, more than 175,000 seniors took advantage of SHINE to choose the right Medicare plan. Many saved thousands of dollars, thanks to the SHINE program and its volunteers. SHINE isn't only available in Florida.  It's a State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), funded by the Federal government. While the programs may have different names, every state has a SHIP program to help its seniors make those difficult Medicare decisions.But Federal lawmakers are threatening to eliminate the funding for all State Health Insurance Assistance Programs like SHINE. What will happen without this vital program?  Seniors would have nowhere to turn for unbiased, one-on-one advice. They would lose advocates who help them understand their benefits, assist with claims and appeals, and answer their questions about issues like long-term care. For many of the 10,000 Americans who become eligible for Medicare every day, State Health Insurance Assistance Programs like SHINE are a lifeline to education for one of the most important choices they'll make in their lives. In Southwest Florida, SHINE is overseen by the Area Agency on Aging.  We at AAASWFL are urging you, on behalf of the 4 million seniors that live in Florida, to tell our U.S. Senators to vote to continue funding this vital program.  If you've personally benefited from SHINE, tell them about your experience.   Together, we can all do our part to keep SHINE's light burning bright. #SHINEon

Area Agency on Aging for SWFL
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Petition to Kevin Brady, U.S. House of Representatives, Mike Enzi, Bernie Sanders


I am one of about 800,000 people in the U.S. who suffer from  multiple sclerosis, a disabling progressive disease which affects the central nervous system.  Other rare diseases include ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), muscular dystrophy, lupus and sarcoidosis.  I lost my career to MS, as I have become totally disabled.   There is no cure for MS, but the disease can be managed.  There are currently 13 or so FDA-recognized disease modifying therapy medications, and even less for relapses. Treatment for these diseases is very costly. My daily  disease modifying therapy medication costs over $6,500 per month, and the relapse medication costs $40,000 per treatment.  This far exceeds my and my husband's total income, as my husband is totally disabled from a stroke.  Obviously, very few people can afford these medications, especially when they are fully disabled. There is help available; the drug companies which make these specialty drugs have financial assistance programs that allow the patient to receive the drugs at low cost or for free. HOWEVER, PEOPLE WHO ARE ON GOVERNMENT-ASSISTEED PRESCRIPTION PLANS SUCH AS MEDICARE PART D OR MEDICAID CANNOT RECEIVE THIS HELP.  A provision of the Social Security Act designed to prevent Medicare fraud also makes it a felony for a drug company to directly assist a patient financially if that patient has a government-assisted prescription plan, such as Medicare Part D or Medicaid. YOU CAN HELP!  PLEASE LET CONGRESS KNOW THAT IT MUST AMEND THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT TO PERMIT DRUG COMPANIES TO PROVIDE PATIENTS WITH RARE DISEASES WITH DIRECT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE SO THAT THEY CAN GET THEIR LIFE-SAVING MEDICATION!!!

Susan Dolin
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Medicare prevents using a smartphone with the Dexcom G5 system

Diabetics around the country depend on a Continuous Glucose Monitor to keep track of their blood glucose (sugar) levels at all times. Without a CGM it is extremely difficult to keep track of the ebbs and flows of sugar levels. The CGM provides vital information to all diabetics and their caregivers, so that they can know and treat their high blood glucose levels (to prevent hyperglycemia) and low blood sugars (to prevent hypoglycemia), before they become a problem. Before the creation of the CGM people walked around with super high blood glucose levels and some went into DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) which can, and has resulted in death of many loved ones. Each "transmitter" (the part responsible for "transmitting" the blood glucose data to the "receiver" - blood glucose data is sent every 5 minutes) is allowed TWO connections through Dexcom -- the company that makes CGMs for diabetic patients. Being able to use TWO devices is critical to diabetics and their loved ones! Being able to share the transmitter output data with a relative or friend who watches and checks in on you is one of the key advantages of the Dexcom system. There are applications that exist both for the Android and iPhone smartphones that can be downloaded, which allow the data from the transmitter to be seen by anyone who downloads and connects to that transmitters data. So, you may be surprised to find out that recipients of Medicare are able to use a CGM to track their BG levels, but they ARE PREVENTED FROM DOWNLOADING THE BG APP ON THEIR SMART PHONE, WATCH, OR OTHER "SMART" DEVICE!!  If they use an application to track their BG (specifically, the Dexcom G5 Mobile app, developed by Dexcom), they forgo Medicare reimbursement for the Dexcom system/supplies.  Why would such a rule ever exist in the first place? IF a transmitter CAN accept TWO connections and a diabetic, or the caregiver of a diabetic, WANTS two connections so that they can have a better quality of life, why would MEDICARE PREVENT this from being possible? It costs the government NO money! It takes NO one's time except the diabetic to download and connect to the data. Let's fight to get this rule ELIMINATED so that Medicare recipients around the county can download the App on their smartphone to be able to access the data from a second device! Together we are strong. Together we can make change.

Harold Martin
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