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Legalize medical marijuana, Ancient drug could save saves lives if approved

Medical marijuana is not smoked. It comes as a liquid. It is either inhaled with a vaporizer or placed under the tongue to be absorbed or in the form of a lozenge. The first method enters the blood stream the fastest but the second and third have a longer and stronger effect. Marijuana consists of two main parts, THC the hallucinogenic part of marijuana and the CDBs oils, both are important parts of medical marijuana. The main question is: what help does it provide and to whom?Nearly two decades of research have shown that marijuana can be beneficial in alleviating pain and inflammation, and symptoms associated with an array of illnesses, including: cancer’s, mitigating side effects of Chimo, PTSD, migraines, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, eating disorders, chrones, and leg cramps to name a few. And yes there are others. This drug seems to works better with less side affects then drugs currently on the market. Since it is a natural cure, it is non-patentable. A study led by Dr. Marcus A. Bachhuber, published in August 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine, found that from 1999 to 2010, states across the country had steep increases in opioid overdose deaths. But in states where medical marijuana was legal, mortality linked to opioid use declined steadily in the years after implementation of the marijuana law -- down by almost 25 percent -- compared to states where marijuana was not legally available The number of people that could approach normalcy by using medical marijuana is quit large. Many illnesses could be address by the use of this natural product. Epilepsy is a debilitating disease found in children. What Medical marijuana does for some children is nothing short of amazing. Let me pass along a factual story from a neurologist. He started using the drug for medical purposes on 10 children that were being treated with mainline drugs for epilepsy. They were still each subject to up to 100 seizures a day. Once they were put on marijuana marijuana therapy the seizures reduced in 6 of the children to ZERO a day, thats right ZERO a day. First hand knowledge. People with Parkinson’s (like me) also find that the use of medical marijuana can change their life. It significantly reduces involuntary movements associated with Parkinsons’, reducing the need to stronger pills. It improves depression, it increases appetite, it aids in sleep and it overall reduces pain and inflammation in joints allowing the person much more freedom of movement. All this from a small amount of medical marijuana taken at bedtime. Remember this is factual account. This does not mean it will help everyone! You MUST contact your Dr. for advice and direction on any medication you take. The following link with Michael J, Fox is worth a million words The list is quite long. Governments say is it not been tested. So test it! But in reality is has been tested for years.  What we need: The US congress and Senate to approve the legalization the is of medical marijuana. This will pave the way for states to legalize medical marijuana.  We have three things we need to do.1.We have got to change the classification of the drug so it can be sent across lines2.This change will allow states to conduct clinical trials on the med which are way overdue3. Change Ga law to allow for growth and production4. Set up controls and taxes to fund this ( it will be a massive influx of tax revenue to the state)Millions of people in the US will be helped or cured by this legalization.  Tax it, control it vigorously, allow only certified doctors to prescribe it! It could change YOUR life for the better. Not to mention ease our national debt by trillions.

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Petition to David Shulkin, Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Urge the VA to Support Research of Medical Marijuana in Treating Veterans with PTSD

PTSD is a severe and potentially debilitating affliction for many veterans. Our country should be doing everything it can to support viable and safe treatment options for PTSD. Yet, incredibly, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) is not actively supporting clinical research studying the potential use of medical cannabis as a treatment option for PTSD, even though preliminary studies have shown promising results. According to their own website, the VA claims they cannot recommend or assist Veterans in using medical marijuana as long as it is classified as a Schedule One Drug by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, the FDA’s own position “supports researchers who conduct adequate and well-controlled clinical trials which may lead to the development of safe and effective marijuana products to treat medical conditions” ( So, why is the VA not willing to assist and actively support clinical medical marijuana trials? We can find no legitimate answer to this question. There is no group more deserving of access to all helpful medicinal options than Veterans who have bravely served our nation. Because of the lack of treatment options, many Veterans’ rely on opioids to treat their PTSD despite the fact that many negative health impacts are associated with long term use, and in many cases abuse, of opioids. We should be doing everything we can to find viable alternatives to opioids. As an Arizona-based patient-focused organization, AMMA PAC actively works on policies which remove barriers and support full access to medical marijuana for those in need. This includes Veterans with PTSD, who might be one of the biggest beneficiaries of medical marijuana treatment options. But without further study, we may never know. In our home state of Arizona, we have a federally approved study taking place right now, but the VA has not been supportive in referring Veterans to the study. That is a travesty and it needs to be rectified. We are calling on the leaders of the VA and the FDA to work together in resolving this situation and begin proactively supporting legitimate medical marijuana research programs. We hope you will join us in supporting this potentially life-saving cause and sign our petition.

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