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Petition to Casey Cagle, Nathan Deal, Keisha Bottoms

Amend Georgia Senate Bill 16

In the State of Georgia, under Senate Bill 16, medical marijuana is legal to a limit. The limits are very tight and restrict cannabis use to Low-THC Oil that is under 5% THC. Not all the patients who deserve the right to use medical marijuana are allowed too. The current list of conditions that can receive the oil are: Cancer seizure disorders Chron's Disease ALS multiple sclerosis mitochondrial disease Parkinson's disease sickle cell Anemia Autism HIV/AIDS Alzheimer's peripheral neuropathy autoimmune disease Tourette's syndrome Epidermylosis Bullosa There are lots of other illnesses that could use medical marijuana and be heavily benefited from it. A list of conditions that could use medical marijuana are:  Anxiety Depression Chronic pain Muscle spasms Anorexia Arthritis Glaucoma Migraines There are lots of positives that could come from medical marijuana in the state of Georgia. The local government could gain tax revenue with taxes placed on businesses and users of marijuana. There are symptoms of marijuana like anxiety, lowered reaction time, and memory problems, but we believe with putting limitations of doctors allowed to prescribe medical marijuana should make sure it is used in a respectful manner. The age limit should be 18 & up to get medical marijuana, but minors can receive a prescription if their parents come with them. Marijuana should be allowed in the form of flower, concentrates, topicals, and tinctures but no edibles. Edibles can be eaten by children in the house and that could lead to a bad situation. The laws for marijuana should stay the same with non-medical patients.

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legalize Marijuana in the state of Georgia

We, the undersigned, respectfully ask Governor Nathan Deal and the Honorable Members of the Georgia General Assembly to evaluate the legalization of marijuana recreational and medical use. Currently, marijuana is completely illegal under the federal controlled substance act. However, some states have decriminalized the drug, leading marijuana to become a substance in the grey area. Georgia’s current marijuana laws are as follow: 1 oz. or less of marijuana is a misdemeanor, yielding 1 year or an $1,000 fine. More than 1 oz. of marijuana (but less than 10 lbs.) is a felony, with 1-10 years of jail time. Lastly an individual carrying over 10 lbs. of marijuana is considered to have engaged in drug trafficking. Marijuana is a versatile plant that has many benefits. Medical marijuana is useful for pain control as the chemical compounds (THC) within the plant can be used to help with Aids/HIV, Alzheimer's, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Chronic pain, Crohn's disease, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, and Multiple sclerosis. Further, recreational use marijuana has many health benefits. Marijuana may help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health. Also, the chemical CBD has been shown to stop the spreading of cancer. Marijuana can also decrease anxiety and help speed up your metabolism. Finally, marijuana has the added benefit of reducing stress levels and encouraging creativity. Marijuana has caused zero deaths to date. That being said some negative side effects of marijuana exist, including impaired vision, increased heart rate, antisocial tendencies, and over snacking. However, within these cons lies the underlying reality of the situation. Marijuana has little to no negative side effects and further has been tried by over 44% of Americans. This drug is only labeled a drug because of the lack of ability to tax and regulate it. Further, the revenue from Georgia home owners makes up most of the budget. However, within the year of 2017 the government did not efficiently collect this tax, thus teachers were almost cut from pay. With marijuana legal in the case of medical and recreational use this chaos would have been avoided. The government of Georgia could source their revenue in taxation of distribution and sales to assist the state with balancing its budget. Thus, I propose (to you) Nathan Deal to consider the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use.  

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Petition to Georgia State Senate, Honorable Judge Kimberly A. Childs, Victor Reynolds, Marty First, Georgia Governor

Support Scott Negron! Cobb County Must Stop Prosecution Of Negron For Medicinal Cannabis

The Negron/Mazurek (Medical), Cannabis "Trafficking" trial Case No.15-9-02848-42 Cobb County ,Georgia Superior Court I'm grateful for your interest, hope you will consider supporting my efforts at exoneration and accept my sincere intention to be a part of solutions & rational change for Georgia. If there is any further information needed, please do not hesitate to contact me. Excerpts from the Petition, article & statements: Essentially this criminal legal action seeks to use a questionable & problematic search warrant, to prosecute and imprison a seriously suffering and medically disabled medical cannabis patient & his caregiver. They are accused of growing a sizable amount of medical cannabis for his various treatments. No evidence or accusation of sales, no distribution, no scales, no money, no valuables, no monetary enrichment. The charge of "trafficking" is alleged simply on the technically arbitrary amount of plants seized by weight; that’s it. I write to you as a fellow American citizen in hope that you are an advocate of medicinal cannabis & will consider helping us to get their story in front of more people. Given the circumstance, we respectfully believe the State of Georgia has the wisdom, legal authority & discretion to make the decision not to prosecute. These are not the criminal traffickers the State has in mind when pursuing criminals. Here is further information in the form of a short bio links About the defendants: Scott is an ex-professional & volunteer, Firefighter/First res-ponder medic & business owner. He has been repeatedly awarded & cited over the past 30 years for multiple "acts of Civic Heroism" both on the job and as a civilian, for intervening in accidents/fires & violent crimes on the behalf of other people at great risk to himself. He has done thousands of hours of volunteer & pro-Bono work starting in the 70's teaching basic computing to young kids at Montessori summer school in Santa Barbara. Here is his LinkedIn profile: As he was raising his own son as a primary custody parent, he cared for his elderly grandparents through their struggle with Alzheimer's disease & dementia to maintain dignity in their old age for 12 years in his home as a custodial guardian, to keep them out of a nursing home until their death all while dealing with his own health issues & physical changes. He has worked hard, affected and saved many lives and served his community well. He is being painted as a criminal "with a history" because of several arrests (no convictions) on record and incredibly, his assistant/caregiver was being tried as an accomplice! David Mazurek, Born in Green Bay Wisconsin moved to Georgia in 1973 is a local resident. A graduate of Tucker High School & Georgia Tech. University with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial & Aerospace Engineering. He worked in both Defense & Aerospace, held security clearances and (at 60 years old), has never been arrested, not even a misdemeanor traffic violation. He has never smoked, used or knowingly tried cannabis or any illegal narcotic in his life. In 2002 he went to work with Negron's small subcontracting business & eventually came to join their family, helping to care for "Jorge & Josephine", the grandparents as a live-in assistant caregiver. Jorge literally died in David’s arms & Josephine followed to the other side within months. After their deaths, Mazurek stayed on to help care for Scott's ever worsening medical disabilities. Despite never having used any illegal drugs in his entire life, both Mazurek & Negron were accused of "appearing heavily intoxicated with Cannabis". To sum up David’s culpability: an officer said: "there is no way he didn't know about it, so that means he was involved." There was also a misleading written accusation of violent assault being committed contained in and cited as probable cause on the application for the search warrant. This issue is about medical Freedom (of choice) or medical cannabis, illegal search & asset seizure. As Scott wrote: "We need your help and are asking, praying for help & calling on you, fellow citizens and friends: all Medical Cannabis advocates for desperately needed moral/vocal support." Statement from Negron: "I hope to convince you to take a minute to look into my case, sign & circulate this petition to support me, a fellow who is sick and now in mortal danger. You see, I have been extremely ill, plagued with severe paralyzing chronic pain, degenerative joints & even longer with debilitating digestive ailments similar to Crohn's disease. I've run the gauntlet of doctors, almost a dozen of them, pain management and watched other friends die from long term heavy pain medication. Steroid treatment for asthma helped kill my father at 50 years old. The acute, chronic pain started circa 2000, & by 2005 doctor prescribed pharmaceutical pain-killers/Pain management, massive regular doses of anti-inflammatory & analgesics made it 25%-35% worse, AND added over 200lbs to my weight in under 2 years. In 2010 I left pain management and began to use cannabis in various Medicinal ways to treat my pain, inflammation, as a digestive aid (primarily by consumption, and various other ways, such as Juiced, RAW), but I never participated in any black market activities. My health responded so well, that we began exploring further options on healing." In 2015, I was arrested in Cobb Country and without any evidence of dealing or distribution what-so-ever, I was indited with the ridiculous charge of "Trafficking". However ludicrous the charges are - I am facing FIFTEEN YEARS IN PRISON. Please read my story and sign the petition to keep me FREE to recover from my long illnesses and to pursue medical health and happiness. "My assistant/caregiver & I are being tried in Cobb County Georgia, accused of "Trafficking." Is this the appropriate charge for the accusation of growing my own supply of Medical Cannabis for my health conditions? This issue is about medical Freedom (of choice). We need your help. I am asking, praying for help and calling on you, fellow citizens and friends: GEORGIA Medical Cannabis patients are desperately in need MORAL/VOCAL support from advocates. This issue is not about politics, it's about people who are suffering. I am a patient; a human being who is suffering, not a drug dealer or criminal profiteer. I want people to understand that I do not view our justice system, the Judge, D.A. or officers in this case as enemies. I know they are simply doing their job. I hold no contempt for them. As a man and citizen, I truly want to be a benefit to this issue; I want to help develop solutions and in all modesty: After almost twenty years of constant illness & suffering and the constant research done to find out how to help myself, I feel qualified & knowledgeable enough to do so. The disinformation campaign waged against Cannabis has been over seventy years. I believe that everyone would benefit from further truthful education and tolerance when it comes to Medical Cannabis. If they knew the truth and the facts, I do not believe they would want to put us in prison. "People who need Cannabis as medicine should be able to access it without participating in black market criminal activities. I respectfully believe people should be able to get it or grow it legally and should not be turned into criminals, and I promise to do everything I can to help with this cause. Never in my life would I have intended to be in this position any more than I intended to be sick. My life is difficult right now but I am not here to whine. I am here to ask for help to fight." There are MANY OTHERS suffering worse than I am. Self preservation is a human right and the strongest power on earth in this country, over any office of government is the power of a Jury of citizens; the voice of the People. Does this sick man & His caregiver belong in prison? Imprisoning them for the decision to save himself from what he believed was a certain death is not in the best interest of the People. If you are interested in any further information, you are welcomed to contact us through the FaceBook group. PLEASE JOIN OUR GROUP FOR MORE INFORMATION. Chronic Pain: Common Sense Justice for Medical Cannabis - Article by Lionshare P.R. Here is a link to the petition: Click here to support David & Scott's Legal Defense Fund!"Send $5 dollars & forward to FIVE people who care about this issue!" Thank you for your support." Warmest RegardsThomas Scott Negron- 404

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