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Tell Congress to Let Medicare Negotiate Lower Drug Prices

Most Tuesdays, I sit in a treatment room to fight my never-ending battle with incurable cancer. I am grateful for the drugs working to hold my blood disease in check. Unfortunately, what isn’t being held in check is the drug price. My drugs are priced at $20,000 per treatment. With 22 treatments this year, that’s $440,000. Outrageous.  Before this, I took a drug that costs a typical Medicare patient $11,500 out-of-pocket every year. These are Americans with a median income of $24,150 per year. My wife - a breast cancer survivor - and I founded Patients For Affordable Drugs to amplify the voices of Americans struggling under crushing drug prices and to make policymakers and elected officials see the heavy toll on real people. We don’t accept funding from organizations that profit from the development and distribution of prescription drugs. The craziest part about drug prices is that Congress can fix it. Right now, Medicare is forced to accept prices dictated by drug companies. Drug corporations and their lobbyists rigged the system to give themselves monopoly pricing power. They charge whatever they want for new drugs and often raise prices for old drugs with impunity. In fact, the law explicitly prohibits Medicare from negotiating the price of drugs. It’s time for change. As long as Medicare can’t bargain, patients will pay higher prices. Sign your name and tell the President and Congress that Medicare should negotiate lower drug prices for patients and taxpayers. Sincerely,David Mitchell, Patients For Affordable Drugs Co-Founder and President

Patients for Affordable Drugs
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I am one of about 400,000 people in the U.S. who suffer from relapsing multiple sclerosis, a disabling disease which affects the central nervous system.  Other rare diseases include ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), muscular dystrophy and sarcoidosis.  I lost my career to this disease, as I have become totally disabled. Treatment for these diseases is very costly.  There is no cure for MS, but the disease can be managed.  There are currently 12 FDA-recognized therapy medications, and even less for relapses. My daily therapy medication costs $6,500 per month, and the relapse medication costs $40,000 per treatment.  This far exceeds my and my husband's total income, as my husband is totally disabled from a stroke.  Obviously, very few people can afford these treatments, especially when they are fully disabled. There is help available; the drug companies which make these orphan drugs have programs that allow the patient to receive the drugs at low cost or for free. HOWEVER, PEOPLE WHO ARE ON MEDICARE CANNOT RECEIVE THIS HELP.  A provision of the Social Security Act designed to prevent Medicare fraud also makes it a felony for a drug company to directly assist a patient financially if that patient has purchased a Medicare Part D prescription plan which covers these drugs.  Many Part D plans do not even cover these drugs, but those which do leave the patient with expensive co-insurance of thousands of dollars in order to get these life-saving drugs which are simply unaffordable, especially for those who cannot work because of their disease. YOU CAN HELP!  PLEASE LET CONGRESS KNOW THAT IT MUST AMEND THE SOCIAL SECURITY ACT TO PERMIT DRUG COMPANIES TO PROVIDE PATIENTS WITH RARE DISEASES WITH DIRECT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE SO THAT THEY CAN GET THEIR LIFE-SAVING MEDICATION!!!

Susan Dolin
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