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Petition to appeal for discarding recent draft which has been proposed by NMC under Foreign Regulation Act 2021. Presenting the reasons for the appeal to Discard the Draft! 3.1(a) states that the 12 years of schooling should be duly recognized by the authority in Central/State/UT Govt. There is a need to include the student who pursues their education through NIOS board as well, the NMC needs to give this long-pending clarification required on this subject to assure the student who wish to study MBBS Abroad but have acquired the certificate from NIOS board.  3.1(d) Qualification in NEET (UG) The Government should consider that many students have gone abroad to study MBBS without NEET Qualification in 2018 and 2019 in lieu of the Supreme Court's Order, that exemption should be mentioned in the draft to avoid insecurity in the mind of the students.  3.1(e) Registered/License for 10 Years Many countries do not allow foreigners to sit for Licensing examinations also even if they do then also they don't give registration for 10 years at all.  3.3 Additional Examination for  FMGs and Time limit of 2 years to qualify Screening Test This point shows the discrimination against foreign medical graduates continues to be in the NEXT Examination. When the NEXT Exam was introduced, it was told that it will replace the MCI Screening test and that this exam will be for both Indian Medical Graduates as well as Foreign Medical Graduates. This point goes in the contradiction with the previous statement. Also the time bracket of 2 years is totally unfair for the students. The student goes abroad and studies for 6 years only to get 2 years to prove the competence is utterly disregarded.  With due respect this is to be pleaded that kindly take this draft back which is discouraging students to plan to become a doctor. We as a country are in scarce of doctors and health care system, on top of it such bill will only create a negative image for the country for being this inhumane towards the sentiments of thousands of students who are already study MBBS abroad waiting to serve their country and those who aspire to be one.  

Yukti Belwal
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Petition to national medical council, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Education


WHY NMC CAN NOT STOP ACTING AS A REGULATORY BODY FOR INDIAN MEDICINE STUDENTS  This notice has been issued by National Medical Council for students looking for Medical Admissions Abroad scrapping the list of prescribed Medical Colleges by Medical Council of India. Notification by National Medical Council for Students to study Abroad  IMPORTANT:  It is to clarify that the National Medical Commission does not endorse any list of Foreign Medical Institutions/ Universities for MBBS or equivalent course. The public at large is advised that before taking admission in MBBS or its equivalent course in a university outside India, confirmation of the fee structure, details of the course, etc. should be directly obtained from the University/Institution concerned.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- National Medical Council is constituted by an act of Parliament which came into force on 25.9.2020 by gazette notification dated 24.9.2020. This notification of NMC is highly questionable relieving itself from the responsibility of acting as a regulator and giving Indian MBBS Aspirants verified list of Medical Colleges in different countries to pursue their education. Foreign Medical Education is highly deregulated promoted by consultants, contractors and medical colleges with vested motives. Each year many students are cheated by these vested groups taking advantage of information gap. This will simply lead to mushrooming of hundreds of substandard medical colleges with pathetic infrastructure, poor education, affiliation issues etc.   NMC National Medical Commission is formed with vision of improving access to quality and affordable medical education, enforce high ethical standards in all aspects of medical services and have an effective grievance redressal mechanism. Government is also promoting MBBS overseas education to improve poor doctor to patient ratio and health care requirement of our country. But over here with this notification they have simply turned a blind eye in interest of Foreign Medical Aspirants leaving them on their own fortunes. This is especially when applicants moving overseas are increasing higher each year because of non affordable education in India and very less seats to accommodate worthy candidates. From an overseas medical aspirant I want answers on the following simple points: 1. How the MBBS aspirant will get to know about the right sources of medical council websites of different countries? 2. In countries apart from Philippines i.e. China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia etc official websites and official notifications are in local language. How can a student interpret the same?   3. We have to understand a majority of our students come from rural hinterlands of country and it is not possible for students and their parents to do such a research, understand the lengthy policy guidelines of respective countries, interpret the technical terminologies related to education system of different countries and take a well informed decision. They are largely dependent on an Indian body which they believe will take care of their larger interests. 3. There are so many traditional medicine universities in China, Russia, and Ukraine etc. How will students get the right information of curriculum and degree imparted by those universities? 4. There are many Bi-lingual universities in China and Russia which teach in their local languages. There have been so many instances whereby in search of cheapest options, Indian students have enrolled in these colleges and have not been able to pursue their studies in local language thereby coming back losing their precious years and money.  MCI has thereby removed these Bi-Lingual universities from its prescribed list allowing only 45 English teaching Chinese universities to take Indian admissions. 6. Overseas Medical Education is highly unregulated as the students are largely going to third world countries in search of affordable options. But we have to remember these countries have a fairly high degree of corruption and with a possibility of manipulation in their regulatory guidelines. This leads to small colleges operating in 2-3 rooms and pathetic ecosystem faculty etc getting their approval in their respective countries. E.g. Colleges in Caribbean Islands, Central America etc. These country options are not like USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, EU where regulatory in Medicine are very strong and even NMC allows students to practice without clearing EXIT test. 7. Regulatory authority should have a clear guidelines, security deposit for overseas contractors and universities so as to prevent them venturing into serious misadventures, corruption, student harassment. They should have a fear of losing their affiliation to operate in India in case of any malpractices. This will ensure desired service and education standards for our Indian students. 8. On record, most overseas MBBS medical aspirants are cheated only due to information gap. There are 100 of different case studies whereby students have lost their careers and lives falling in trap of substandard institutions. I would hereby request National Medical Council to formulate a policy framework and release a list of Medical Universities (WHO / FAIMER / WDOMS approved) in interest of thousands of Medicine Aspirants. Let’s have an endeavor to plan, prepare and give a right ecosystem to our bright children and transform their passion into right skills evolving them as good doctors with right cause of serving the county.  

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Petition to Indian Medical Association, Medical Council of India

Murder case punishable to max of death for any deaths due to negligence

It is great that we have respect for Doctors. We should! since they come next to God when saving lives. However, in this world of Business environment, I have seen in and a lot of issues where Hospitals and Doctors are not ethical; and Deaths happen. I don't like it; being a victim of negligence myself at times. I am probably lucky to get good doctors now. Some may not have been. I definitely don't like to ask "How is the doctor? Is he/she good?" While I don't deny they have made a difference in my life, I have to also agree there is a problem brewing. The problem is business of Medicine and the medical profession has become a Business at the cost of patients. I have seen from Denial of Treatment, plugging off oxygen cylinders in hospitals, Denial to do tests/provide advice during real requirements, political influence based treatments, deaths, and even billing of ICU patients even after death. Negligence is not done by all. Doctors are also humans apart from being Doctors. And, they have a heart too. But there are black sheeps in the profession and it breaks the trust in God and Doctors. I request to make punitive action for Doctors harsher with more punitive action (graded based on case to case basis), easy re-addressal of complaints against Doctors, Whistle blower protection; apart from punitive action until death (in rarest of rare cases) in case of a death due to negligence. Please also help modify and better the system with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, better CyberSecurity and Privacy standards in all government hospitals. My question: What will you do if there is a death in your family due to a Doctor's Intentional negligence or some political interference? It should not, it does not, but what if it does; and to you or your family member?

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