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Petition to The Chief Justice, La. Ganeshan

Support Joint Platform of Doctors in its fight against WBMC Election malpractice

Petition: In search of Justice The West Bengal Medical Council Election 2022 has recently concluded. A group of doctors, supported by a large section of the medical fraternity of the state with a determination to stage protest & hence wanted to usher a change in the so far corrupt practices of the council run by the representatives of the political party in power in West Bengal. Thus, the JOINT PLATFORM OF DOCTORS (JPD), West Bengal vowed to fight this election in an honest way so that the people of the state in general & the registered medical practitioners get a transparent, virtuous, non-corrupt and a professionally managed state medical council. With this sole objective in their mind JPD, backed by thousands of doctor colleagues like you, went on to fight the elections. Never did we expect in the wildest nightmare that the so-called election was just a stage-manged sham! Right from the deposition of fake ballots in bulk by a henchman of the President of the Ad-Hoc Committee of WBMC (an MLA himself) & a political strongman (caught on video), the disappearance of the name of JPD candidate, Dr. Arjun Dasgupta in thousands of ballots, the obnoxious unscrupulous insider hand in putting an extra cross in those ballots those were in JPD’s favour & thus making them invalid, with active connivance of the Returning Officer causing frequent, unilateral disruption in the previously declared uninterrupted counting, thus, halting it midway, just to buy time for those insiders (who were following orders of their political masters) to manipulate ballots, to the state & party controlled Principals & MSVPs brow-beating medical teachers to handover unsigned ballots to them, it was an epic of unlimited electoral malpractices! Yes, we've indeed already filed three Writ Petitions at High Court at Kolkata. but, colleagues, as you all know justice takes its own time, but we know you all & as well as us who fought it out is running out of patience since we've now seen that those same old faces of the erstwhile WBMC are back in the Council through backdoor along with the new members, majority of who have been members the Ad-hoc Council, formed to ensure fair and transparent election, by the High Court, but instead choose to be players as well as umpires! We all want the change to happen sooner than later. Yes, we want our voices to be heard. We want a scream & not just a whimper of a protest! Yes, we're still looking forward and striving for that change and hence, let's all of us sign this open petition to show His Excellency the Governor of WB, the Hon'ble Chief Justice of Kolkata HC, that we indeed we had the numbers with us. That yes, we still want a fair, transparent, democratically elected WBMC under uninterrupted CCTV coverage & supervision of a Court appointed independent observer. Let's now sign & pledge our uninhibited unlimited support for Joint Platform of Doctors, who were simply robbed off their well-deserved victory! YES OUR & YOUR SUPPORT DOES MATTER!! SATYAMEVA JAYATE

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